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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

First of all quotes to start with, OK?

“Nightingales or not, I don’t want to write a story of nightingales, although the daily press appreciates it when authors write about things they know nothing about. […] I also assume that nightingale topics are allowed by the Control Council and would not be objected to by the majority of our instant German dictatorships. For reasons of morality, many things are objected to today. Dictatorships are always very strict in terms of what they understand by moral and popular morality. The former German dictatorship has, in the manner of lower creatures, propagated itself by division and is now called democracy.”

Irmgard Keun German writer 1905 – 1982

“Deepest community comes from a common will.
Willing is the most elementary thing in our being.”
Albert Schweitzer

“I need only do what I want to do,
and not what others expect of me.
In community it is easy to live according to other people’s ideas.
In solitude it is easy to live according to one’s own ideas.
But admirable is only he,
who retains independence in community.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Actually, it is idle to write on this subject. We live in the midst of division. No matter who caused it, no matter who engaged in it, we are surrounded by division and attempts at division almost 24 hours a day. And we are, unfortunately, actively participating in it. Some it’s unconscious, some it’s conscious, we participate. I don’t want to excuse it or justify it, no one should justify themselves for something they were brought up with or taught. But let’s face it, since division was and is pervasive, we can’t get around it. There is nothing reprehensible about succumbing to division or using it when I don’t know any better. And the divisive yesterday and today, use many tricks, even unconsciously. Basically, everything has to do with the fact that everyone wants to be better than the other. From childhood we are in the competitive mode. And in the previous world, the one who was best with his elbows was successful. I really don’t want to know how many great talents have “fallen by the wayside” in the last centuries because they never dared to reveal themselves. Or because they gave up, had to give up, because from the beginning their talents were fought against or boycotted. By parents (“As long as you put your legs under my table, you’ll do what I say!” or “Why don’t you learn something sensible, we only want your best!”), by teachers (“The curriculum prescribes quantity teaching this year!”), by training (“The new apprentices sweep the hall” or “The new ones first fetch coffee or do filing!”) and later in professional life (“We’ve always done it that way, we won’t change it!”).


That has remained the case to this day, hasn’t it? That’s the duality. Either GO or STOP, either system or a life under the bridge. It has even gotten worse in recent months and years. Because more and more the state, or the state simulation has interfered. Imperceptibly, quietly and slowly, so that no one could suspect. All over the world. In alleged democracies, in communist systems anyway, in dictatorships even more so. Everything was prepared to make slaves out of free people. Be it through smartphones, through the Internet, through online banking, through cash restrictions, through bans, rules, “laws”. And we have dutifully gone along with everything because we trusted that a “government elected by us” only wants the best for us. Just like the parents. So I’m not surprised that a great many people can no longer trust or simply find it hard to believe in anything good. All our lives we have been shown that trust does not pay. Even the most obedient “citizen” will be disappointed at some point.

If person A needs vegetarian or vegan food, it doesn’t mean that person B can tolerate it. We are all as different as our fingerprints, like our iris in the eye. So another person cannot equate me with himself. If I believe in Wakan Tanka and my neighbor believes in God, so be it. Haven’t we had enough religious wars in the past? Where other peoples should be imposed the faith of one people? If I have BLUE as my favorite color and others have RED, do I force the others to love BLUE as well? If I love to write and others love to paint, do I force them to write too? Hardly, right? So why should this work or be done with faith, with nutrition or with an attitude towards something?

What’s going on in our schools these days? Every student has to be able to do everything, whether it’s needed later in life or not. Certainly a certain basic education is necessary, but the “education” of our children goes far beyond that. And for the children who realize this and rebel against it, we have invented “diseases” and immobilize them with medicines.

The most important thing for all of us, is to recognize attempts at division and not be seduced by them. Recognition or self-knowledge is the first step. So when we read or hear “You should”, “You must” or “Do it this way!” then we become cautious. Hey, I wrote or said that too, yes. But I realized that I too was trying to push my view on others. I was also in the system thinking that my view was the truth and that I had to convince everyone else of that. Those were mistakes. Mistakes in thinking and behavior. But I had to make those mistakes. To realize from them that a change must be initiated. From me to me.

I have not walked a month in your shoes, so I am not entitled to judge or condemn you. Each person is individual and I must respect that as well. Certainly there are similarities, and like-minded people will also come together to form communities. But next door, there may be communities that have completely different ideas. Will they be hostile to each other in the future? Because of different ideas? I don’t think so, because at the moment incoming energies are making people more aware. And this will also become a move of the alliance, that at a certain point, however, our consciousness will get a push upwards. Because we need as many people as possible to build the new world. The alliance knows that too. And it will give a chance to everyone who is not guilty of pedophilia or crimes against humanity. I don’t see division in the future, I see tolerance, communities. I see WE instead of I, I see together instead of separate.

Who still believes that Russia invaded [redacted], who continues to believe all the media lies let him do so. Anyone who believes that the RV is coming tomorrow or ever in the middle of all this chaos, let them. Anyone who believes there is a deadly virus and is afraid of it, do that. And all the other people who believe in everything else, they should please do it. Man’s faith is his kingdom. I also have faith, and nobody takes it away from me. I also have assumptions, insights, views. And surely these are also thrown over the heap or confirmed at a certain time. Since I do not want to convince anyone myself, do not want to persuade anyone, and certainly do not want to or cannot force my opinion on anyone, I draw like-minded people or people who think similarly into my environment. Be it readers or subscribers in the channel. Many of them will belong to my tribe, others may only be inspired for a short time.

I believe that with my sources I already have a good view of what is happening and I think of myself as being good at connecting dots. That’s not possible all by myself, I’m dependent on sources and informants, as we all are. If I pick the wrong ones and don’t realize it, I’m always wrong. And thus my tribe. So I keep on observing, looking for dots and pieces of the puzzle, and keep on forming a picture. In doing so, I avoid watching the MSM (at most for amusement). I am convinced that through [redacted], the Deep State is now finally being fought. The laboratories and money laundering, child trafficking and crimes against [redacted] is just being ended. City after city is being cleaned until the last cabal finds its end, flees into the set traps or is arrested. And not only in [redacted]! Everywhere, where now one cries out, cabals are behind it. Be it sports, politics or business. They all out themselves now, because they still lull themselves into security. But appearances are deceptive. The alliance is controlling the whole thing, and [redacted] would not have gotten the GO if everything had not been prepared. And those who can’t believe in it will surely find out soon. No need, I repeat myself, to condemn or insult them. The alliance has made its executive bodies powerful, made them strong, made them brave. They are far ahead of the remaining cabal first and far superior second. Nothing can stop what is coming! PERIOD.


Elon Musk’s post on a SunTzu quote, “If your war technology is higher than your opponent’s, tactics don’t matter. Source unknown.” gets to the heart of the matter, doesn’t it? Russia and China have quietly and unnoticed by the media upgraded their armies in recent decades, and not just technologically. Trump only had four years to do this and it has all been partially undone. And now the countries that actually have nothing left to do against it want to bring these two powers “to their knees”? What will the actors do if China now does the same in Taiwan as the Russians did in [redacted]? Also demonize and ban everything Chinese. Well, have fun! But that won’t happen, and so even the last person will realize (or not) that there are always double standards. China may, Russia may not, good Chinese, bad Russian. How will this be presented and argued in the media? I am already looking forward to the desperate search for excuses and arguments in the media and from “experts”.

Folks, it will come to this. China will take Taiwan back, it belongs there. And that is the next step in our liberation. So please don’t get involved in any more discussions, arguments or other disputes. Speak your mind, stand by it, and let others speak their mind. You cannot know if your opinion is right, and neither can your counterpart. Since only a handful know the plan and the truth, and all of us are not among them, it is a fact that we can all only guess. We must try to find a common denominator among ourselves that we can build upon. And that includes being tolerant of others. Even if they are not tolerant, we can still be. Each one of us can make a start. We don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, do we? Everyone can decide to become tolerant, that’s a start. The first step into the new communities, made by everyone all by themselves. And again, those who really want to can learn from indigenous peoples.

By Carol Cornelius, Mohawk Indian (Iroquois), published in 1981:

“We need to care for each other and be there for each other. Therefore, with every decision we make, we Mohawk ask what its consequences will be for later times and whether it will benefit or harm future generations. We work laboriously in our fields, on whose fruits we live. In the same way, we must make every effort to care for the people who are around us. For we also live by them.”

We have, through the Deep State, not only been predatory of our planet, but also predatory of our communities, and through that, of ourselves. Even if many don’t want to see that yet, or can’t see it. A brilliant point in the plan of the alliance is the neutral energy MONEY, which we will be able to use positively for healing. It will become a healing, a very massive healing. Each person will receive so much money that not only will every lack fall away from us and each of us will be able to help build the new world, no, we will heal ourselves, our families, our communities. Without restrictions, without limitations, without envy, without greed, without profit making, without criminal things and above all without a “preacher” telling us what we should or must do. We will all be free to do what we want. The only rule is that no one else must be harmed or hurt. So money will not only heal us, it will liberate us.

End the division, start with yourselves. Recognize it and let it roll off you, just move on and ignore it. Our contribution to the greater whole. No more dividing! No more arguing and discussing! Accept and tolerate other opinions. And demand the same from others. If you can do it, so can others. If not, then leave. The day is coming when we will celebrate and it is not far away.

I thank the brave soldiers, all over the world, who fight for our freedom and the freedom of our children. Against enemies I don’t even want to see in the light. They are still misunderstood, soon they will be heroes. I thank the fallen in this war and pray for them. They too are still misunderstood, soon we will build monuments to them and honor their sacrifice for a long time. I thank all the souls who sacrificed themselves by ending their incarnation in this battle, this war. Your soul families can be justly proud of you! AHO!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!




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