Will Iran Now Block the Straits of Hormuz in Alliance with Russia?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 2, 2022



The SWIFT message system cannot block financial transactions which are carried out by CHIPS by e-mail substitute.

What Is the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS)?

The Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) is the primary clearing house in the U.S. for large banking transactions. As of 2015, CHIPS settles over 250,000 of trades per day, valued in excess of $1.5 trillion in both domestic and cross-border transactions. CHIPS and the Fedwire funds service used by the Federal Reserve Bank combine to constitute the primary network in the U.S. for both domestic and foreign large transactions denominated in U.S. dollars.

When I was with the CEO of Citibank Walter Wriston at the time that David Rockefeller called from Chase asking what he should do when the Herstatt-Bank failed, Wriston said just return the CHIPS. Thus, you can work around SWIFT.  


The sanction regime is threatening to cut off international shipments of wheat, spurring shortages and pushing the price of a vital crop higher when supply chain disruptions have already sent food costs spiraling.  Russia and Ukraine together produce nearly a quarter of the world’s wheat, feeding billions of people in the form of bread, pasta and packaged foods. The countries are also key suppliers of barley, sunflower seed oil and corn, among other products.  In recent days, the price of agricultural commodities has fluctuated sharply as tensions around the Black Sea threaten to disrupt global shipments of wheat, corn and vegetable oil. Disruptions and rising prices for those commodities — as well as the cost of fuel and fertilizer, important inputs for farmers — could further buffet global food markets and threaten social stability, analysts said.  

With one hand, European countries are trying to damage Russia’s ability to finance its war effort by preventing it from accessing its vast foreign currency reserves. With the other, they are handing Russia vast qualities of foreign currency in exchange for its gas and oil.

What if Russia decides to stop all exports of wheat or other agricultural products from Russia and the Ukraine, and their oil and natural gas, then the prices for these commodities will soar. In addition, the food supply of billions of people in the world will be jeopardized. Instead, Russia may decide just to build warehouses for storage and wait it out. Has anyone thought about this?

Let us look at the Straits of Hormuz. I have called high intelligence officials in Iran to determine whether they will shut the Straits of Hormuz in sympathy with Russia cutting off 22 million barrels of oil per day should Russia cut off their sales of oil and natural gas. They tell me that they do not trust the JCPOA negotiations and think the US is pressing for a deal now to avoid Iran joining with Russia in cutting off about half the world’s oil supply at the Straits of Hormuz and from Russia. Once Iran is out of the way by a JCPOA agreement, maximum pressure can be brought on Russia. After Russia is destroyed, then they can destroy Iran following the Roman concept of divide and conquer. We see Israel going along with this plan.

Now let us have for ourselves a thought experiment. If half the world’s oil is cut off, the price of oil according to Goldman Sachs oil derivative specialist will go to a thousand dollars a barrels. Now let’s say at today’s price of slightly over a hundred dollars a barrel the price soars ten times and that the oil price at the present time represents for oil about 4% of the world economy. If it rises ten times, then oil will represent forty percent of the world GDP.  The impact of this change of dimension would assuredly crash the 1.5 quadrillion derivative market imploding the entire world financial system which is the foundation of the entire 95 trillion dollar world GDP. We understand the Bank for International Settlements considers these derivatives to be less than 600 trillion which is still enough fire power to bring down the world financial system but Swiss authorities say it is about 1.5 quadrillion but the BIS for political reasons does not wish this to be known.

This raises the issue whether the mighty US military can force Iran to open the Straits and key military men of the US say it cannot. This is covered in the study below with quotes from appropriate military men of the US.  What this means is that counter-sanctions by Russia in combination with Iran can bring down the US as a world power without firing a shot.

David Lifschultz



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