(Reader: timjoebob) The Lies Continue


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Like an avalanche of bs, the so-called ‘movie’ is not going to end in our lifetime, so just get over it and accept the obvious. We’ve all been had. The whole world has been had…duped…screwed over for 500,000 years…and it’s still going on…and on…and on…and on…and on…and on…ad infinitum. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, more lies from lying liars and more lies from lying liars upon more lies from lying liars….. and the so-called insiders info…all bs…..all bs…and then more bs on top of that bs.

Is it any wonder why people don’t trust people? Everyone seems to be lying about everything. People are either deliberately lying or unknowingly lying because they push lies they think is the truth…..but, it isn’t. I’m witnessing it here on this platform and countless others. People are spewing hopium left and right all over the alternative media. I suppose it’s better than MSM, but alternative media is slowly becoming like MSM. Why haven’t the so-called good guys stopped MSM? The MSM is the number one enemy…the absolute number one enemy. The number one enemy is MSM and has been since day one. MSM is still brainwashing the masses. Who’s side are the so-called good guys on? Really. Seriously. Hmmm?

How’s everyone liking the inevitable spiral downward into the NDE or even perhaps a real, authentic DE? Are you enjoying your popcorn?

Is there anyone out there as sick to death of the never ending jargon as I am? This cloak and dagger hocus-pocus bombshell after bombshell Intel makes zero difference in reality.

We’ve become professional ‘can kickers’…armchair quarterbacks spewing our opinions and illogical logic as the opinions of so-called trusted sources continue to kick the can further down the road of bs.

Then someone comes along and spews a few well placed and perfectly timed Intel that spurs the consistent drip of more hopium to a higher more potent dose. Then, we’re all good for a few days until reality sets in again. We’re winning. Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah. People are still beating that dead horse.

Hopium is a temporary fix from the feeling of despair. You’ll excuse me if I’m not all sweet with rose petals strewn about. I lost a very close friend a few weeks ago and I’m still dealing with the aftermath of emotions. Life is short…deal with it. I could be next. You could be next. We all could be next.


Death: the great equalizer. …..until the next life. And then it all starts over again without a clue as to a previous life. If you can’t see that we’re all trapped in a never-ending cycle of bs, then you’re not paying attention.

We’ve all been duped since forever…since day one. Now, tell me I’m just being unrealistic or illogical or pessimistic. So, what? I use to love life. Now, I’m more concerned with how to leave this world gracefully without too much pain being inflicted upon surviving friends and family…that is if there’s anyone left to be concerned about.

One thing is for sure. The sun will rise and set like it has done since day one. The planets will still be there. Life will continue as before…a never-ending constantly changing evolution. The universe will still be here. The stars will still be there…twinkling away. Generations will come and go…just like you and me.

So, what? Will the lies ever stop? Will truth ever kill the lies? It hasn’t stopped the lies yet…after all of the eons and eons upon eons…the lies continue to confound, confuse, and convolute.

Be-lie-ve what you will. You may be right. You may be wrong. Only time will tell.

The truth never changes, but lies constantly change in a never-ending cycle. Discover the lies and you’ll find the truth. The truth is bittersweet. Truth can set you free after the excruciating pain of realization of the fact that we’ve all been played like a fiddle…NPC characters in a game of titans against titans…technologically advanced entities playing games on a universal playing field. How nice…how wonderful. I feel all warm and fuzzy now.

And now for sports…..


Popcorn anyone?



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