We have the Cards, they Don’t


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 27, 2022

Author note: This essay was posted on mainstream social media, and as such it was meant for an audience less in the know on these matters than those who tend to frequent this site, nay-sayers notwithstanding…

Keep this in mind: 

The corporate media, and more specifically, the bosses they propagandize for, do not actually support the genuine freedom of the People of [redacted]– they support the ‘dark money’ operations and the other deeply corrupt criminal activity which has gone down in [redacted], which they have enriched themselves from– at the expense of the [redacted] People. Don’t kid yourself with the ‘freedom-fighting ra ra’ narrative they are feeding. There is real freedom fighting happening there– but not the wag-the-dog kind the media is promoting. 

That is why Fox News is also the corporate media– and not the “good version” of the media which many like to view them as. They give some people what they want to hear 90% of the time, but the other 10% is what they are really there for. Election night. The debates. And wartime activity. That is when the ‘Fox’ shows its real face. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some good people who work for their programs and who speak the truth, but at the end of the day, they are still the corporate media and they answer to that overall agenda. You won’t find the real story or the big picture there. Not yet, at least. 

This Zalensky guy isn’t some hero. He was installed via a fraudulent election– the same as Biden was in the USA.

Criminal elections are an Act of War on a country. It has happened in [redacted] and it has happened right here at home in America. And that is a fact, whether you like it or not.  


I am not claiming Putin is some kind of angel, but he has been an enemy of the central banks ever since he refused to accept their privately owned monetary system. This banking system, and the Cabal that foisted it upon us, represents what the Founding Fathers of the USA warned would eventually challenge future generations for the very freedom of the Country. 

“Today no war has been declared—and however fierce the struggle may be, it may never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. 

The survival of our friends is in danger. And yet no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired.

If the press is awaiting a declaration of war before it imposes the self-discipline of combat conditions, then I can only say that no war ever posed a greater threat to our security.

If you are awaiting a finding of ‘clear and present danger,’ then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.

It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions—by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader—and by every newspaper. 

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence—on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. 


It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”
-President John F Kennedy

JFK knew what we were up against. What he started must now be finished. Trump is a significant part of it, but he is not acting alone, by any means.

[redacted] is cleaning out the Deep State cancer that is rampant in [redacted]. Do you think the corporate media (ie: the propaganda arm of the central banks) is going to tell you the truth about that?

We need to collectively grow up and become adults with regard to how the world actually works. If you take the media at face value at this point, you are a child. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, but you haven’t done your homework. 

It is not fun looking in the dark, so I understand. If you prefer the ‘feel good’ fast food BS that the media serves up, fine, but you are not ever going to get behind the curtain to the reality of what is happening in the world, until it greets you with a shock. 

Bush supports [redacted]. Kerry supports [redacted]. Biden supports [redacted]. Soros supports [redacted]. Pelosi supports [redacted]. Hillary supports [redacted]. Obama supports [redacted]. Romney supports [redacted]. Abromovich supports [redacted].

These are all of the people that were against Trump, that is obvious enough. The establishment itself was and is against Trump. But get it straight, these people do not support [redacted] sovereignty or anything like that. They support the criminal activity that they were engaged in there. Period. And they do not want it stopped or brought to widespread public attention. 

Get it out of your head that they support the People of [redacted]. Oh, how noble of them. The criminal establishment are such beautiful freedom fighters. Please.

The [redacted] People will be free when these operations are complete. Their election was stolen from them and they were given a foreign installation. Sound familiar? The same thing happened right here at home and under our own eyes, for similar reasons and by similar agents.

If you now suddenly care about the People of [redacted], did you feel bad for the [redacted] who refused to acknowledge the illegal coup-formed government of 2014, and therefore were killed by the thousands for it?


Now that your media tells you to care, you suddenly care? The media told you there was nothing to see here in the STOLEN 2020 US Election! That stolen election is an illegal coup– just like the one that took place in [redacted]. 

Why did the corporate media demonize Trump and Putin for 5 plus years, when it was proven by the Durham investigation that “Russian Collusion” was a complete fraud paid for by the Clinton campaign? That makes the media complicit in actively and knowingly lying to the American public about something of gigantic importance in world political relations. That is a criminal act and you should not look the other way at it just because it is an uncomfortable or ‘inconvenient’ truth.

I know that many people have Stockholm Syndrome with regards to the media. Even when they know they are being gaslit, they can’t quite admit it to themselves. It’s almost like the media is their parent, and even if they are a bad parent, they can’t make a break from them, even when they lie to them and hurt them. 

So, yeah, they gave us a black eye over the 2020 Election fraud, kicked us in the gut with the Covid scamdemic, but maybe this time with the war in [redacted], they’ll be nice to us, give us some flowers and tell us the truth. Yeah, right.

There is indeed a war happening right now. It is happening all over the world. It is kinetic in the [redacted]– that is the difference with regards what is happening there versus in the USA, for example.  

It is an information war, it is a spiritual war, it is a battle between tyranny and freedom, it is a battle between dark and light, and it is a battle for the future of humanity on this planet. Sounds big, doesn’t it? It is.

I’m not worried. I know who wins. 

That said, as much as anyone, I have empathy for the people of any land who are caught in the crossfire of this struggle and who might be casualties in one way or another of this silent war. We have long known that the worldwide criminal Cabal would not go down without fighting tooth and nail every step of the way. 

However, they will lose in the end.

President Trump recognized this war long before We the People did, along with the military alliance he works with, because this war cannot be won without them. 


The Military is the only way.

Covid and the 2020 Election fraud was an Act of War on the United States of America. Everyone needs to recognize that. If you don’t recognize that, you have been gaslit by the Enemy, or you are too young to understand. This is not something that can be swept under the rug while we all get ‘back to normal’ with our lives. It doesn’t mean you have to get up in arms, but you are tasked with informing yourself and raising your awareness.

There is and will continue to be an active response to this ongoing war both here and abroad, so deny it if you wish, and look to the media for answers about what’s happening, but then also be prepared to be deeply shocked by what is to come, because you will be.

On the other hand, you can also look to outlets and sources beyond the corporate media to understand the scope of what is taking place. It will take some work on your part to do this, and it will take discernment, but if you care about the truth, if your aim is truly sincere in that regard, and not merely cosmetic, you will find what you are looking for. Can you handle the truth?

Freedom marches are happening all over the planet right now. Have you noticed? The People of the World are gathering, they are gathering peacefully and they are gathering in prayer, and they are demanding that the truth be told, and demanding that the tyranny of the old world order system be released. 

Do you think that this will have no effect on anything? Or that nothing is really happening? Everything is happening and it has been happening for some time now. Ultimately, it will happen at such a rate that the old systems of control will not be able to contain it or stop the deluge.

It’s Gonna Be, as they say, Biblical… 

Believe it or not, there are actually good guys and good women active in this battle between good and evil. And they are very organized, as well, because only superior organization could Trump the quite incredible organization that the dark team has managed on their end over the years.

“Infiltration instead of invasion.”

The dark team did succeed in this. And like a cancer, they have infiltrated the world host. But the cure is now active. 


Light itself is the cure.

You will see soon enough what I am referring to. Trump will be back, and indeed he never left. 

“Biden” and his fake admin have nowhere near the power you might think they have. Biden is a placeholder, for now, that is all. 

If you think someone can have power on a TV show, then yes, he has “TV show” power.

If you have been watching this “TV show” then it has already been revealed, in a ludicrous, over-the-top, impossible-to-miss super-obvious way, all of Biden’s deeply corrupt pay-to-play dealings in the [redacted]. You’ve heard of [redacted], haven’t you? It’s been in the news a bit lately.

The criminal agents of the world are not getting away with their election frauds in the United States or in [redacted]. And they are not getting away with their other criminal activity, which includes the bio-weapon attack known as Covid. There “were” many bio-weapon labs situated in [redacted]. Did you know this? Do you think the Russian People want this on their border so that it can be used against them? Those labs are gone now– or in the process of being destroyed. Good riddance.

The People of the [redacted] will be free when this is all said and done. But it is not the ‘Biden admin’ or the corporate media, or virtue signaling know-nothing celebrities who will free them. 

I applaud individuals who care about the freedom of a country, but if you are an American citizen, you should focus on the coup, on the administrative invasion that happened right here at home.

The same criminals in our own governance system that are feeding you fake news about the situation in the [redacted] need to be dealt with here at home so that we can safeguard our own freedoms and the freedoms of our country moving forward. And that starts with a secure election. Without that, we have nothing. 

If you think that this silent war is going away, it isn’t. It is escalating, and the [redacted] activity is a marker of that. The good side – and thank God that still exists – will exhaust all means to insure that a ‘smooth transition of power’ occurs. However, this is a silent, and sometimes not so silent, world war. There have been and will be casualties. It would be naive to think otherwise. 


However, you do not need to be a casualty yourself. The more you are awakened and informed as to what is transpiring, the safer you are, in a sense. Or the least likely to have an ill-informed take on current events in this extremely heightened time. It is an investment worth making.

This tumultuous time is a necessary passage. It is in the cards, and it is for the best.

Justice will be served, so don’t get too attached to some of your so-called leaders. When they are unmasked, you will not like what you see.

And then they will be taken off stage, permanently.

“I caught ’em. I caught ’em all. We have the cards. They don’t.”
– 2 Term President Donald J. Trump


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