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Reader Post | By Angel of One

Response to: Parisse Deza’s Response to Les Meyers “Why Don’t we Just Take them out?”

To Parisse Deza:

This is my first ever post here, I felt compelled to write a response, as the matter in question is far too important for me, and perhaps everyone here, to ignore.

Your response to Les Meyers “Why Don’t we Just Take them out?” is quite very enlightened, and quite very on point, I am a student to various spiritual principles myself, I grasp quite well the core principles you have penned and the reasons behind them, I am also in full alignment of said principles.

Having said that, perhaps you will also agree that, knowing the principle to something, and knowing how to put that principle into practice, are two very different animals, and without the latter, the former are but empty words, however true and accurate they might be.

Allow me to expand on that proposition:

The principle of building a new system/terrain in order to deny focus/power to the old system/terrain, so that the denizen and structures of the old would have no choice but to fall, is a sound principle. To my knowledge, part of the requirement for the practical application of this principle would inevitably require the people to stand for themselves, and do that which is in alignment with love and freedom, as you have so written yourself. However, as things stand today, here are the very real consequences of conducting oneself as such:


In many places of the world, children are considered property by the corporate STATE(s), and parents merely authorized caretakers, the unmasking and/or denial of vaxx of children by their parents within an environment that is actively pushing for such, could, and have, resulted in the forced confiscation of such children by the STATE, whereby the children would then be subject to the whim of the STATE in terms of “health and treatment”, and the parent subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

The fruit of one’s labor should never be subject to taxation, yet in most cases, failure to “voluntary contribution” to the IRS, simply results in the forced confiscation of one’s hard earned property, and oftentimes, children.

The right to travel cannot be lawfully converted into a privilege therefore requiring licensure, yet if one was to travel in his/her own private automobile without license and registration, the likely result is the confiscation of that automobile, fines, jail, and again, possible confiscation of children.

Nowhere in the Constitution is the “government” authorized to mandate vaxx or mask for one who wishes to enter into a court, or for that matter, subject one to frisking/body search for “weapons”. Yet this is the requirement for just about all “courts” of this nation, failure to comply could, and have, gotten people arrested, fined, jailed, and more.

The entire protocol in response to “terrorism” as employed by every airport of this nation, is in direct contradiction to the provisions of the Constitution, yet failure to comply can, and have, get one jailed, fined, barred from travel, and mired in litigation by the STATE.

Perhaps you would wish to know, that I am one of those, who got arrested, fined, imprisoned, and litigated by the STATE, for not obeying mask rules.

The examples given above are but the tip of a very large iceberg as you may well know. Passive resistance Gandhi style carry very real, and, for those with children, possibly irreversible consequences.


I am a part of a growing group that studies and teaches law, and uses law as deterrent as well as countermeasure, in order to allow the people such means and power as to stand for themselves and their family, while having the tools to defend themselves. I say defend themselves, I really mean defense through offense and teeth, because as I and many before me have learned the hard way, the parasites we are dealing with are not known to back down easily unless, as you have eloquently put it, we scare them into submission.

Does our tactic work? Most definitely, many hundreds, if not many thousands of kids worldwide have been spared of STATE sponsored confiscation or reunited with their family precisely because their parents have learned how to defend themselves through force or show of force in law. Many thousands if not many tens of thousands of man and women have managed to free themselves in one manner or another from tyranny through the application of law, and many tens of thousands more each day, are learning to start their own journey of standing, through the application of law.

So tell me, and I ask you this with humility and due respect, it is indeed true that using knowledge of law as a weapon and a shield in dealing with these parasites is not the ideal manner our species would rid ourselves the parasites and move into a higher level of consciousness, yet in the same breath, can we rightfully justify, allow, or continue to allow tens upon tens of thousands of kids to be forcibly taken from us year after year after year? Assuming that we are all aware by now, what would become of these children so confiscated by the corporate STATE cronies. If through the knowledge and application of law, we can peacefully yet forcefully deter and even bringing to justice, those responsible in harming our children, to whom we adult men and women owe a sacred duty of protecting, do we not owe it to these children who are our sacred charges, to bear arms, to stand our ground, and to fight to our last breath if it should become necessary?

Given the above, I further ask you with humility and respect, are the proposed responses of non-compliance with complete passivity as described in your post, still practical, still meaningful?

In peace and in honor.
Angel of One.


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