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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

George Bernard Shaw“The disadvantage of intelligence isthat one is continually forced to learn.”

“Oh my God, what question is he asking now in the headline?” You were thinking, weren’t you? After all, I’ve written before that I believe ideas for my articles are “given” to me. A thought pops into my head, won’t let go until I start writing. And then sometimes it flows out of me. This is part of the many mysteries that have accompanied me and all of us in recent years. And we don’t have an answer to everything, at least now. But the time will come when everything we need to know will be answered for us. Until then, we must follow our intuition, follow our heart, to decide what is meant for us and what is not. Opinions still differ widely on various or all subjects and it is still difficult to be neutral. Taking sides was taught to us from childhood, as was judging, and later condemning. We are all not free and self-responsible. Not yet. Too deep sits education to a, in a form pressed, member of the “society”.

Today, many more people are in the process of awakening than two years ago. Today there are much less “conspiracy theorists” than awakened people. This is the success of a cold pandemic with a supposedly deadly “virus”, which actually took place only in the media and was political agenda. We know that, I don’t want to go into that either. My point is really only that we are doing an injustice to all the people who have been in fear and are still in fear of this “virus”. We forget that our view on things is also influenced, permanently even. Even if it is no longer the (by now) amusing MSM, it is others from whom we get information. And unfortunately it is not explicitly written that also these others (can) only assume. Because proofs for some claims are mostly missing or based on one-sided research. I read very often the sentence, “Corona is an intelligence test!”, and folks, I find this unfair. After all, who has ALL the information on Corona? A handful, at the very most! And they don’t run channels or go public in any other way. Now let’s take it a step further, OK? What is intelligence anyway?

From Wikipedia (yes, I know……) we can learn the following:
Intelligence (from Latin intellegere, meaning “to recognize”, “to see” or “to understand”. Literally translated “choose between …” from Latin inter = “between” and legere = “read, choose”) is a collective term in psychology for cognitive or mental performance.

From my experience, people have come up with a test to (supposedly) measure intelligence. The result is a so-called IQ, an intelligence quotient. I have done some of these IQ tests for professional reasons, but also for fun. But what does this IQ actually say? Let’s refer to Corona? How many educated people believe in it? How many doctors, scientists and smart people believe in it? Do they all seriously believe in the existence of viruses in general and Corona in particular?

So, if I take the definition of intelligence and conclude from it, surely intelligent people are those who RECOGNIZE something, who SEE something or UNDERSTAND something. Literally taken they CHOOSE even something BETWEEN several possibilities. Now, somebody explain to me why Corona is an intelligence test then, OK? The people who have fallen for all this media and political scaremongering have all RECOGNIZED something, they’ve all SIGHTED something, and they’ve also UNDERSTOOD something. And they have even CHOSEN BETWEEN two possibilities, namely to believe and not to believe. Thus, they have a cognitive and mental capacity. And let’s face it, we had a cold or a flu, just like every year, one more, the other less. And we also had deaths, just like every other flu in previous years. So it wasn’t all that far-fetched to believe in it.


So to call those people who believed in it not intelligent is not very nice, to say the least. It’s quite another thing with vaccination. Long before Corona, there were vaccination opponents and those who picked up whatever shots and remedies were available. And even before Corona there was news that the vaccines did not contain much good. But also here one must credit the vaccination-willing that the medial continuous sounding, that the warnings of illnesses from the medical profession and the WHO, likewise with repetitions, can wear down each clear mind sometime. In addition, the constantly triggered fear, which is known to “eat the brain”.

Those who are willing to vaccinate have also recognized something, realized something and understood something. They have formed their own personal opinion and acted accordingly. They have chosen between fear and reason. And fear prevents logical thinking, and also blocks the acceptance of conclusive argumentation. There are only instincts and blockades. This fear is also transferred to others, to family and children, it is only a matter of protecting oneself and the family. They recognize something, they understand something and they decide. For me a clear sign of intelligence according to the definition from psychology.

So can we now say that Corona is a test for reason? Or a test to find out if someone is asleep, a sheep or resistant to advice? No! I don’t want to go that far either, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If I had to accuse anyone of anything in the last few months, it is intolerance. On both sides, in every dispute, oh, of course also with me. I’ve also taken sides often enough in my life, and in recent years, and judged the other side. Yes, I too have behaved unfairly and not nicely. And although I have improved a bit, I still don’t want to do it completely. That is why I am writing this article. I’ m just Stefan, and if I’m ready to change and I’ve already changed, then others can too. Especially those who are already steps or levels ahead of me. Evaluating or valuing something, is pretty hard to get rid of. Because we are taught it from childhood: “This little hand is the good little hand!”, “A good child doesn’t do that…..!”. We adopt the ideas of others, be it parents, teachers, trainers. And later we adopt the ideas of politicians, of the media, of “society”.

We have little or no chance of implementing our own ideas. If we do, we fall out of line, sometimes with nasty consequences. My conclusions from this are that everyone can be happy if he has come into the awakening process at all. And it does not matter how far he has progressed with it. The main thing is that we have started to ask questions. Because that’s what Corona really is, now that the Alliance has averted the real threat of a global pandemic: A ALARM CLOCK! And right after that an invitation to get knowledge, that is to ask questions. Also the awakened ones are intelligent, they have decided between accepting and questioning. That the other people did’ nt do this, was their decision. This decision is probably based on indoctrination and unfair means, but still it remains their decision. And the Deep State’s plans were ingenious and very effective in this regard. Moreover, the cabal has shown enormous patience. Just think how long all this was prepared and pulled off. How hiddenly and deceitfully, for example, states became companies. How mature, responsible citizens slowly became obedient “worker bees”. I wish this patience for most patriots today as well, especially for those who are awakening and think every day that nothing would happen.

Awakening and asking questions so far are only those who are not doing well anymore, in my opinion the main reason why the movement is gaining more and more popularity. Because those who continued to do well during the pandemic or through the pandemic rarely had a reason to ask questions or awaken. Revolutions always occur when many people are dissatisfied. And the Deep State underestimated that, or rather was forced by four years of Trump to accelerate its plans. To accelerate visibly and tangibly for most people. One point in the Alliance’s plan that was very bold. It had to rely on the cabal to react the way the alliance wanted it to. I don’t mean the upper levels in all governments or institutions, those have long been under control or replaced by actors. Many of the lower levels were prepared for the cabal’s plan, they just had to act faster and thus more transparently.

I do not want to call anyone unintelligent, stupid or illogical who does not recognize this, who is closed to my or our arguments. I also don’t want to argue or discuss with anyone about their views, beliefs, attitudes about certain things. That is wasted energy, because I can only convince those who also want to be convinced. Of their own accord. And most importantly, I always have to add that I too am just guessing or connecting dots. Whether I can still convince then?

Finally, but also important, still the topic from view of the “spiritual” world. I believe that many incarnates have planned their life on earth as they are living or have lived it. Believing in the system, questioning nothing, believing in the media. Basically, they sacrifice themselves so that we can grow from their behavior, so that we become stronger, so that we will win. Be it by death, by vaccine damage, by stubborn belief in the authenticity of the system, by vaccinating and also by attacking all “non-believers”. Just as we awakeners look at the “sheep” shaking our heads, they look at us shaking their heads. This is their task, their soul plan, their sacrifice for all of us. Perhaps it is better we all become a little more tolerant and respectful in this war of good versus evil. Maybe that will lead to the unity we need, desperately need.


I thank every human being, every incarnated soul in this world for what has been done and is being done. Everyone has his task, be it big or be it small, nothing is insignificant, every contribution counts! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
See you, all of you if possible, in the new world!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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