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02/19/2022 Truckers for Freedom

Truckers for Freedom

Evidence of the harmful treatment to the protesters in Ottawa, Canada, is being widely shared. Trudeau has arbitrarily decided that anyone protesting Covid19 mandates is an enemy of the State and a terrorist. With this “Terrorist” label, thousands of innocent people that believe the have personal Rights, are now able to lose everything they own. As a “terrorist” you have no Rights under the Law. Everything you own can be pulled by the State Department. Like other “terrorists” you lose your properties, your assets, your privilege to vote. You can’t travel anywhere by plane. Your license to drive is suspended. Consider a lifetime upended and that’s what you have for the truckers in Canada.

These actions are those of a bully government and historically those of a Communist Government. Vietnam is a perfect example of a bully government arbitrarily taking the accepted normal Freedoms of the People. In 1974, when US departed South Vietnam they were suddenly easy prey for North Vietnamese Communist Military coup. Vietnam was unified and formally became a recognized Communist State in 1975.

Along with this merger of North and South Vietnam, the New Unified Communist Vietnam introduced their new currency, backed by nothing but “Faith in the People’s Government Vietnam.” Immediately following this new government’s edict, Military were sent door to door forcefully collecting all weapons, and foreign currencies, ending the lawful use of US Dollars specifically, as well as any and all other currencies held by the local population. Anyone that did not turn in their foreign currencies and guns and were later caught with guns or foreign currency, faced huge fines and jail time. It was desperate and horrifying for normal people.

What the Vietnamese People had to endure under a Communist Government takeover, was simply horrible and it must be understood that the Chinese People went through this. Cuban People went through this. Every Communist controlled government went through the horrifying, quelling of independence, removing the People’s normally accepted Rights and Privileges as a Sovereign Nation. They were treated with shocking brutality, horror and with violent acts terrorizing the People. Every one of these Communist countries went through the confiscation of their guns.


The Right to Bear Arms Passed by Congress September 25, 1789 and ratified on December 15, 1791. The first 10 amendments form the Bill of Rights include a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. We never thought to see this Communist Doctrine discussed here in the UNITED STATES, yet our Congress daily seeks ways to subvert the Right to Bear Arms.

The Paris Agreement, a global treaty Agreement that was advertised as “Climate Control” is much more than that. It is actually a machine for creating a new fiat instrument – the “Climate Credits.” It is also a prettily worded document, demanding that We the People turn in our guns and our currency, and participate in the NEW WORLD ORDER. There can be no less than a population without weapons, own nothing, and everyone must be compliant. This is not what We the People Agreed to.

How much more time does this Administration have to manage this terrifying Act Against the People? We can only know once the Arrest Warrants are issued, and we’re hearing this has now begun.

We didn’t vote for this Treaty. We won’t agree to give up our guns and foreign currency either. Those of us writing about these (cultural) assaults are now labeled “Information Terrorists” and subject to arrest. Terrorists lose all Rights Under the Law. They are held in a hole in the ground, without food, without warmth, in a very desperate situation, and no communication or visits with family or attorney’s representation is allowed. These prisoners labeled as “Terrorists” virtually disappear.

This new Biden Administration’s plan to destroy all sense of independence and sovereignty, is a frightening one and they have started today. According to a private discussion, the Fed’s Papers notifying parties of their crime against the State as a Terrorist, have been Served. A copy of this document has been Agreed to be shared. We can only wait and see what develops.

For now the only question to ask is, how much longer will they be allowed to continue this unlawful Biden Administration? What about the 2020 Fixed Election? When will the Courts and States act lawfully and end this Federal Government’s frightening ability to enforce these Draconian acts?

February 22, 2022 is coming in a few short days with all of its Court Mandated-Agreed Upon Deliveries. The *hit is really flying now.



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