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Reader Post | By Vee

Clif High has made some amazing predictions in the past.

Greg Hunter interviewed him for an hour two weeks ago.

Clif reveals many predictions, from what his data is telling him — ( video link)

Here are my notes from the interview – George. 

Clif High

Vax deaths will rise each year for the next 3 years, before they peak.




Insurance actuaries show 40% increase in deaths from last year;  off-the-charts increase.

2022-2024 will be “much worse”

There will be “Frequent, irregular episodes of chaos” as vaxxed finally see the betrayal.Ruling Elite could be “picked off one-by-one” by the enraged victims of their fraud.

Very violent reactions to having been poisoned.

Possible 30 MILLION DEATHS IN U.S. before it is over; 1.25 BILLION world-wide

Myocarditis kills within 5 years. MILLIONS have been diagnosed.

Only 38% of U.S. population is vaxxed; higher numbers are “government” lies we cannot believe Digital Currencies will be controlled by “government”




Get and hold CASH – for the time being, before banks collapse and shut down.

More Gold in US than Silver; Silver will become worth more than Gold.Mexico has much Silver, will be very rich in the future.

There will be a “Bump” sometime in March; meaning a major event

Stocks are irrelevant. Bond Market is the one to watch, as it will capitulate, taking down everything else.New DIGITAL Dollar will be created
China will restrict many goods and commodities as it abandons the “export economy”.

Inflation and Deflation at the same time – Stagflation as in 1970’sFederal Reserve is dying – THEIR scam has run its courseThe one System that cannot be messed with, is the Financial System

When Financial System comes unglued, every other System will collapse along with it.

All Government benefits will end by 2027; Social Security will crash.

Globalists tried to save The System by killing off benefit claimants.

But the Plandemic has failed, so The System will collapse within a few years.

Dollar is dying.Insurance companies may need to be bailed out from all the deaths.




3 possibilites going forward –The CABAL is full of psychopaths and idiots who created this huge mess.

“Adults” will have to come in to clean it up.

It will take 10+ years to clean it up.

By November elections, fraud will be recognized by voters.

Democrats switching parties in droves.

Mainstreet Media may not last to end of year.

Revolution of the people by spring in Social Order Revolution will be “quite chaotic”

Cannot know the risk because of the incredible amount of derivativesCryptos will do well because of currency collapse Bitcoin has a bounce-back pattern – 5 X time its low; will be explosive

Hyperinflation kicking in; commodities may go up 10-20% per monthSilver will go up 1 – 5 – 20 bucks a dayGold & Silve will change places in value

Old Systems will dissolve as Petro-Dollar collapses




U.S. Treasury will be re-constituted; Federal Reserve will disappear

Assets in America could be used to back new currency wil real value
NWO will offer 3 plans after the big crash —

1) People have already rejected the “Great Reset”   Klaus Schwab is a LOON saying “Own nothing and be happy”

2) Digital Central Currencies will be rejected April-May

3) Whatever other plan is offered, will be rejected out of hand

Not sure which Systems will break down first

Debts will be dissolved as creditors crash, but timeline not certain

Many Banks already are bankrupt
Court System is really screwed up; shortage of staff Court Cases and documents are severely backed upSo claimant credotors may not sue if it takes years to adjudicate

Get food, water, metals, cryptos

Do not put crypto passwords on your phone




Before the Perpetrators are judged, will be hystrionics and big outcry in March-April-May

Anger of vaxxed victims will erupt then, as they go after the Elite

Elite will be burned alive in their own homes; assassinated.

2022 will be a rough year.28 Democrats not running for Congress; only the beginning

Self-organizing Collective, with some Military, are offering Perpetrators a way out; Great many more Democrats will not be heard from again
IVERMECTIN needs to be in every medicine cabinet.

There is a REMEDY to the Vax — but you need to DO IT NOW —BEFORE your Immune System is completely compromised.

THE PEOPLE will take down the CABAL in the next few years.

THAT is the BEST NEWS I have heard in months.

Review my last Post, for DETOX PROTOCOL and LINKS to sources


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