(Reader: Hawke) Ramping up against Humanity – UK Edition


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

It goes to say that progress is no progress, let alone slow progress… So this week, the top boss lady at the Metropolitan Po’ Lease hand in her resignation. The reason blamed on dis-satisfaction from the rigged London 2021 mayoral election fraud ‘Sad D | CK  K h an’ (Sad-deek-Kahn). The one who admitted that he ‘did not need your vote’. Yes, sounds familiar doesn’t that…

So, typical is the D | S that they spin a story & remove Lame Cressida D | CK – the CoN-missioner of the Metropolitan Po’ Lease so to halt the legal case which was demanding her action into the ‘Crimes against Humanity’. The legal team pushing the Crime report number ‘6029679/21’ – for the C0 nV|D- 9 Teen ” Va x Scene” case had been chasing C- D | CK however nothing getting done so the escape route for her is to bail with a resignation of dis-satisfaction by the other D | CK…

Yep, I know what you’re thinking – Both are a pair of D | CK s… You got that right!

Does this mean they are beginning to ‘rat out each other’ I don’t know – I’ve come to learn that UK scandals usually have the ‘same ol’, same ol’ horse chit… It is the usual ‘Fall Guy or Gal’ this is this proof that slowly, slowly it spreads up the hierarchy until someone at top – brings the whole house down… Kinda like the anticipation of the buildings lined up for demo… Pancake for breakfast – Yep, let’s have Two for now – ‘White HouZ’ & ‘Bucky ham Pal Ace’. Yep, that should get the day going…

As always, nothing can be known Fo’sure – it all distraction & mis-direction… Get the top Honcho & change the game… We be in 2025 by the time anything is done – If anyone is left that is, who doesn’t have a Nuke Bunker or 5-year’s worth of food supplies or the setup to survive… Yep, this whole war is about ‘killing ‘them’ softly’… ‘them’ being ‘us’.

Change the rules, 5D chess me thinks – well then all should be ended months & months ago.


What else going on:

!- The squads sent to UK-rain – well the UK Guv says come back now – they advised to leave. Truth is, simultaneous Nuke dropping on this world plain means we all gone by sun-down. They got their ships ready, just someone to press the button & close the door before they leave. The ‘martial law’ that is mentioned, well – What’s not-to-say they doing a global take over… Round up the cattle in their homes (we never owned anything under their fraud / fiction) then brand them – At least give me a choice to be a battery or go out on my feet… On my feet always with a big fat lady next to me singing “God Eternal, within the body”. I’d rather disintegrate & be absorbed into higher conscious living dimensions that have my ‘body’ be claimed, stuck on ice & components taken out from me, let alone something else inserted. Nope, Vaporise this shell but within, that belongs to I & to the true creators, the original, prime, first, almighty who are of love, light & creation…

!- La$$a fever cases identi-fried in England following travel to West Africa – Yeah, saw this coming given all Exit & Entry to / fro the UK scrapped testing last month – Expect this Bull Chit virus to be another ‘Dinosaur Killer’ extinction level narrative.

!- Connected A.i, Bio-tech moves forward with the Robotics Growth Partnership Cyber-Physical Infrastructure (CPI). It to bring together tools for developing and building connected smart machines across all sectors and applications. Hmmm Robotic dependency about to go through the glass ceiling. If it ain’t some Skynet system then it RoboCop or T-1000 the hotly demanded must have… No wonder they want to chip everyone – Cerebro (X-Men) can fiiiiind yooooooou….

!- Why do I say this, well – The UK has surpassed 2 million SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences uploaded to the international Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data (GISAID) database. The database was expanded in January 2020 to host SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences and to facilitate rapid sharing of sequenced data. It stores sequences submitted by 240 countries and territories from across the world to inform the global pandemic response.

!- If that doesn’t raise an eyebrow – the UK Guv is looking at ways how new high tech, advanced materials are critical for future economic and tech growth and include self-healing, ‘living’ materials and 2D materials made from a single layer of atoms.

Hopefully the awake are even more awake given the above… Does this look like the ‘Dark side’ is losing – Nope, sitting back & watching it all play out is just more confirmation that the ‘fairytale ending’ that these ‘storytellers’ pushout – is Pig Chit… Everything against humanity is ramping up.



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