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February 10, 2017

Someone once said Politics is show business for ugly people.

I am pretty sure that meant inside and out.

With apologies to the few good ones.

Incidentally there is a truther on the internet that has exposed many of our representatives from the many states and counties who vote yay or nay use fake names. That they are actually allowed to run without official birth certificate and IDs stating they were born a particular person to a particular parent and state and county. And that has allowed actors to play the part of politicians as a moonlighting part time gig. And that many of the videos we see of them in action in hallowed halls are created on soundstages. Seriously.

I won’t offer a link because the same powers that pull this off have fake truth sites that bastardize the so called outing of such things. To research choose sentences to enter in search engines like, “politicians use fake identification.” Then … Figure out fact and fake on your own.




And stop being gullible. The protocols of Zion repeated many times, “we rule by force and make believe.”

They have made us believe lies from A to Z for hundreds of years.

When the veil was lifted from my eyes 16 years ago I thought everyone would believe me when I tried to explain what I had come to know.

Hah. Oh so naive. But the cynicism is strong in this one. Well, has grown to be. It should grow in you too. Ever see the Gnu in Africa and wonder what the lion wants? Stop to hear it?


February 13 2017

Here you go, Spirit Warrior. Sources of my rant as you called it…proof, to remain vigilant about the elite who still rule regardless of what the GCR headlines.




I as much as anyone hopes the good guys have taken back the world but the elite satanists– millions worldwide are still out there… and arresting 474 low level prostitutes and pimps is window dressing….

Yet I pray it leads to the end of all of them.

I cited the Bible as a source of some of my rant, as you called it. Also the Talmud. 

Other sources include Eustace Mullins, G Edward Griffin, Benjamin Freedman, Bill Still, Carrol Quigley, and the memoirs of the elites themselves who have written about it, also… Sherman Skolnick, Catherine Austin Fitts, Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, John Paul Gatto…Ted Gunderson, Marshall McCluhan, James Mora, Gary Webb, Smedley Butler, Brice Taylor, Henry Makow, Mae Brussels, Fritz Springmeire, to name just a few….

So my rant included pieces of each of these authors and more…

You know how in every horror movie ever made the victims think the monster is dead and it is still alive? That is the point… Vigilance, not believing in the idea that ding dong all the witches are dead…. because they aren’t, and the worst syndicates on Earth still are being allowed to keep their blood wealth….Rothschild, Rockefeller, and the City of London financial district, and the age old families, Aldobrandini, Medici, Orsini… to name a few… 

The patent office has many microchips being produced to tag humanity… and biospecific weapons… 

Sorry I missed the Hollow earth goblins though. And the Mayor of Munchkin city.


Post Script: February 11, 2022




Sure these concerns remain concerns but what most don’t understand is the truthing community all over the internet in 2003, 15 years before 2017 and 20 years before 2022 were different people because the PTB knocked them off, and scrubbed their sites…. And now we have certain scripted truthers running around with a sterilized version of truth. 

Even when outing some of the ugliest stuff, it manages to perfectly accomplish a version of truth that most of the elite abusers will and are going to survive. I don’t have an answer other than to say, ya’ll have to dig deeper into past truthers such as Sherman Skolnick. Oh and by the way…


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