Steve Beckow: The Real Breakthrough here


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

February 10, 2022

The Real Breakthrough Here

I’ll tell you what I’m looking for from the events of these historic days.

Not mere patriotism.  I grant that, when you’re fighting for the nation’s life, patriotism is a tremendous survival skill.

However, unfortunately, patriotism is inextricably rooted in us-against-them. And that isn’t an adequate basis on which to stop the endless carousel of war.  Which is the larger goal, I believe.

Up till now dictators followed the dictum of having an internal and an external enemy  whom they could blame for all the nation’s woes.

To give that up is to give up our ready-made excuses, the club we use to beat people with, a justification for military spending and payoffs, empire-building, and so on.

To give that up is to elect to be honest and decent people instead of following the survival of the wealthiest.

If we want world peace rather than victory over our “enemies,” we have to share our love umbrageously. Which is what love does anyways.

Love is often described as “unconditional” and I chuckle. Love is always and already unconditional. There is no such thing as conditional love. If our love is conditional, it isn’t love.

The challenge we face is to center our love beyond the nation, to extend it to the human race … and eventually go beyond even that.

And “eventually” may be sooner than we think. If Earth becomes peaceful enough, our star family, there behind the scenes, may come forward and join us. You know? The people who prevent nuclear weapons from exploding? And remove the depleted uranium from the planet? (1)

So, yes, I’m a Canadian citizen. Am I proud of my fellow citizens? I’ve always been, but it’s been tempered recently. We have serious human rights abuses to answer for, some of which continue to this day, such as our treatment of the original inhabitants of this land.

I’m proud that we get along as a country without weapons.  Even here, where warfare could break out, I sincerely doubt Canadians would support that.

They’d rather drive two thousand miles and park on Parliament Hill, completely blockading the capitol city. I just find that so apt, amazing, and amusing.

Canadians have shown that they’ll only take so much fabrication and corruption before asking the government to leave.

Let’s expand our attention beyond ourselves as simply a nation with a need to feel special (as most nations do) and focus on the world, which has suddenly come alive and begun communicating in a way we hadn’t before. We’ve made the global connection.

We’ve come together as a world to say “no” to an attempt to cull the population and control the rest. We’ve said: Not on our watch. Not ever.

We’ve shown that we as a world can communicate and cooperate and coordinate to get something done that’s in the best interests of the whole world. That is the real breakthrough here.

Let’s not let this lapse. THIS is what we should build upon.

We demand that the followers of the World Economic Forum, the associates of the New World Order, the Bilderbergers and Council of Foreign Relations all leave our governments and let others govern who have the highest interests of the global community – which we now are – at heart.


(1)  See “This Planet Would Have Died Without the Galactics,” September 5, 2018, at


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