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Can somebody explain why I am wrong?

Iraqi Dinar?  Revalued to $11 for 1 Dinar, then $22, and going to $100?  But then not really; just in Iraq. And how many times have we been told is it going to be released officially in a few days? What happened to 1 to 1 equity of all currency?  The official exchange rate was recently $0.00067 for 1 Dinar! Changing that to even 1 dollar for 1 dinar would mean every working person in Iraq just got a raise equal to 14,700 times their old salary. But the value and cost of everything else in Iraq goes up by the same amount.  So nothing really changes? Except then everything imported from the US would look incredibly cheap!

For how long have we been told that those in 4B, whatever that is supposed to mean, will get to exchange their currency at the new rate tomorrow, or any day now, or soon?  For over 18 months?

Next month SS will go up to $2,500?  How many months ago was that?

NESARA has been started! NESARA means seniors will get higher retirement payments.  SS will be tripled up to a max of $5,000 a month. Not my check. Debts will be forgiven?  Not mine!

IRS is gone?  The IRS has just issued new rules for your 2021 taxes. They are still taking money from every one of your paychecks. People are sending in their returns just like always.  Try not paying them and see what happens.

US Inc. is bankrupt and dissolved?  Then who is paying the millions of Federal Employees, and sending SS and pension checks? What money is being used?




Then this one! “Every US citizen will get $100,000 a month for eleven years!” The financial and social chaos that would quickly occur if that claim were true is hard to imagine. As distribution and service businesses disappeared, hyperinflation beyond anything ever experienced would be part of the end of society, and would most likely result in massive depopulation.  Hmmm.

Demolition wall around the Whitehouse?  From the best images I have seen, it is built in a square in front of the building.  It does not surround the building.  If it is protecting anything, that is whatever is stored inside the wall. Explosive demolition is almost always done rapidly. However, if this is really part of the psyop, the building could be partially weakened to make sure it can look like a fake rocket attack demolished the Whitehouse. But then why would they build a protection wall?

Biden has no control over the military?  They are loyal to Trump, the real commander in chief? Then how does Biden order military to Europe? And why do they go?  Joe Biden was arrested tried, and executed in 2019? But now he is starting WWIII. How does that happen?

And where does the bankrupt corporation get money to pay for all of that? Or is that all fake news? Not according to Monkeywerx that shows so many airplanes involved.

“Military exercises were going on in downtown LA?”  Maybe, according to the three-year-old video in the link provided!  That sort of recycling old news happens all the time on this site.

Copper can protect you from 5G radiation damage?  The link was to a website that composes stories about different products, to sell mostly useless merchandise.  The description of the reasons to use copper was – let me just say – inaccurate.




Dozens of celebrities and powerful people have been tried and executed? Then of course their estates would have to be settled, property transferred, and estate taxes paid.  Any evidence of any of that? Or does Trump’s EO13848 and others mean all the wealth of those people is taken by the new Republic of the United States? Wouldn’t you expect multiple lawsuits by heirs to try and reverse that?

The grid is going to be shut down so they can start Tesla free energy? Tesla envisioned a method of harnessing what he called cosmic energy or radiant energy, and broadcasting it as electrical energy without wires. But having that energy streaming all over the planet will not make your appliances suddenly start using it! Anything with an electric motor requires 60Hz (or 50Hz) AC power to turn the rotor. Your washing machine, refrigerator, dish washer, vacuum cleaner and so on cannot use radiant electrical energy! Neither can anything else you use. Changing the source and form of energy would require also replacing every energy using device that everyone all over the planet owns or uses. Overnight? Ha! Ten to twenty years? Possibly.

Weather warfare?  If the Alliance can blow up miles of underground tunnels every day, then surely they can aim one of their directed energy weapons, or rods of god at a Cabal weather facility and blow it up!  Why have they not done that?

The alliance has saved millions of children from underground torture chambers? Where are they now? Who built the cities to house them?  Who is paying to maintain all of that and feed and care for millions of people? And also, how has years of intense global military warfare, cleaning out the DUMBs all over the world been paid for? Certainly not the bankrupt US Inc., nor any other near bankrupt country.  Seems like it could only be money from those quadrillions of gold taken from the cabal, or those mysterious bonds.  If that’s true, then there was really no problem getting all that wealth released and distributed; at least not to the Alliance.

The White Hats are in total control?  Forcing meaningless and dangerous fake testing? Vaccine passports? Mask mandates? Thousands of people are dying every day from the clot shot! And based on what uncompromised doctors are saying, many times more will die in the next few years from the long-term damage. We are supposed to believe all that is just to wake people up?

You want to wake people up?  At the next Superbowl or other huge public event televised to millions – like maybe a Trump rally, land a TR-3B anti-gravity ship, put several people from the audience in it, and take off at near light speed. Or is it not possible because that is also just more fraud?  Maybe roll out a med bed and have a veteran with a leg missing have his leg restored in front of millions? Why are they not helping veterans like that right now anyway? Who is preventing this technology from being used all over the world?  Since the White Hats are supposed to be in total control, it must be them!

At this point I have to believe the present situation means the White Hats, if they exist at all outside of a psyop, have been and continue to be complicit in the murder of millions. That means they are not the good guys!

Analyzing the last two years of orchestrated lies, deliberate confusion, and obvious genocide, I see only one sensible conclusion – This is all one amazingly evil, complex plan to end humanity as we know it. The story of an alliance working against a cabal to save us all is just part of the plan.

There is only one statement in this maelstrom that makes any sense at this point – The only way to end this depopulation event is for everybody to take action for themselves.  DO NOT COMPLY! DO NOT TAKE THE KILL SHOT! TAKE OFF YOUR MASK! The trucker convoys joined by farmers and patriots appear to be our only, and last hope.

Someone please tear all this apart and prove that I am wrong about all of this!





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