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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

I found two nice quotes on the subject of this article:

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961) on reincarnation:

“I could well imagine that I lived in earlier centuries and there encountered questions which I could not yet answer: that I had to be reborn because I had not fulfilled the task set me. When I die, my deeds will follow – or so I imagine. I will bring with me what I have done.”Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) on rebirth:

“When one is 75 years old, he cannot fail to think of death at times. This thought leaves me in complete peace, because I have the firm conviction that our spirit is a being of completely indestructible nature; it is a continuing being from eternity to eternity. It is similar to the sun, which even to our earthly eyes seems to be setting, but which actually never sets, but continues to shine unceasingly.”

Not only these two famous men had their thoughts about reincarnation, there were many more. But that would go beyond the scope of this article and I have written quite a bit, which has become long. It doesn’t always have to be like this, does it?

I don’t know if you have ever thought about reincarnation or even about incarnation. These last two years have made many people ask more questions again. Not only about our world, about the media, politics, social forms or about invented or real diseases. The topic of incarnation and reincarnation is also part of it. If we deal with it more, it can also be a good solution to get a grip on our fears, our sadness and our compassion, for example.

The indigene people were not afraid of death, they were sure that after the earthly life there was another life in which everything will be better and more beautiful. Think of the eternal hunting grounds that the Native Americans believed in, or the hall of fame in Asgard that the Vikings believed in. The Native Americans were not about “keeping commandments” or “being good,” there was no vengeful, punishing God, there was no heaven and hell, there was only the eternal hunting grounds to which all people pass after death.

We today have allowed ourselves to be lulled and indoctrinated in this subject as well. By religions and also by turning away from religions, we are afraid of death and afraid of being punished by God, Creator, Allah or whatever you want to call it. The point is that this vengeful God just doesn’t exist, and the next point is that although there are rules or commandments in religions, still no one really follows them. So we must be afraid, right? After all, we are going to hell. A “vicious circle.”

There is some evidence for reincarnations. For example, people were brought back under hypnosis, to my knowledge the first time by accident, and began to speak in ancient languages or remembered exactly places that were outside their habitat, where they had never been on vacation. Could even make drawings or describe these places so that others could make drawings. If you then drove with them to these places, they had deja vus, could remember ways or details that they could only know if they had been there before. The most blatant thing I read along these lines was the story of a woman with a constant sore throat:

She had been to many doctors about it, none could help her. There was no evidence of illness or injury, she was healthy. In desperation, she turned to a hypnotist who did a regression with her. This regression, practiced over several sessions, went back far beyond her childhood and birth. At some point, she began to speak in an unintelligible language. The hypnotist called in a language expert and they found that the woman was speaking a very old English dialect. It was translated and finally there was clarity. She had lived before, in old England, as a maid in a nobleman’s house. There she had stolen a necklace, was caught, convicted and went to the gallows. That’s probably why she had a sore throat. Well, and now you’re probably wondering why this became a story that someone published: she had buried this necklace in her previous life, and thanks to her statements under hypnosis, they really had found this necklace. It was returned to the heirs and her neck pain was a thing of the past.

Whether this story is true or not, it shows us that we should broaden our horizons and not go through the world with blinders on. Everywhere there are miracles and unbelievable things, we just have to allow it and believe in it. The world we live in has much more to offer than we realize. More than jobs, television, trends. More than halligalli, party and money. When I tell my neighbors this, I get pitying looks. Still!

If we believe in incarnation and reincarnation, we must believe in souls. Because only a soul can incarnate somewhere. How this happens now, whether the soul makes a plan before or has to take over a special task, we do not know. There are a lot of different statements about it, but nothing has been proven yet. What has always been said, however, is that no power may interfere with the free will of the soul. Not even the creator himself. And what has also been said is that an incarnated soul cannot always remember its previous incarnations. Only a few are able to do so.

If we believe in something like this and add to it that also soulless, biorobots, clones and shapeshifters live among us, who maybe all think or think that they are human beings, it should be clear for all of us that there are reasons why not all of them awaken at the same time or according to the present information, right? Or why so many are supposedly getting vaccinated. Maybe the cabal figured that the herd instinct or compulsion would manifest itself differently, that there would be very few people who would fall for the tricks. And remember, Trump has forced them to rapidly accelerate their plans. That always leads to hasty actions, to mistakes, well, and they’re making them now. Not the heads anymore, they’re all gone, no, I’m talking about the stooges in the lower levels.

What happens to the clones, biorobots and shapeshifters, we should know. They are eliminated or asked to leave (shapeshifters), clones and biorobots may have “accidents”, get shut down, or just disappear. “Honey, I’m going to get some cigarettes!” Well, and the soulless ones certainly get a soul on another planet and may gather their experiences there or prepare their ascension. And the souled people? Here’s a great statement from Mike Quinsey: “Those souls who can’t or won’t raise their vibrations will go to another planet for another trip home, and they won’t lack help and support. In this way, it is most fair for all involved to have another opportunity to reach the next stage of their evolution.”

For me, this is a template to practice and extend tolerance right now, to train. For I cannot and should not judge anyone for what they do, what they think, or what they believe. On the contrary, I should even be grateful to those who think differently. This is difficult, but here are a few examples:

The shape of the earth. Some say flat, some say sphere and many more. There are enough proofs for all theories. But what is true? Nobody can say.

Nutrition. Vegan, vegetarian or meat. Everyone thinks they have the perfect solution, everyone has studies, reports, evidence for their point of view. But what is right?

Religion. Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, and whatever else there is. Everyone thinks that his religion is the only true one. But what is right, what is wrong?

The fact is, nobody knows the truth. Not yet. If I feel good with my food, my idea of the shape of the earth, my religion, and I don’t feel good with other things, I do what is good for me, don’t I? And I myself don’t want to convince anyone that what I think and do is right. At least I should, because the other opinion has just as much justification as mine. I can’t prove my views 100% and neither can others prove their views. All of our opinions are based on the individual knowledge, on the individual information that we have consumed, just as individually. This makes each one of us unique, just like our fingerprints, our irises, our bodies and our looks. We cannot all be “lumped together”. This is also why the DS wanted to decimate us, they knew full well that they could not control us en masse.

Let us leave to each here incarnated his opinion, his views, his points of view, his faith. Let’s already have respect for our fellow human beings, no matter who or what they are. If they get vaccinated, OK! If they are system believers, OK! If they think they are doing right, OK! If they die or suffer, that is their path to follow, for whatever reason. Not mine! There is a reason for everything that happens to us and what happens to others. We should respect that, whether we know it or not. We can practice this right now. Let’s make it easy for ourselves at the beginning: Let’s start with those who tell us that the RV has begun, or that it will come tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week. Let’s let them all believe it. We can check it immediately, or tomorrow, the next day, or next week. If we just observe it, we either see evidence or we have to let them continue with their opinion. That means we can train our tolerance almost every day, for free, until we can do it perfectly. And with that, we then go into the new world, well equipped. I am just very grateful to those who make predictions. Aren’t you too?

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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