Hippocrates Secret Cure for all Diseases



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Date: Sunday, 6-Feb-2022 22:35:27

Hippocrates Secret Cure For ALL Disease

This INHALE! newsletter article expresses the private opinion of the Breath Of God MInistry

“Find me a way to create sweat or fever, and I will cure disease.” – Hippocrates

Hippocrates’ quoted ancient wisdom above is from 2,000 years ago, and it STILL applies to us because we’re all STILL humans! All the evidence we find STILL proves that this phenomenon of Nature being able to use our sweating to gradually perform its natural creation reset within our bodies and throw off disease is STILL true.

Sweating is naturally installed in us and biologically orchestrated by our immune system temporarily using our fire element to cleanse the inflammation of a fever caused by toxins. It is still true today. And we have now perfected how to use this natural function that we all still have!

But nobody makes money when we simply sweat. So, in this wonderful world of advertising that’s always telling you what you need, and what to do, you probably still don’t know enough about how sweating away inflammation is being used by our Natural bodies to clear and reset themselves. That is exactly why I am writing this article – and YOU can help us spread the word.




We fill with toxins and pollution and bugs. That causes a fever. We are designed to let a fever run its course so we can cleanse. We sweat it out. Nature at work.

Most people suppress Nature and put off the cleaning and healing part until it’s too late. Now we don’t need to let it all get to that emergency point. Instead of suppressing an “inconvenient” fever, we can let Nature do its job, but in a gradual more controlled daily fashion that does not painfully disrupt our lives.

Using our recommended therapies is like maintaining pre-cleaning. Why wait for an emergency to have to build up?

Everyone needs to combine this knowledge with all the other subjects we teach about, because the real science shows us that even more phenomenal results can now be obtained by YOU even faster!

It’s like we’re doubling up on nature by combing our cleansing therapies with inflammation breaking sweat therapy. Did you know that we have real world evidence that by daily increasing our core temperature (with a device like the advanced FDA approved far infrared Relax sauna device) – this can all by itself encourage the body to:

1. Increase our oxygen delivery to our cells – which our bodies use to eliminate anaerobes before they can build up – and this also rejuvenates us and releases stress.

2. Mobilize the lymphatic system – so it can flush heavy metals and debris and bug buildup.




3. Unblock and Increases microcirculation so organs like skin can heal faster.

We all know, and the real doctors and results tell us, that properly used safe and effective active forms of oxygen will kill all anaerobic organisms that infest us, and 99% of the disease causers are definitely anaerobes.

Nature has set us up so when we get enough of its Active Oxygen we can also totally detoxify our bodies. Ask any Active Oxygen Ozone using doctor like Robert Rowen in California, or Frank Shallenberger in Nevada, or Howard Robbins in New York. They have all treated many thousands successfully.

In my opinion, and the 2000 years of results shows us that, using enough Active Oxygen with the other Crown Jewels of Health™ etc., when combined with a good quick sweat daily, and applied for enough days, can help the body detach all dead or alive foreign substances adhering to our tissues.

In my very experienced opinion, our bodies can use active oxygen and sweating to safely flush the foreign debris out once the therapies are safely applied correctly and for long enough.

We have millions of successes from people already correctly applying the principals we teach. What works gets talked about quickly, and that is how I successfully lectured all around the world so fast reaching millions so quickly.

For the first time, now we have learned and have the proof of how valuable adding a proper sweat to our best of the best combination active oxygen and enzymes and minerals and energy therapies works. So now the trick is how do we spread this knowledge quickly as the need is so great?

We need to get everybody who’s having such phenomenal success with what we have already taught to now add the sweat therapy component to it. This is all part of my new Oxyvelocity™ concept so everybody can have more complete and even quicker results.

How do we Flood Our Bodies With Active Oxygen, eat and drink properly, and still get all our natural minerals, enzymes, and natural energies harmonized, while we now ALSO work a good sweat into our already too busy lives? Gradually, slowly, and piece by piece is how. We simply swap it all out.

The best good news today is, due to technology breakthroughs, we have perfected the best parts of the old low power and time wasting slow saunas – inexpensively and easily. We can now add a daily sweat therapy to our lives, and unlike old school, it can take only ten minutes a day to accomplish!




If you have been following my work over the past 30+ years, you know all the basics, and If you are still breathing you can always choose to start supplementing and correcting your previous bad choices. You can also take a quick refresher on Bitchute if needed: (

I now call upon YOU to help us, yourself, and everybody else. Simply start by educating yourself how easy it is to see if what I am saying is true. BTW, It must be because they are selling 5-10 of them a day!

Buy a relax Sauna and use it yourself. Feel the warm glow daily. You will soon be convincing your friends. All purchase can be donations through that will support our BOGM INHALE! Newsletter. Thank You.

This topping up of the missing natural things meant to keep us alive is especially needed nowadays, with so much pollution and disease being in our food, our air, our water, and our environment. With the lack of our necessary minerals in our processed food, and the need for a good supply of natural clean air and water, we all need to supplement, and we all need to detox!

For a more extensive review of our teachings, you can also go to our two sites, and There you can follow all links to discover more details about the amazing world of possibilities that awaits us all.

Happy Oxygen!
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