Steve Beckow: Our Finest Hour and What’s Happening on the Planet Right Now


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

February 6, 2022

Our Finest Hour

Those who are with us are stronger than those who oppose us

The folks behind the Freedom Convoy are not the ones defacing statues and gravesites. They’re not the ones carrying Nazi flags or spreading nails on the roads.

Canadians don’t have a history of false-flag incidents … well, that we know of.

We’re not “savvy” to the ways of paid agitators. We don’t ponder what may be happening and we don’t start out on the journey towards dealing with those elements in our society – hold public debate, make laws, appoint officials to administer them, etc. We’re easy pickings for the Illuminati, for sure; sheep ready for the shearing.

Just look at how many of us believe the mainstream media’s allegations that the truckers carried a Nazi flag. That was an easy score for the deep state. Just pay someone to carry it. That’s the whole job. Nothing more. Here’s $500. Guaranteed the media will say it was the truckers.


The G7 met in Quebec some years back and obvious agents provocateurs stirred up the crowd, gave the police an excuse to charge the protesters, and then retired through and behind police lines. None of us see it. We really think that nothing nefarious goes on in Canada. Truly we’ve been asleep.

While we slept, nefariousness crept up on us. We’re part of a global empire of world leaders who are dedicated to depopulation and control of the surviving 500 million. They run the governments and their colleagues have infiltrated more services and positions than we’d care to know about.

The alleged final words of one Illuminati child murderer was, “You’ll never stop us. We are everywhere.”

They keep themselves hidden, control the press, and ridicule those who seek to know the truth as “conspiracy theorists.”

We’re the ones who’ve awakened to their plans and methods and are uncovering what is for sure a global conspiracy, to kill billions – this round by Covid; other rounds by SARS, bird flu, swine flu, etc.  I should add AIDS and Ebola, since all were biological weapons, mostly made at Fort Detrick, against the people of the planet.

They ridicule us the same as they ridiculed people who had extraterrestrial contact. Ridicule is an effective weapon.

Shall I throw in all the weather extremes they cause with their weather-warfare weapons? How about all the wars fomented to distract our attention from what they’re doing? And enrich themselves in the process of course.


We have to stop them. And the Freedom Convoys are, at the moment, the very best way to do it. We’re building on the strong foundation created by all the frontline medical workers, the constitutional lawyers, alternative media, and thousands of ordinary citizens who’ve testified to the harm caused them.

I’m shaken by the suggestion, from one source, that it may take months. But when were the troops ever home by Christmas? We’ve always underestimated the time of struggle.

While the truckers are peaceful, there’s a hidden war transpiring against the deep state worldwide, as one underground installation after another is destroyed.

The success of the protest may mean some deprivation. Even more hardship than people have endured already.

It falls to us to endure it and to come up with new arrangements for taking care of the disadvantaged among us so that we all get across the finish line together.

Neighborhoods might wish to begin organizing to help the less fortunate. Apartment blocks, the same. We need to take care of the country during this protest. The Illuminati won’t do it. They’d rather we were dead.

We have a part in the struggle to eradicate the influence of the Illuminati from all our societies, worldwide, even Antarctica.

What’s happening, visibly, in our cities is only one part of the struggle. But struggle it is.

I’m in for the long haul.  The truckers have staked everything for my wellbeing. And I dearly hope you find yourself ready, willing, and able to commit yourself to endure as well.

We’re back again facing the same peril the British people did in 1939. I hope we make this, as they did then, our finest hour.


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

February 6, 2022

What’s Happening on the Planet Right Now

Notice how even the opposition party (Jasmeet Singh) is allied with the World Economic Forum

What’s happening on Planet Earth right now is not random; it’s not coincidental.

The rising energies, as I’ll discuss below, are bringing to the surface people’s buried desires to live freely.

Opposition to control had to break out somewhere. Someone had to lead the opposition.

Brave truckers sounded the alarm and took that action. And we owe them a debt of gratitude we may not be able to repay.

What’s happening in larger terms has several elements.

Let’s call all the folks who want to depopulate the globe and rule over the remainder, Team Dark.

And all those who are focused on ending this chapter of oppression in Earth’s history and building Nova Earth, Team Light.


Team Dark has called itself (or has been called) by many names – the Illuminati, New World Order, deep state, etc.

Its top, top dark overlords are no longer anywhere near Earth. Its top terrestrial leaders have either been arrested or are dead.

The end of the fiat dollar means the end of them printing money – from printing presses in the US and in China.  Their other enterprises – child trafficking, pedophilia, Adrenochrome, etc. – are being shut down at the present time, above and under ground.

Lacking leadership and funds, the NWO rump is using what weapons it has left to cause the La Palma volcano to erupt (the Norwegian HAARP station causing it was closed down), hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes to occur, shootings to happen, and so on.

We can watch them at work trying to undermine and discourage the truckers by, I believe, hiring paid agitators to parade Nazi flags through the truckers’ ranks, deface statues, urinate on gravesites, etc.

The mainstream media are on hand to photograph. The police are nowhere to be seen. And Prime Minister Trudeau immediately jumps to the conclusion that it was the truckers. This is how the deep state operates.

We don’t appreciate how deeply the deep state has penetrated government. The graphic at the top left shows some leading Canadian political figures who are proteges of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, which is a key player in Team Dark’s depopulation agenda. Even the leader of the opposition New Democratic Party is included.

Team Light consists of players seen and unseen. The visible part of it is the Alliance, which consists of the Q Team, the military, and all of us digital warriors. The Alliance is, as we speak, destroying deep underground military bunkers and tunnels used for child trafficking, drug trafficking, medical experimentation, development of pandemic viruses, storage of gold, etc.

The Alliance is using the cabal’s pandemic strategically. While we’re locked down, they’re deactivating bunkers and tunnels.

The unseen part of the Alliance is (A) our star family, the extraterrestrial races which seeded humanity onto Earth in the first place (no, we didn’t arrive by natural selection); (B) Earth’s ascended masters; and (C) the celestials, behind all of whom stands the Divine Mother (the knowable face of Mother/Father God). (1)


Don’t bother ridiculing me for talking about extraterrestrials and God. I’ve been inoculated.  Besides, having been ridiculed often enough for my beliefs, I have acquired immunity.

There are two things we’ll have to confront out of what I just said. One is that Team Dark has done things so evil that, when we’re told about them, we will suffer. Our worldview may collapse. We may need to go easy on ourselves during the time of the upcoming revelations. And stay quiet for a time after hearing.

The second is that our worldview has been held prisoner for millennia and we’re going to have to expand it. To control us, we were told that we were born in sin and only the church had the keys to our salvation.

None of that is true. I’ve experienced the Self that we are and its nature is innocence and purity. (2) And we need no intermediary between us and God.

We’re told that life has evolved by natural selection. That’s partly true. Natural selection is a process.  But in fact it turns out that the human species here were seeded by other civilizations on other planets.

Physical evolution does transpire but holding only that view leaves out spiritual evolution. Spiritual evolution is what our lives are all about. (3)

While we think we’re just a body and that’s it, I’ve experienced the soul within the body – that which survives bodily death – and seen its separateness from the latter.

Our empirical materialist paradigms (only what we can see, hear, touch, etc., is real) in science and religion are not serving us. They do however serve the NWO by keeping our sights on the ground, when we could be reaching for the stars.

While SETI is listening for beeps and clicks, other civilizations have been holding conversations with us through channeled messages for centuries.

Knowledge of all of this has been suppressed as have the myriad Tesla cures for diseases, med beds, anti-gravity machines, the Looking Glass, etc. (4)


The point I set out to make is that the rising energies on the planet, as a result of closing this chapter of Earth’s history, are forcing out of us a desire to set our global house in order.

The truckers are some of the bravest and most daring among us. But it could also have been all medical personnel in every hospital. It could have been all airplane pilots.

The energies hitting the planet as part of the consciousness raising that’s occurring as we move from the Kali Yuga or Dark Age to the Sat Yuga or Golden Age would have made inaction unbearable for some sector of the population.

We’re all ready for this. This is not just the truckers. This is not just people who refuse the vaccine. This is all freedom-loving people everywhere on Planet Earth. I am talking to all of you.

We have the energies on our side. We have seen and unseen allies who are much stronger than those who oppose us.

And we’re serving the Divine Plan for the uplifting of Terra Gaia to a higher level of existence.

All we’re waiting for is for people to wake up to what’s happening on Earth, as far fetched as that’s seemed to them so far, so that they accept the need to clean house rather than descending into civil war.

But as far as miracles and celebrations go, we, all of us, haven’t seen anything yet.


(1) For a volume drawing together the Divine Mother’s channeled messages through Linda Dillon, go here: It’s All a Journey of Love: The Divine Mother in Her Own Words at


(2) “We Are, All of Us, Innocent and Pure,” April 7, 2020, at

(3) It turns out that life does have a purpose. That purpose is to know our true identity. Since everything is God, we must also be God. When we learn that truth, God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment. For that meeting was all of life created.

See Does Life Have a Purpose? at and The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment at”.

(4) Tesla is alleged to have the cures for numerous diseases which the deep state have sequestered. The US military has had antigravity spaceships for decades, as have other nations. The TR3-B Aurora triangular spaceship (google) is an example. Med beds will cure a spectrum of illnesses; med beds are coming. The Looking Glass is a device bequeathed us by Nordic ETs to see into the future; the military sequestered it as well.


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