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Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 6, 2022

Dear Freedom-loving Patriots.  

We are now seeing how the old power structures are collapsing, the Globalists are in a total panic, one clearly has no control over the current situation.

I haven’t written on Operation Disclosure in a while for several reasons.

One is that I was arrested for threatening an Illuminations Mayor of the Stadt Uithoorn.

So what did I do during that time to wake people up, and make them aware that we the people have the power if we stop following the Globalists.

First came a flag chosen by people from several designs.


Some time later, after I was released from the police cell again, awaiting the court hearing against me the idea came to make a Bataafse Coin on Lobstr to go with the flag.

This coin and the making of it cost me 20 XLM, but shows that you can make something out of nothing.

Then you talk to the bank who claims it is a worthless coin, this is so not true.

The Bataafse Coin does have value, the value to the pursuit of Freedom.

Freedom is priceless, get out of the MARTIX and back into life as life was once meant to be.

There is a Web Store called

If you have a Bataafse Coin you should be able to use it, so we are going to offer goods that you can only buy with Bataafse Coin.


I came up with the playful idea of selling Toilet Paper.

We wipe our asses with the Bilderberg demons.

There will be more Toilet Paper for sale, I have nominated the design, and believe me this will be laughter “How dear you, keep your Carbon Print is the Slogan.

It’s an anti MK Ultra action, because people are finally going to think for themselves.

We know GESARA is rolling out and now see how the plan works.

People must first be aware to see large scale Army action to free the population from the dark powers.

One of the reasons why the present GENOCIDE is taking place is because the Cabal is stealing all the pension funds of the population and everything has been siphoned off via Blackrock to the rich of the earth.

One is now in the process of fulfilling the Georgia Guideston prediction.

However, now that the population is waking up more and more, and starting to connect the dots we get the insight what has happened.

An employee of the ABN Amro bank had called me and told me that they are searching for what I have done, because I have given the Batavian Coin to many people who see it as a Coin of hope and freedom.


The bank employee asked me where all the money went, to which I said, that the banks are going to fall and I don’t want to lose it if the Bank goes bankrupt.

He said that the accounts are guaranteed up to €100,000 which the Greeks and the people of Cyprus have experienced differently and have been robbed by the Banks.

The joke is that I have also had a Bataafse stamp made and more than 400 people have received a letter with this stamp.

For Christmas I donated 200 Zim bills to people, they in turn bought Zim bills to participate in the Transition Collective, Rinus times 200 it has now become for the corrupt Bilderberg politicians of the Hitler Cabinet.

We the People claim our right of inheritance and the Bataafse Republic.

The stamps have been ordered, paid for and delivered, also shipped and stamped so our claim has been recognized by the corrupt system.

The valueless coin is not so worthless.

I will buy back all the coins at a much higher price with the funds from GESARA or from the Claims to the Banks.

He who has now bought the Coins will make a large profit.

To have a good foundation for the future we must be the masters of our MONEY, we never commit ourselves to a diabolical system again.


I expect things to move quickly now, because we as a population now see what the Banks, Politics and World Economic Forum have done.

The FED can no longer print money out of thin air, nor can the ECB, so the Cabal in its murderous lust will run out of money.

Since the Netherlands does not exist as a State, but as an Enrolled Company in Bankrupt Washington DC all under companies are not allowed to further oppress the people, we can and will reject them.

No peace agreement with Germany has ever been set up or signed that can confirm the legitimacy of the current NGO Deep State government.

We the people have yellow obligations to these rats.

We are free when we decide for ourselves that we are free.

I expect next week all the banks in Holland to fall, and executives to resign immediately, because we the people want answers from them.

If they refuse to make a good statement before February 10, 2022, we the People will make a claim to the Banks, we will say if they do not make a good statement and show evidence before February 10, 2022, they will agree to our tacit claim of €20,000 per day per person who sends them this claim and message, increasing by € 1000 per day.

Also I have sent the tax inspector the following info with questions which is about 90 pages long on the blog  , so if you want to know all the info, which I will have a life stream broadcast about today Feb 6 you can find it on the blog.

All the lies have caught up with themselves.


Rinus is an aka , but realize we are all Rinus the Myth we commit to the desire for our own freedom….

Since the police are still holding my Laptop with emails until after the appeal of the criminal case against me I cannot reach all people and contacts from18 Oct 2021.

Try to get in touch with me via  among others Jean Monot.

I wish everyone a great fine transition.

Send claims to your own bank if they have a partnership with the WEF.

Regards Rob Brekel aka Rinus Verhagen


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