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Reader Post | By GK

Written in 2017 at Fulford’s blog

It would be much more helpful, Ben, if we identify the inner core and then all the FRONTS that insulate that core.

The core is USURY– fiat fractional reserve printing of money and or….more specifically…. the small circle that runs the digital money computing….

Being able to maintain banking accounts that pay all the fronts that include the heads of the countries you speak of… These countries are fronts that insulate the core…

Religions and religious leaders insulate the core…

Alphabet agencies and militaries in all countries… insulate the core…

Corporations…insulate the core…


Media and governments and courts…insulate the core…

We all scream about Fiat versus commodity backed money… but whether the system is fractional reserve/fiat…or tethered to gold, silver and commodities…

The INNER CORE will still run the digital input and output… The inner core of Robber barons are above the Rothschilds…

The Rothschilds, insulate the inner core…

And what very few understand is IF fiat fractional reserve is thrown aside in favor of the SDR system… Commodity backed….

It essentially is less green grass for the cows…

Yep, that grass has very few nutritional values, in that it is not composed of anything real in nature… but the endless supply of money is written off as FUTURE debt…


That is the most amazing part of that system…

Everyone wrings their hands over the escalating TRILLIONS on the so called national debt… but not only is no one identified as to whom is owed the trillions… but it is never explained why it is owed….

well, in a nutshell… USURY interest rates on the grass they throw to the cows… and either we work for it, or do black market activities for it, or sit back and await a welfare check for it… or beg on a street for it…. whatever means… it is all the worthless debt paper (cow food) issued from the same inner core and charged USURY that becomes that ticking debt projected into the future… In which they pay all their insulation front employees… the leaders of governments and courts and militaries… the payroll of insulation…

Everyone says our children and grand children have to pay in the future and it isn’t true because when the future comes and our grandkids are here and we aren’t… the same inner core… who loves controlling the money creation… will project the debt into their future…

Debt based kicks a can INFINITELY into the blackhole of the future…

If the inner core never requires actual payment then a debt and their POWER will never be undermined.

They could choose to declare a jubilee… but the debt clock will start all over again. They could choose to declare all money gold backed and tether the numbers that very few are ever going to be privy to… to create more paychecks for the FRONTS and employees of the fronts… But ultimately it will be a FRONT with shiney gold paint…

All the mercenaries that serve the fronts compete over controlling the large pools of cash thru violence and ruthless cut throat practices and the inner core sees that skullduggery as just another of many insulating fronts….

The Talmudists are at the inner core… their network is everything and everyone, knowing or unknowing and their methods of illusions are brilliantly masterful….

And as long as we all choose to point at FRONTS…. that too insulates the core.


Comment by GK on February 7, 2017 @ 2:22 am

Post Script:

Sure many more get these things now than when I wrote it 5 years ago or first started writing about it in 2003, but it still appears nothing is being resolved. In fact it looks like, sooooo…. If we reset the finances of the world… wouldn’t it be better if we kill about 3 billion people first? At least? Looks that way to me.


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