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Reader Post | By Betty Boop

I believe Patriots need as much information there possibly is to ease their anxiety. I am not an insider or anybody special. I’m just like many of you. I’m seeking truthful answers to the vast amount of questions. I’m not here to judge, blame or accuse anyone, I’m just trying to figure out where to go from here. Gradually I’ve watched our country and world become unrecognizable. Many aspects I was raised on, along with many of you I’m sure, feels as if they never existed. They’ve been replaced by aspects that I’ve never heard of or what they mean. They just seemed to appear out of no where and no idea really by who. Liked or not your made to accept it, because to refuse or reject them is not an option unless you find yourself being labeled something your not. I feel sick inside when I look at my sons, their wives and my grandchildren, other family, friends, neighbors. Their lives have all changed drastically, especially my grandchildren. I’m worried for all their well beings, frustrated that I don’t know what might happen to anyone of them. I believe we all are aware of the same thing.

For many months, myself and a few concerned intelligent friends have come across and found info that needs to be looked at involving those who we receive intel from, “truthers”…”influencers”….”insiders”. What do we really know about any of them? Exactly where does their info come from and can it really be trusted?  How much of what they have said has came true?  100s just appeared after Q drops, all with different interpretations and meanings. How often in life have you taken any information from a stranger without wanting some proof? That’s not really human nature to believe anything were told especially if its hard to believe. Our instinct is to want proof, and that’s normal.

Any journalist who writes an article using dates, times, events does so because they are true otherwise they wouldn’t risk their reputation as being fake.

What follows are aspects for all patriots eyes only to think further about.

1) 2020 DJT stated, among many times, The Military was the only way. Adding that “with the right tools its essential to receive info quickly and reliable. So using the new Starlink quantum system gives the military an edge over the DS while connected to an isolated military only free energy system”??!!

2)  2020  DJT stated by June Med Bed Centers will be set up for those with critical health issues. An other worldly entity will start delivering them to obsolete hospitals. Oct 2019 GM was already making “ventilators” (med beds)??!!

3) 2017 Charlie Ward stated he organized all the removal of Gold, silver and ancient artifacts, including ledgers with exact records of who it belonged to, under the Vatican’s in tunnels. From the Vatican to Israel 1,500 miles. 650 plane loads. Sometime after that another secret tunnel was found under the Vatican with just as much as the first. Using the ledgers all the gold, silver, artifacts have been distributed to the rightful countries.??!!  More Gold and silver has been found in DUMBS, but there’s no info more.?!  Gene Decode stated that DJT decided each American would receive $100,000.  $10,000 on a debit card and the rest in a trust fund.??!!

“This doesn’t mean people can just lay around watching movies all day. People are still expected to work. There’s a lot that needs to be done. With anti gravity vehicles there’s no need for highways or roads and those will all have to be tore up. With Free Energy there’s no need for power lines and stations so all that will have to be taken down. Everyone will be expected to help.”??!!  (I know for a fact our Birth Certificates are worth millions. According to UK Commonwealth your B.C. is a Trust Fund. Depending on your birth weight will determine your worth in Gold. 8lbs = 8lbs of Gold. The Queen has ruled every aspect of America and benefited off our stolen wealth and inventions. Corrupted our Constitution, Bill of Rights and every branch of Government, and much more.)

4) Charlie Ward has come under fire by 2 investigated journalists who have uncovered numerous falsehoods from interviews and statements made from round table videos. He owns many Burger Kings and McDonalds, proven to use humans in their meat. He owns BitChute. He’s made over 100 million in the last 2 yrs. He owns a Gold and silver Company and sells it on his channel, as does the other “Jesus loves you” group. He claims he is a DJT insider that is trusted with important intel. (Simon Parkes claims the same thing). These “truthers”/”Insiders” are being exposed as con men with NO real Intel, shady pasts, involved with DS, being deceptive, making money off of Patriots. I am only providing info for you to decide for yourself and determine the possibilities. The list is  somewhat long. Charlie Ward- Simon Parkes- Phil G- Stew Peters- Michael Jaco- Scott McKay- Mel K- Nino David Rodriquez- Charlie Freak- Gene Decode- Tom Numbers- Liz Bliss- Jim Crenshaw- Rob Really- Clif High-X22 Report- Mike Adams- Negative48.

Juan O Savin/107 claims he is JFKjr and part of DJT team. He and Robert David Steele have made millions off their Freedom Tour, books and appearances.  General Michael Flynn has been arrested. He worked for the Cabal. He was passing information about White Hats and The Alliance events to The Black Hats which has kept delaying Military plans.(QFS, EBS, Nesara, Gesara etc) For years we were told the Stock market would collapse and would trigger other events to happen. I do not recall hearing DJT would own it. NYSE is owned by DJT, giving him ownership of Australia by default. DJT also sold 85 million in shares to his TruthSocial platform. Big Pharma stocks continue to rise. Rumble today reports that “BuzzFeed in Panic Mode as IPO crashes, Meanwhile Trumps Socials DWAC is Skyrocketing up 661%”.??!! DJT  Gold coins continue to rise in value. His platform is estimated to be worth 2 Billion  from service fees charged to users. Only the people continue to struggle not only money wise but emotionally, mentally in the US and those across the world. Several weeks ago The earth Alliance confirmed the evil Cabal gathered at Antarctica and was sent to another dimension to live out their time??!!

I will no longer follow the site Restored Republic. I believe they are the number 1 contributor that pushes disinformation and false hope to Patriots. We are told to not rely on dates, times or events. Then why print them if they are unreliable?  Very little if any has come true. I last visited the site 6 months ago. Tier 4B was scheduled for payout within 24 hours and the Public would follow in 2 days??!! Why do all these other entities come before We the People? Why are we being left in the dark, surrounded in secrets and nothing but disinformation? Why does DJT consider American deaths as collateral damage? Why wont he be honest to the people about Jared Kushner being a Mossad agent working for Israel Netanyahu and charged and arrested for espionage, now in Gitmo?  Or be honest about Melania divorce was finalized Oct 2020, taking Barron and leaving the US Jan 2021. Or that Diana has lived at the White House with him sharing his bed and wearing a Melania mask in public and now married to her? Why has he deceived the people? Why has 20 million supporters walked away from him since the election? When will the People get their lives back?


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