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Reader Post | By One of the Lightworkers


To: All World Patriots, Lightworkers and Prayer Warriors

From: One of the Lightworkers

Re: Urgent Need Posted Truckers Dire Need NOW, FreedomConvoyOttawaToDC,
Need Googols Prayers !!!

Reader: If you have a problem with Prayers, please bypass this post.

This link is to following post, 02/01/2022, full text below in bold font.  I made the font red to stand out. This post sent to me, One of the Lightworkers, indirectly.  I post here requesting Prayers, Divine Assistance for these Truckers and Families!

If a responsible party with Convoy Leadership reads this, check this out, get help there NOW!!! Please. Thank you!!!

Readers: Requesting worldwide prayers for Truckers from all readers!!!  Truckers in freedom convoys worldwide need unceasing, continuous prayers!!!


Someone sent this to me:

Urgent Canadian truckers Convoy Update:

They are having significant logistics problems with 100’s of trucks filled with families presently stranded on Sir John MacDonald Hwy outside of the city. The police have blockaded them and not allowing them any nearer the city. 

Massive massive emergency problem, there are no gas stations, no stores, no restaurants, no toilets, no food, no water. The drivers are running out of fuel, it is -22 and they need to run their trucks or they will freeze with their families inside tonight. 

And apparently they have suddenly lost access to Zello, the trucker app they have all been using. They are unable to contact the facilitators to let them know about their plight. They are phoning family back home to leave comments of the Facebook pages to hopefully get their situation to the leaders for help. 

Lastly, the drivers are being warned to watch for troublemakers tonight showing up on that lonely road when they’re all alone and not to open their truck doors to anyone. 

I don’t know what is going on but our ppl are in trouble and need our prayers. And if anyone has legitimate contact information with anyone involved in leadership for the Convoy, please let them know that things are dire for these Western drivers and their families. 

They are losing hope and want to turn around and come home and just give up. A spirit of despair is descending on them. Please pray for breakthrough and encouragement to come and the resources they all need TONIGHT.


Convoys for Freedom, All Participants and Supporters need
each of us to shine our Divine Love and Divine Light and
Pray Unceasingly for:
Divine Love,
Divine Light,
Divine Blessings on ALL,
Divine Wisdom,
Divine Patience, Divine Peace,
Divine Understanding,
Divine Fortitude,
Divine Counsel,
Divine Knowledge, and
Divine Hope
For ALL,
For the Success and Safety for All Convoys, Supporters, etc.

May Almighty God bless and keep each and everyone!!!

Sending googols of Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine
Guidance, Peace, Prayers, Wisdom, Patience, Understanding,
Fortitude, Counsel, Knowledge, Hope to All!!



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