(Reader: Jonathan Seagull) Note to White Hats: No Holds Barred, We’re Ready, Bring it on


Reader Post | By Jonathan Seagull


There are so many conflicting opinions and ideas floating around at this time.

Mr. Fulford, during his latest video, was selling the idea that we should all blame the Rockefellers for global satanic activities and then accept $300,000 for each person in the USA and be happy. The Rockefellers were the ‘real’ bad guys. Or didn’t he recently say it was some out of control AI entity? I then realized why he is still alive. It occurred to me that the OTHER ‘nice illuminati elitists’ seem to have ‘appointed’ him to lead us in the direction of a ‘compromise’ for the sake of ‘world unity’. He claims to be one of them and has a ‘say’ in their new ‘plans’. He also said we will then be able to fly around our galaxy and explore new worlds. Never mentioned MEDBEDS, one of the most important off-planet healing technology aspects of our planetary quest to end suffering and extend life on Planet Earth. He used to talk about living much, much longer lives as being one of the keys to our advancement in consciousness. Now, apparently, he believes that’s not a priority but instead ‘they’, whoever ‘they’ are, will give us all a bunch of money. He says chemtrails are just ‘mildly dangerous’ to our health and are needed so that new technology can pinpoint locations around the earth. Really?? It immediately dawned on me that he might be just another shill being told to use the strategy of throwing the Rockefellers under the bus to save all the other satanists/elitists, one of whom may be him – no, correction – he says he is in favor of the ‘nice gnostic illuminati’. In this same ‘report’ he seemed to be ‘backing’ the ‘nice gnostic illuminati’ because they were the best of the ‘bunch’ and therefore the best we could expect. Excuse me?? Really? From what I understand, after years of researching the various ‘illuminaties’, I don’t think the people of Planet Earth are looking for any more ‘secret societies’ to ‘run’ our planet – even if he’s a member. It hasn’t worked over the last 6000 years, has it.

So now Mr. Parkes is pitching the soft-sell ‘constitutional approach’ where there is no EBS. This is so the normies can have a ‘soft landing’. That it would really be ‘too much’ for the normies to be told about DUMBS, child sacrifices, etc. There was a different ‘spiritual’ guru selling that same garbage recently. My understanding of the purpose of the EBS was to do exactly what ‘Simon Says’ says we don’t want because the normies would be very upset. God forbid the normies get a little upset while our entire Planet Earth is being rescued from centuries of slavery and unspeakable evil. One of the primary purposes of the ‘EBS’ is that it is going to be activated to UPSET the normies in order to pull them out of a global psychosis and to ‘wake them up’ right? Wasn’t that the greatest reason to employ the EBS? To show people what has happened to human beings, especially children, for the last approximately 6000 years? Wasn’t this the only way to ensure that humanity is freed and that satanic ‘operations’ and DUMBS would be revealed and this was the key to making sure it never happens again? According to Simon, the normies might get a little upset AS THE ENTIRE HUMAN SPECIES is being rescued. The normies are SUPPOSED to get very upset. Wasn’t the EBS supposed to reveal to the normies and everyone else, that there have been ongoing executions at GITMO a la the Clintons, Cuomo, Bushes, Newsom, Cheney etc. Wasn’t there supposed to be mass arrests so that, in addition to getting rid of all the traitors of Humanity, the normies would finally ‘wake up’? Weren’t the normies SUPPOSED to be told the truth about 9/11? Didn’t mass arrests have to take place because the CCP has infiltrated almost all aspects of our society? Weren’t we supposed to see the ‘raw’ videos about actual child sacrifices and adrenochrome harvesting and get very upset over what finally, after 6000+ years, was revealed to humanity? Wasn’t the use of cloning technology, CGI and masks etc supposed to be revealed? Wasn’t the global ‘white hat’ operations to destroy DUMBS and rescue thousands of children supposed to be finally revealed? Aren’t we supposed to be provided with off-world MEDBED technologies and other technologies and inventions that have been withheld from humanity by various dark ‘secret societies’? Wasn’t all this, and much more, the reason Q was formed and that the Q operation would be finally revealed and various ‘dead’ people were to reappear? Where is JFK jr ? Isn’t he about to be revealed as living and helping to lead Humanity into a long overdue GREAT future? Fulford also stated, quite matter of factly, that the White House was about to be demolished. We’ve seen all the prep and the ’10 ft high concrete wall’ just built around the White House. It looks like a demolition team has been prepping the White House and Bukingham Palace and the Canadian Parliament to be destroyed. Does Mr. Parkes now think this is too much and might further upset the normies? As CW would say: really? Just a minute now – THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE ALL BEEN TOLD TO EXPECT – AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR. It’s not that we want anyone to suffer needlessly but that we have been told the normies have to be SHOWN the wretched, nasty, disgusting, repulsive, evil details of what has taken place on Planet Earth for centuries – SO THAT IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Mr. Parkes, we have been told to hold the Light and when the Truth hits the fan, be ready to HELP the normies deal with the TRUTH. So now, Mr. Parkes, do you think that just may be a bit too much for the normies to bear? That it might offend their sensibilities? Are you effin serious?!

Jaco recently said Flynn and Parkes were ‘dark hats’. At first, I thought because Jaco was ‘formerly’ CIA that he might still be CIA (once CIA, always CIA?). Lin Wood has recently said that Flynn is a dark hat. O’Savin is just a wordy enigma. Right now, I don’t trust anyone. But Jaco and Lin and Clif High are beginning to seem a lot more genuine.

There is no way to really KNOW any of this. As always, we’re going to have to wait and see which ‘activities/events’ begin to take place. How about 3G dam collapsing and the operations below it revealed that hide human trafficking and it’s related madness and also finances the CCP – shouldn’t this be uncovered? How about the ‘Rods of God’ destroying 34 satanic buildings – including the precious White House. What about revealing the satanic practices, war mongering and money grubbing activities the Vatican has been involved in for centuries. The revelations about what NASA has been really doing with all of OUR money. The GREAT IRS reveal about where they have been really sending most the money they ‘collect’ from all of us. How about the REAL origins and history of our species. The REAL space force and OUR anti-gravity ships – and ‘THEIRS’. The ‘deal’ that Eisenhower, or people representing him, made with not so benevolent ‘off worlders’. Special forces arresting the Biden ‘crime family’ on TV? Military in the streets to protect us from the remaining FBLie terrorists (ANTIFA/BLM)… It’s a long, long list. Too much for the normy’s sensibilities Mr. Parkes? Phuk their sensibilities. This is WAR.

The Freedom Truckers are leading the way right now. Barring any false flags, which will only make the truckers more determined, it looks like they have kicked out the ‘Son of Castro’ and have begun to ‘free up’ Canada. If they go to DC, I’m going to try to get there and join in freeing the souls of everyone on Planet Earth – once and for all. Isn’t that why we have all been born at this time in Human history?

A few things do seem certain IMO. No GCR can be released while ‘Biden’ is still resident. No GCR can be released if the central bankers (Rothchilds, Rockefellers et al) still control the global banking/monetary system. No GCR can be released while people would receive more worthless fiat currency in exchange for the worthless fiat currencies and bonds they have bought and are holding.

Nothing else looks certain or predictable. That’s most probably a good thing. There are many, many ‘signs’ out ‘there’. Interpretation is, unfortunately, useless. Only visible, significant ‘actions’ that take place now are reliable. Everything else in not trustworthy or reliable. But the ‘softsell’, no matter who tries to sell it, doesn’t work for me – period. ‘They’ won’t be handing out ‘trophies’ to all the ‘players’ in this final battle for the future of Planet Earth. This is not some ‘woke’ contest. There is no ‘second place’ in this planetary revolution. We are ready for the STORM right now. NOTE TO THE WHITE HATS:: NO HOLDS BARRED – WE’RE READY – BRING IT ON



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