(Reader: Charmaine E) Finally! The Missing Piece of the Puzzle!



Reader Post | By Charmaine E

For a long time we have been waiting for help that we could actually see and now we are witnessing it in much strength, love and light.  The people in Canada erected a glorious convoy of truckers starting west in  British Columbia, moving steadily for days gaining momentum, as they drove east until they reached the capital city of Ottawa in Ontario.

It is very, very cold this time of year and the weather treacherous at times, but they kept coming and so did the Canadian people,  as they stood along the sides of the roads and on the highway overpasses in freezing temperatures for hours, stretching across the country. They are in total solidarity sending  messages of encouragement, love and gratitude, erecting flags, banners and signs,  giving food and lodging to thank the truckers for standing up for everyone, especially the little children, who called on CB radios and mobile phones to thank the truckers for helping everyone!

Their mission : To travel cross-country to the capital city and camp around the parliament buildings and surrounding areas until the mandates, covid jabs, masks, unfair lockdowns and  restrictions,  etc., were abolished and the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his government were removed. They are not leaving until their mission is accomplished and the people are  freed!

It seems that the missing piece of the puzzle bringing  us rapidly closer to total victory globally in this war for humankind, is OUR personal participation, which is happening now in mass! Truckers from the United States are helping in Canada and at the borders. In some of our states, truckers by the tens of thousands are also becoming active with the same mission as Canada and also in several countries in Europe, South America, Australia etc.  When they are done in Ottawa, the next destination planned, is Washington DC.  A huge tsunami of truth is on the way and from what I understand,  the truth will set us all free!!!

This is a team effort and could not be done without the stealth movements of all our Military, Earth Alliance, Galactic and Space Forces, White Hats,  Q , and the Patriots. They are all invaluable, very loved and appreciated.

On a personal note, I am doubly blessed because I was born in Canada and I am also a citizen of the United States. I couldn’t be more proud of not just these two countries, but the whole globe,  as we unite together against the forces of darkness, that we are definitely overcoming !  I’ve been asking for a sign that something  was happening and now I see the power of the people in extraordinary numbers that is quickly spreading throughout our beautiful world!!!!    

Be encouraged, stand in unwavering faith,  love one another unconditionally, as our Creator/ God loves us!!!  We’ve got this Patriots,  it won’t be too long now!  Meanwhile, look for swamp issues in your local government, school boards, commissioners, businesses, Sheriff and Mayoral offices etc.,  anywhere that you can challenge and install good people to clean out polluted systems.  We are the majority!  Big things start from small ideas!  There is power in numbers!




Please continually pray for all the light workers across our globe, for those that are standing out in front for us and those behind the scenes, so we are all able to prosper and be in health, just as our souls prosper!   

As always, much love and gratitude,

Charmaine E


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