Thomas Anderson: The Coming World Revolution


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 30, 2022

Dear Reader,

we live I a strange time.

some of us “know” that they need to get a “vaccine” in order to survive a very dangerous new virus.

and that virus is so mean and intelligent, that it can mutate so that they need additional vaccines every some months.

all what those people know sounds logic (to them).

and there are other people who “know”, that the vaccine is deadly or at least dangerous and that the flu came every ear and it will come every year in the future and is nothing to worry about and it has only suddenly a different name this year.

there are rumors about Trump coming back into office,

there is intel that the presidential election was fraudulent,

there are military troops on both side of the Russian border,

there are some informations, very few and mostly hidden or only popping up very rarely and of course never in the mainstream media,

that there are lot of people suffering from the vaccine, it´s so called side effects,

and there are even informations about the world coming back to the last known legal situation on the surface of this planet (which would be 1871).


all in all a LOT of informations.


let us start to find our way through it.

presidential election = fake, fraudulent.

however, Biden is “president”

how could this be overcome?
by checking all votes and then take the legal way to take back the electoral votes from Biden and giving them to Trump.

A LONG process, but working and perhaps already begun.

There would also be the possibility of a civil war, but this doesn’t seem to have any evidence in what I can see now in the U.S.


The ukrainien defense minister says, he doesn’t see any aggressive formation of Russian troops behind the border and he sees an invasion “very unlikely”,

whereas at the same time US-intelligence, mainstream media, politicians and New York Times newspaper scream louder and louer “the Russians are coming” and predicting a Russian invasion for literally tomorrow and send ammunition and weapons via airplane.

The German government sent 5000 helmets (requested was 100.000). Vitali Klitschko, Major of Kiew, asked “what do they want to send next? pillows??”
I found that funny enough to write down.

anyway, the NATO partners are in ALARM position and wait for the Russians.

The Russians say “WE DO NO WANT WAR!!” “we just want not to be overrun by NATO and what NATO is doing since many years is to position more and more troops around Russia.

so… a bit understandable what Putin tells here. they don’t want to accept this war preparation on their western border anymore.

it would be the same as Kuba crisis today.

so… understandable.

How could this be solved?

perhaps if the NATO pull the trigger first, Russian will defend with all what they have, and that should be quite effective from what I know and perhaps they could destroy some military bases in a counterattack. they could even bring in their troops to Europe. Germany especially.
would they be welcome?


should they be welcomed?

almost certainly yes. to throw out the corrupt government and arrest them all and give Germany a new old system.

however… would they be welcomed ?


because most of the people are still sleeping.

and even if Russian troops would in fact invade Ukraine and the NATO would fight back, the result would almost sure be the same. Russians would win this war in Europe.

would they be welcomed? no.

And there we have our financial system.

rotten down to the roots. or from the roots. however you may see it.

in any case: any day longer is more and more a ride on the razors edge, getting thinner any sharper every hour.

so… how could the this be solved?

a new start.

would it be welcome?


and how on Earth do you orchestrate a fresh start at one point of time in all countries of the world?

I mean, ok, we saw Covid being orchestrated nicely, but still this took months and there were at least some presidents, who didn’t want to comply and were killed for that.

so, we would need some melt-down event.

a “black swan” of HUGE proportions.

taking effect everywhere.

that could be orchestrated. ok. a global banking crisis? well,… we have one for almost 20 years now. didn’t help a lot for a melt down. they still run.

we see more and more evidence that vaccines are not safe at all.

we see more and more evidence that this was well known, if not targeted in the first place from the beginning on.

so, I read about some judges forcing Pfizer to hand out paperwork about their results in testing the vaccines.

and today, when thinking about all this, something came into my mind.

who could all this be combined in a way, that even includes the information, that project “looking glass” ( a kind of predicting the future technology)

always showed the global melt down of the cabal / the bad guys, no matter what they did.

and even the fact, that the SIMPSONS comic showed already 20 years ago a comic with a canadian trucker convoy coming.

When I think back, I do not find ANY revolution which was done by the people.

I know MANY where it is written so, but when you look behind it, the reality is different.

French revolution?
who financed it?
Russian revolution?
who financed it?
german revolution?
who financed it?



Or Kasachstan 2022?

Who financed it?

Every time there were YEARS of preparation necessary, a lot of money, backdoor meetings in several countries and locations,

chosen people to be educated and brought to the public and made well known and famous (Trozky, Hitler, you name it.)

NONE of the revolutions was really done by the people.

the peoples are weak and afraid. they will follow a leading figure. and if in motion, there is no stopping them.


so shouted the german people in 1989

it was made public that the people had the power to simply overrun the borders, where decades long the people were simply shot dead when trying to cross it.

fact is, that the opening of the german border was planned years ahead and even made public some years before 1989 in an open speech by commissionary Reichskanzler Ebel, who was chosen and protected by the US SHAEF command and government (and later killed).


it sure is a nice, a very nice fairy tale – but a fairy tale.



how could we combine a financial restart, Trump back in office, Russians safe at home, a fresh legal start on the basis of 1871 , arrests of ALL governments worldwide  and military take over and a final WAKE UP of all sleeping people and welcoming this  ALL OVER THE WORLD at the same time?


if it is made public that the Big Pharma were doing a genocide worldwide, together with all governments and politicians in power worldwide

and with many millions being killed worldwide by those vaccines,

then Big Pharma would loose a lot of value at the stock exchanges. their shares would implode to zero.

this would be a Black Swan event.

The people would run to their government buildings and hang their rulers right on the steps of those buildings.

not nice, but, they seem to have earned it.

in every country the questions would rise:
how could this happen?
who knew what?
who did what with and for whom?

who paid and who earned?
after getting the answers to these questions, there would be more questions.

SINCE WHEN is this going on?

and if the answer would be “1871”, we would have a world full of countries with dead governments and with people wanting to do a fresh start on the basis of 1871.

this would include the restauration of some Empires. The German Empire for example.

and it would probably also include the taking over by the nobility.

so, Kings and Kaisers and Tsars…


perhaps this last point would be to discuss, since there is a lot of evidence about the british and dutch royals being involved in human trafficking and much more other evil stuff.


I think we will see a very rough ride within the next months and years.

I predict a world wide revolution, based on the coming knowledge of what Fauci, Gates, Big Pharma and Soros etc did to the world.

We will see a lot of dead celebrities and dead rulers.

we will enjoy this show.

we will also see billions of people finally opening their eyes, knowing that they got a lethal injection and therefore being “very upset” and having NOTHING to loose and being the best fighters in the first rows against evil.

we will see a setting back to 1871 including the worlds restauration to a political landscape with borders, every patriotic German not even dares to dream of.

we will see acceptance for new borders, new rules, new money arising within a very short period of time.

and all this will not come BY THE PEOPLE

but again by some secret backdoor figures, totally unknown to the public.

this will come to us and brought into our minds by MARKETING.

YOU will then probably be the one who sits in front of the TV and smiles, because you saw it coming.

and if it all will happen like this, please let us not forget:
we still need to find out, who planned this.

because at the end, I still have a question to those guys:

“was there really no other way to wake up people?”


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