(Reader: TruthLibertyJustice) Red Flags for Christmas 2021: The Largest Event for Mankind in Human History and No One is Talking about it


Reader Post | By TruthLibertyJustice

“RV/Constitution” by Texastreeman – 1.30.22

Why because that’s what Simon Parkes said on his update today Jan 30th? Let’s cover Simon’s points that you stated in your post with valued counter-points…

DoD is more corrupt, more than to the core- and have been accused of suppressing real injury and death data as well in the public domain— flag officer has immediate reasonability to honor their oath “they have it all” innocent Americans are being murdered and can no longer be tolerated — electoral college or not, Constitution or not, Law of War manual has been broken to the core!!! _- _ stop the nonsense now!

Simon, you are not an American citizen unfortunately at this time — Law of War Manual here > I’m no expert in this area – however, upon reading the Law of War Manual it appears that several violations have occurred and are consistent to date – in violation of the articles of the Law of War manual. IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS TO SAY AT ALL the fraud occurred in THE US ELECTION<<<< 4.8 – Rights, Duties, AND Liabilities of Citizens “Civilians may NOT be the object of attack” further under violation(s) of 4.8 detainee of Jan 6 so-called insurrection have NOT been given “Humaine Treatment” and were themselves victims of entrapment and intentional duress. I can list many more possible violations according to the rules governing under The Law of War Manual as stated in the manual based on evidence reported in public domains– why? Good Military staff must be aware of these violations as they are the experts in this field and area — leading to 11.3-11.4 – violations of 3.8 -3.2 – 5.2 – 5.12 – 5.13 – 5.14 – 5.27 – 6.4 – “6.9” – “6.11” – 7.4 – 7.8 – 7.16 – 8.2 – 8.5 – 8.6 – 9.2 – 9.18 – 9.21 – 9.34 – 10.5 -10.6 – 11.6 *- 12.7 – 13.8 – The people have been attacked by a bioweapon two years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..”Civilians may NOT be the object of attack” is further under violation(s) of 4.8!!. The Pentagon is sacrificing innocent civilian lives!!! US citizen’s lives— why? to play the tag and bag nano 5g tech beta Test in the Jabbbers????!!!!!!! They coined it “China virus” you and others clearly state Billiegernet Occupation of current false administration under CCP…. Plenty of public domain scientific data against and for removing all liability release indemnification rights from all big pharma companies and arresting and seizing Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street institutional investment firms which it has been publically stated that DJT as Commander and Chief via executive orders has governing power and control currently over “wall street” & 18.2* violation(s)… enough BS! –

Here is what Americans see now: corruption to the core – a horrible narrative and utter mismanagement of the situation at hand being prolonged for some special nefarious behind curtain interests! Against the general populace, they have forsaken!!!! the hell with 2024 and the midterms — total utter BS – disgraceful that they spit on their honor and oath – absolutely pathetic — more innocent citizens injured and murdered and not to mention the psychological damage to the children and elderly on US sole in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I see are GRAY HATS playing both sides running the narrative for nefarious underhanded reasons… the physiological warfare being administered to its own citizens is a violation itself and is inflicting generational harm. They are guilty of mass genocide and if “they have it all” then are now guilty of complacency and unlawful and unconstitutional and oath-breaking methods for allowing this to continue against innocent civilians. AS a reminder It was stated, “They Have It All” long ago… therefore that is when that point of proof in date of the statement, would clearly define the wrongdoing at hand and lack of closure and end of this narrative– as in if “You have it all” and had it since 2015-2016 then allowed it to continue with deaths and genocide if biological warfare on innocents and then try and run a narrative as white hats well they want to go this way now etc… no – enough BS. Step up do the job we do not need 65% fo the world — we have 85% o fUS asking for this and by the looks of it at least of what is left of the so-called free world if it matters. What should matter to the rest of the world is that Gates, Fauci, and Barry Obama Admin along with UN WEF Schwab and domestic enemies (treasonous swine) gang did this to them… and along the way this tech has been used by military operations for years… so stop playing fucking games with innocent lives you murdering SOBs! You can remain calm and get run over by a truck or a bioweapon would you rather die fighting or sitting around? Run the math scenarios on the current rates and calculate it out — all better stand and fight right now today given the pace at which this is being had white hats are allowing the plan to play out and in return, innocent deaths and injuries are happening daily ——- genocide just like depopulation #agenda2030 Gray Hats running the show it appears… THE FOUNDING FATHERS WOULD NOT HAVE ALLOWED THIS AND WOULD HAVE ENDED THIS BY NOW FOR SURE — THE MACHINERY OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES IS BROKEN AND HAS BEEN SINCE THE US Inc’s BK FILING AND NOV 3, 2020 — no more excuses or fairy tales — enough 300 million are about to snap — I guess that will be the 5g nanotech in the jabbber from the towers and satellites they “the curtain” are looking to beta test then,…. lies all lies lies lies lies! and ENOUGH ABOUT WWII NOT EVEN A CLOSE IN COMPARISONS _ “they have it all” _THIS SHOULD ALREADY BE OVER! The white hats better pull the hat out of their rearend and get it done now no more BS – and where is NESARA”???? no mention of that cure-all ?? and why not? Someone is benefitting from continuing and somehow thinking that murdering innocent lives is somehow acceptable now — it is not. Equafinality it is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whether you like this guy or not here is what he thinks> “We are losing the war, badly. About 400,000 American soldiers died in the 43 months we fought in World War II; 203,000 Americans died in the first 7 months of World War III. Fact: Americans are being killed by this virus at a rate three times faster than our soldiers were killed by German and Japanese bullets.” – Peter D. Zimmerman, a physicist, was chief scientist of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the anthrax attacks and chief scientist of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society, a member of National Security Leaders for Biden and The Steady State. —— personally, I think the guy is a DS tool. But that’s what he said in Oct of 2020… right before the stolen election. I’ll end with this: #FJB, this current plan stinks, hit the EBS, remove the real or fake Biden immediately, do it under the Law of War, and show the people the constitution under THE NEW REPUBLIC during the EBS and show all the arrest and unseal the Epstein files and show them too and arrest Obama & Fauci on TV as well with helmet cam glory… and do it today Jan 31st, 2022…

It is funny not so funny how NO ONE is mentioning the possibility of an EMP, WMD, or anything within the convoy truckers’ cargo possibilities… and they are saying they are going to blow up the White House as a false flag but have to mull overusing the Law of war to remove Biden that makes no sense what so ever –total BS!!!!!!!!!!!



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