(Reader: Stefan) What else Can I Believe? (Part 2)



Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Still occupied by the FRG, this Germany, my fatherland! We can still resist so much, still ask so much for help, still go so much on the streets, the lower and middle levels, the leaderless stooges, still sit firmly in the saddle and think they can go on forever.

There were certainly some blunders in the last article. But it was a kind of preparation for this article here, but I didn’t realize that until yesterday morning. Some readers felt I was down or giving up. Well, in part I can’t absolve myself from being pulled into the old world as well. It is because of the research work for the channel and for articles that I have to deal with many, many news and postings. So it can happen that I get impatient or sometimes I’m not in a good mood.

Lately, the news about CEO resignations, about C-infections of celebrities and politicians and also about deaths from the ranks of the “elites” are piling up. It is quickly forgotten, because nothing is as old as yesterday’s newspaper or news item. Now quite particularly, because we do not come with the consumption at all any longer, or have you still the view? Also this could be a component of the plan, because if longer awake ones are already confused, how should it go then freshly awake ones or even the enemy in this war? Because the enemy is the first address for all this. Whether real news or fake news.

So when I ask what I can actually still believe, with all this news chaos, is it not possible that I also have possible solutions. Myself and also each of you? I have “relied” for some time on many truther, German, Austrian and especially those from other countries. I don’t mention any names, first of all then maybe someone feels again on the slip, secondly most of the readers know most of the truther and know who I mean. At a certain point in the past three years, intuition kicks in. I once tried to explain how to train it. It gets better and better the more often you use it successfully. And we probably have all the opportunities to do that at the moment. And so you form an opinion, based on the experiment “intuition”, and act accordingly. Of the older “channels”, only one remains, the one with a continuous thread and consistent quality. Of the newer channels, there are still three or four German-language ones and a few American ones. But even here my BS detector jumps on from time to time. Often I just scroll through, and believe me, I don’t miss a thing!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last few weeks, it’s to just watch what’s being reported and shown. To remain in an eagle perspective and just observe. Without evaluating, without putting thoughts or energy into the events. Model for this the nature (once again), because I can look from the window into our garden, watch birds, which fetch food in the bird house, the mole, which made a hill landscape from our “lawn”, or the mice, magpies and ravens, which make themselves over the compost heap. I observe the wildlife. I ask no questions and interpret nothing. What am I supposed to ask? What am I supposed to believe? Why the mole made not 17 but 23 mounds? Why 13 titmice come into the bird house instead of 17? Why the ravens don’t fly into the birdhouse, but only eat on the compost? No, I only observe, without evaluation, without judgment, without questions, without interpretations.

It is the same with clouds. I just observe them (was not difficult, here was little sun in the last weeks), also the stripes, which are still there. I try to see shapes, formations or animals in them, as I did when I was young. Do you understand, I don’t care anymore if it is still chemtrails or means of healing. NO ONE can answer me if I would ask! I do care about some things, of course. The long wait, the daily trying to hype up expectations, lies from the MSM, hopes from other channels, doubts from yet other channels. I should, I must, I could, I might slowly but once, all lies, Q is a psy-op, Trump a double agent leading us all to ruin, all traps, we are all doomed, etc…. And “the best” a few days ago from an earthquake expert that we are all going down because the planet is breaking apart. If I would put energy into it every time, if I would form opinions about it, if I would ask questions about everything, I would be busy 30 hours a day and would blow up the morphogenetic field with a jumble of “orders”. I can still understand when many people just can’t or just don’t know what to do anymore. Do I have any advice? I don’t know if it is advice, let’s try it, right?




Let’s see the whole thing as a puzzle. Open the box, open the bag inside, find a large enough surface that you can move to another place without damaging it (wooden board), and then pre-sort it (do you do that too?). First the edge. So pick out all the parts with a straight side.
This is comparable to our previous knowledge, we learned what we wanted to learn, what we had fun and joy in, what we can use for a future. The rest (i.e. the parts without a straight edge) stands for what we need later, it has time.

Now we put the edge together. And of course, there are pieces that seem to fit, but we have to take them out later because they are right elsewhere. Comparable to rethinking learning (in secondary schools, for example). Puzzling is about observation and also about trying out, comparing and testing. It’s like being in a lab, in a series of experiments. The goal should be set (finish Rand), then you start (basic requirement!!!) and try, compare, test. Can you answer when you will finish? Can you tell if there is not still a part of the border in the box with the other parts? Can you tell if maybe some of the border is missing (got stuck in the die cutter during production?)?

When we have finished the edge, there will be a result. Only then. And then we will know that we have a result. We know it! There is no more need to believe, hope or assume. If we now continue with the puzzle, preparations are made again. We take the (smaller) finished picture, and sort the pieces by color, by pattern, or whatever. And again the trying, comparing and testing begins. And again we can’t tell when we will finish, what can come in between, when parts will be finished. We are always only concerned with the situation we are in when we do the puzzle. There are only fitting or non-fitting parts, nothing more.

It is the same with everything that is happening right now. The whole world is playing a puzzle, only with the difference that there is no finished picture as a template, so we puzzle with the bottom of the pieces, that is, with the picture facing down. This is the most difficult variant, which only very few can do. The next difficulty is that there are more pieces than should be available and these pieces still fit, at least partially. If we were to turn the image around, we could see it and notice it, but we can’t yet. What I’m getting at is that we all have a common goal (complete the whole puzzle) and also each have an individual goal (our own parts of the puzzle). And along the way we get more information (pieces) than we need. The mistake we make is that we forget to observe. We get a part and try it out right away instead of looking at it first in peace. Does it fit by color, by size, by texture? Does it resemble those we have already successfully placed?

Yesterday, a self-proclaimed “Telegram police” in Germany got upset that a Simpsons video edited together (convoy and Trudeau escape) was published and shared very often. There was again the index finger raised, it would be fake, cut together and you should but first research before you publish something. Guys, I would have to watch all Simpsons episodes, right? Do I have the time? But the same channel operators have brought “wrong pieces” into the puzzle often enough, or put wrong pieces on the edge. The person (presumably from America, the video was in English) may have just been having a laugh or had a good motivation to make this montage. And honestly, I even found it funny because it fits the situation in Canada. This super-teacher-like behavior of some “truther” also fits into our time. Everyone thinks he/she has “eaten the truth with spoons”, he/she alone. That means, these people want to place themselves again over others. I think that this does not belong in our new world and there are truly worse things than a video cut together. But it’s easier to trample on smaller or even other channels than to defend oneself against the big spreaders of lies, the MSM.

For us, it is important that we remain in the observer position in all of this. Not evaluating, not judging, not interpreting, not looking for reasons why something happens or not. We only have to deal with the NOW, with our own situation and the situation that is there for everyone right now. This creates a neutrality for us to everything that is happening, and believe me, it is much more relaxed. Much of what we are being presented right now is not for us at all. That should be clear to us. That’s why we don’t even need to read and look at everything. Let’s concentrate on our puzzle, accept help when it’s offered, and just do it. In the series SEALS, the protagonist Jason Hays once says: “I focus on today, solve everything that is at hand. Today. I’ll solve tomorrow or the day after tomorrow when the time comes!”

If the RV is predicted for us tomorrow, we observe. Neutral. If it comes tomorrow, we can still act tomorrow, right? If we are told that the liberation from the Deep State will last another three months, we can settle everything in these three months that is pending, every day for itself. If we are told that certain bills will not be exchanged, we simply observe that and wait for the exchange date. That’s when we’ll find out if we can exchange our supposedly wrong bill. Do you throw away a piece of the puzzle when someone else tells you it doesn’t belong? No, you keep it, observe and continue. Because it could end up missing.




I don’t want to say now that I’ve got the observing down pat. But I will continue to work on implementing it. What have I in articles, in contributions, in transmissions, in postings, etc., already been wrong with assumptions. And so have many others. Since November 3, 2020, a bottle of champagne has been sitting in my fridge waiting to finally be opened. It is waiting, mind you. I do not! I observe.

How many times in recent years have we stocked up? And in the meantime had to fill up again and again. Wouldn’t it have been better just to observe? How many times have we been annoyed by the language barriers. Spanish, English, German, and not everyone can speak all languages. Not yet. But do we have to panic about that now because we don’t speak a certain language? No, we take the now and observe. Either there will be translations or we will know the language. Two possible solutions, both of which can happen. We’ll deal with that when the time comes. Do we need to panic or even abandon a project because we don’t know the future costs? No, we can calculate in the present with the current circumstances and continue to observe what is to come. And then act accordingly. Do we have to believe everything we are told in relation to an exchange date? Do we have to worry about how the Alliance will notify us? Do we have to be afraid of being forgotten? No! If we observe everything, trying to remain calm and neutral, we keep the bills we have and just take them. We can deal with a no or a yes in the exchange when we are in the exchange center. Since no one knows how we will be notified, let’s just watch and wait it out, the main thing is that we have our paperwork ready and prepared. We can be sure that we will not be forgotten when the time comes. There are too many people around the world waiting in the wings for that, whether they are forecasting or watching.

So we should observe everything we read, hear and watch only neutrally. Here’s an excerpt from a post by Kate Bono:
“Energetic Algorithm.
Whatever content you consume most of the time, the universe will keep sending you the same content. If you put a lot of attention into something, whether it’s positive or negative, all the Universe perceives is that you care/care about it and it will send you more of it. This is allowed to sink in and should be considered by everyone in the morning at noon in the evening as to what issues they have been mainly nurturing. What or whom are you giving your energy to? What or who are you nurturing? What are you growing?”

As always, take what feels right for you. I’m just Stefan and I’m letting you in on MY thoughts.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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