A Lightworkers Call: A Federation of Spiritual Beings


Operation Disclosure | By Luna, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 28, 2022

A Lightworkers Call: A Federation of Spiritual Beings

Yes, we could say we are a delegation coming together for the sake of Mankind. United as one for a common purpose! Some would call us ‘A Federation Of Light Beings’.  Yes this is what the humanitarians are doing and stepping up to the plate massively around the planet. We are all coming together for a common purpose. To help each other heal and then to create the New Earth as her visionaries. Mother Earth will tell us what she needs. 

So what happened is that we all collectively decided we have had enough. Kind of like today with this plandemic. With God’s blessing we are anticipating a whole lot of humanitarians to wake up after the storm. It has to be for it is truly the only way. We can all make a promise to be there for all that need us. No judgments, just compassion and a whole lot of love. We will make it through. I’ve seen the visions. I feel we are here now just waiting for it to reveal itself in plain sight. You see we won’t be like our slave masters. You and I will work together for the betterment of mankind and all of Mother’s Earth’s family. The Animal Kingdom and the elemental’s we aren’t leaving you behind. Expect some magic thrown in there too! But only if you believe!

 At that time, my friend died of colon cancer I was a single mom with 3 children of my own. I was 44 years old and as far as I knew I had never had this experience before at least not consciously that I am aware of.  I took on the role as a mother for a child I already felt was mine and perhaps in another life she was. I took this on because my friend asked me and because I made a promise. Did I have a clue what was going to be involved? No but I trusted God. My friend passed in 58 days but only 2 weeks since she asked me if I would take her daughter and raise her as my own. You know the word “yes” flew out of my mouth so quickly that I turned around to see if someone else said it. I did remember hearing the tones of the word as it flew out of my mouth it was like a reverberation. So I know I said it. Was it a soul contract? Likely, at least, I believe that! Was I scared? Yes because I didn’t have a full-time career or the salary that went with it but I knew I had to keep my word to my friend. She entrusted me with her heart! I would have the privilege to watch her grow into the beautiful woman she has become.  Was this a test? It didn’t matter to me what mattered was her beautiful little girl and the rest I knew would work out as God intended and I was going to give it my best shot. All grown into a beautiful woman inside and out! And my life became richer because I was blessed to have her as my daughter. 

Why I’m telling you this is because we never really know what life is going to throw your way.  I am blessed to have had such a strong belief in God or a higher power that was watching over me. I, also, believed that everything that happened to me happened for a reason. I had trust and whole lot of faith that all will be as it should. I just had to go along for the ride. It’s been twenty-three years now and I’m still standing. I’m here building my dream and I can assure you I AM dreaming bigger because I know that everything happens as it should and I have faith in the higher power that has directed me my whole life. I was born awake and I give thanks everyday for that. We should always be grateful for what we have than what we don’t. Little things become big ones. Faith helps you stand tall.

In this next place 5D, we won’t have to die to ascend. We have been deeply longing for this place but we didn’t know the truth about it and that it actually existed. In the Illuminati way death was something to fear. We were all lied to. Death is not about fear it’s about transformation.  I have been told by my angelic guides pretty much my whole life to stand up for the truth. Never let anyone or anything silence you. That then would be about control. No one has that right. We were born free. Anyone who loves you wants to hear what you have to say. Fear lives inside our brains because it is a program. Some of us cannot be programmed.

 Now I am told we will be transitioning with this body to a higher state of being.  It’s difficult for some of us who have families that are not awake because we want them to know what we know. But they must be allowed to follow their path and what we as Lightworkers are supposed to do is simply to hold the light for all of our loved ones.  Don’t give up on them, I know it’s  difficult to believe that they are asleep and we can’t wake them no matter what we say or do. We are the conspiracy theorists they say but we know they are living it. Your faith is being tested. How much do you believe? Is there really a God? Are we his children?

Is evil present here  in this world? Yes as a matter of fact, it is but worse and deeply corrupt for the sake of the ‘almighty dollar.’ The dollar came before everyone and everything.  Yes these devils wore many disguises and they lied. But I can tell you that the truth will reign supreme for I trust in the Lord. I am the Light, the Truth and the Way!

Don’t bother trying to wake them up from their slumber for they do not sleep. They are not vibrating the same as you and so they cannot hear you. It’s not their fault but all you have to do is just love them. You are talking to the AI program that the illuminati set up for them their whole lives but they will wake up. I am certain of that but they will then be given a choice. Do they want to move on or stay stuck? Just hold the Light for them and pray.

We need to realize that we are firstly not here by accident but that we were charged as the guardians for this earth and now we will take on a grander role in protecting her or we cannot heal and neither will she. We are connected to Mother Earth, like we are connected within our bodies for we need air to breathe and water to live. Everything on this planet needs water to survive. It was our responsibility to make sure that our air and water was clean and we failed that miserably. But now we have a chance to re-create our New Earth and please, let us all learn from the mistakes of our past. We have so much to do and we can do it, but we need to do it together. Fifth dimension is Unity Conscious. We are coming together in groups for Soul work together as one family for we are the Family of Light. Much work awaits us! Are you ready? You answered the call.

For I know the PLANS I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to PROSPER you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.

Jeremiah 29:11

Have you ever thought about going back to a natural way of living? One where we plant the foods we want to eat. We sing or dance because we are truly happy and waking up in joy every day. We realize that we are One family! You can’t imagine how beautiful and joyful you will be and the way in which you will feel everyday in this new earth. Together as One family and we are One Light for the world! We are currently experiencing a paradigm shift. A once in a galaxy magical event! Get out your popcorn now sit back and watch the movie. You know the ending YOUR DREAM MANIFESTS! Welcome to the New Earth!

If you want to find people of like minds who care not only for humanity but all that this encompasses and beautiful human beings who work from their hearts naturally, come join Geo and myself at the World Benevolence Group on Telegram https://t.me/WBG_Public Join us twice a week every Wednesday’s and Saturday’s for our zoom calls and get to know some humanitarians who know what they have come here to do. You can reach me at luna@worldbenevolencegroup.ca. You can sign up at www.worldbenevolencegroup.ca.You will be inspired to create your own humanitarian project. To us it doesn’t matter if you have ZIM or currency… you just need a dream and a heart that goes with it. WBG will help make your dreams come true. Do not hurt, harm or hinder, anyone or anything. That is our only rule.

Every week I am featured on Urban Knight Girl’s Telegram channel. That’s Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 8:00 pm EST.  Urban Knight Girl has a street ministry in Arizona and she rescues prostitutes who want to get off the streets as well as caring for the homeless. A humanitarian at work doing what she came here to do. Join us for a heart to heart chat every week. Urban Knight Girl – Join her Telegram channel at: https://t.me/urbannightgirl. Links for Urban Knight Girl are also available in WBG Telegram main chat just before air time!I We look forward to meeting all of you soon. For now, I wish you much love and so much joy.

May you all be blessed,

Peace, Love, Light and Joy,


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