A White House Tale



Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 24, 2022

To all of us on earth who are involved in this great drama and Great Awakening, we would best be served by understanding that The Plan is unfolding beautifully. Things might not be happening the way we wanted or expected them to, yet it is perfectly in tune with God’s Will. 

Think about it. We all wanted a mass arrest event, preferably in the middle of the Biden inauguration, though that may all have been done on a set. Then we wanted something demonstrably done for months after that, something akin to the Cavalry rolling in like a tide over a hill and achieving a great victory for the whole world to see. 

But the actual truth is that the Biden Puppet occupation of the District of Columbia territory, as they masquerade their presidency, is the best thing that could have happened. Because it puts them all on stage for the whole world to see. There’s nowhere for them to hide now.

It reminds me of the line from a Bronx Tale, where the ruffian “Satan’s Messengers” biker gang has taken over a local saloon. The Chazz Palminteri character initially shows them respect and gives them a chance to do the right thing. When they disrespect and mock him, daring him to do something about it, he calmly walks over to the door and locks it. Then he turns to them and states:

“Now youse can’t leave.”

The narrator continues: “I will never forget the look on their faces. All eight of them. Their faces dropped. All their courage and strength was drained right from their bodies. They had a reputation for breaking up bars, but they knew that instant, they’d made a fatal mistake. This time they walked into the wrong bar.”

You might take a closer look at those occupying the White House and ask yourself: do they have the air of conquering heroes, the air of those who put their steal over and now will do as they please and reign in consummate power? Even the Media are subtly backing away and distancing themselves almost instinctively from them now, like animals who intuitively know where the power is. And it is not with them.




We know that Biden and Harris are mere marionettes, however they are the actors on the stage. The theater has been locked and all of the exits secured. Behind the scenes, most of the puppet masters have already been removed. This includes not just individual personalities on earth, but principalities and powers as well. That is why Biden and co. are fumbling and flailing about. The energy and powers that backed them are disappearing. That’s when an actor, particularly a  “bad actor” goes from being confident and cocky, even arrogant, to either surly or inept. They know something is terribly wrong. If all was well, they’d be feted right now in the supposedly dominant liberal culture, they’d be cultural heroes on Saturday Nite Live and on all the talk shows. They defeated the Evil Trump!

But that’s not what is happening. Of course, we know that the neo-liberal woke culture is not the predominant culture, the Media only makes it seem that way. Yet we also know that the Media will be the last to go. They will be there alone, in their studios, with their cameras pointed at them, when the near total awakened public recognizes them for what they are and how they were complicit in all this.

This is not just about the Election Fraud of 2020. This is about the entire system, from the central banks at the top of the pyramid, to the medical cartels, to the blackmailed politicians the world over, to the Media and Hollywood, and finally right down to every individual on the street and where they stand in terms of their own awakening to the reality of the systems of control that have been in place for as long as any of us can remember– certainly since Christ arrived to shake up the system by proclaiming and demonstrating that the Kingdom of God is Within.

Therefore, all of these players must be unmasked onstage with the entire world watching. That is the key point. They thought that they wanted to take back the White House from Trump and the Alliance, and they put everything they had into that, but it was actually a mistake. They were much more effective when they were pecking at Trump’s heels as hyenas, then they are now with the mantle (fake as it is) of leadership upon them. Remember how much more effective Harris was in the Senate, hitting from that seat with her prosecutorial questions at whatever agenda Trump was aiming to get through that political body? She actually seemed like a worthy opponent. Now she is a cartoon of ineptitude that the Media can’t even prop up anymore. And forget about what Biden is. You couldn’t script a more bumbling buffoon. 

This plays into the Covid narrative, as well. That agenda is collapsing and the people who bought into it are starting to get uneasy. For those of us playing the Great Awakening board game at home, the squares are quite obvious to hopscotch your way through. Of course, Covid was created in a bio-weapons lab and released with the two-for-one intention of subverting the 2020 election and fast forwarding a Great Reset to counter everything the Trump Alliance brought into high relief, beginning in the 2016 election race. Crash the economy, blame Covid on Trump, steal the election, and institute draconian laws that prevent this kind of populace uprising from ever happening again. 

But the Dark Team simply do not have that kind of control anymore, not behind the scenes and not on stage either, since a stage play is built on what happens behind the scenes. 

There is a military intelligence operation in effect. Trump never could have gotten into the White House in 2017 if that was not the case.




Everything associated with Covid was an attack and everything the Alliance did was either as a counter or to mitigate it. And where are we now? Are Nazi panzer tanks rolling down the street? Are people dropping dead by the tens of millions like it is new the Bubonic plague? No. 

In this 5D chess game, the Alliance, guided by Divine Providence, has ‘exhausted all means’ to protect humanity and bring about a world changing victory. But human freewill is still a part of this. Many of those who died from Covid did so as martyrs to the cause of awakening humanity to the evils of the medical cartels and Big Pharma, and those who control those entities behind the scenes. But there are many more who will live because of what Trump and his team have done to positively affect the vaccine agenda however they could. The same goes with Covid itself, and the wild strains that have countered the bio-weapon strain.

Everyone dies in a body regardless, though we know our eternal spirits continue. How you use your death can be your gift to the world. I would suggest we also use our lives as a gift, but as death is your ‘last move’ in an incarnation, it holds a certain weight. 

The Cabal is now on stage in the world theater. They asked for this.

“Now youse can’t leave.”

If they try to steal the 2022 midterms, if this even gets that far, they will be doing so with more eyes of the world on them than ever before, with a great deal of knowledge that they have already stolen the previous election. And to what end? What good have they done for the People while in office?

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. 

The People the world over will not allow them to gracefully slink away once their agenda has been laid bare.

“They will not be able to walk down the streets.”

So stand steady now, all Truthers, and know that you have already made your decision for your country and for God. You can be secure in this theatre when the doors are locked. Patriots are in Control. 

But more importantly, God is in control.

It will happen by the Law and by the karmic nature of the Universe. Light is ever increasing, so the Dark can no longer hide or alter things with their occult trickery, which needs darkness to operate.




To the occult, their light is darkness made visible. But our light is the Light of Christ, which is the Way, the Truth and the Life, beyond this or any of the manifest worlds.

We welcome the Storm because we have the security of our acceptance of the guidance of God, as our eternal way shower, and with whom we co-create our lives.

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming. It is, perhaps, not coming in the way we might have imagined a year or three ago, but it is coming nevertheless. In many ways, it is already here.

The Devolution of the Old System, the Old World Order has long since begun. For a while, the two systems will exist concurrently and the People can make the choice as to which one they will tune into. But ultimately, the new quantum system will replace the old linear system. 

Watch the old guard as they slowly crumble and fall. Where possible, distance yourself from the wreckage, but don’t be attached to the passing of the old. The Media will be the last to go, and they will start hedging their bets well beforehand. As individuals, none of them want to be seen as the Enemy of the People, they simply went where they thought the power was. The same goes for most of Hollywood. There are some who will not be redeemable in this world, the worst of the worst, but most of them are just garden variety actors, and little separates a media personality from an actor in TV and movies. There are even a few true patriots among them.

Whatever is playing out in the media and political landscape of evolution and devolution, you can trust that all will ultimately be used to good benefit. 

As far as the vaccine, it was not mandated. So, if you wisely chose not to get it, then good. You are “Crisp and Clean, No Vaccine.” 

Those who have, will either have some problems with it or they won’t. You can’t be sure of which vaccine they got or what the reaction will be. Many will be perfectly fine.

The greater lesson is that people need to take back autonomy of their bodies. As well as their bodies of government. And their monetary system. 

These things are in the cards. God’s theatre doors are locked until we figure this out. Even those that die, they will witness this all from the etheric bleachers. So strap in, the Best is Yet to Come. 

Enjoy the Show means that you can actually enjoy this process, you know. It doesn’t need to be a forced march. 

You can also pick up a pen, so to speak, and write your own character arc.

Creativity is a cornerstone of existence. It is one of our greatest gifts as well, especially when it is used in service of the good and in service of God. 




Where We Go One, We Go All. 

It is better to be Loved, then feared. 
Because Love lasts, when fear has long left the stage. 

We will take a bow together one day, all of us, for our part in this great drama. 
Until then…

Vaja con Dios


Parting the Washington Sea


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