Helping Freedom Win: Being in the Present



There is nothing so good as being in the present. This is the only spot (time-wise) that really exists. Everything else requires mental gymnastics to bring it forth into your reality.

Your Power is in the Present

If you’re going to effect change, any change whatsoever, you need to be in the present (at least in the moment you’re doing it).

If you’re not, mistakes can be easily made. Case in point: car accidents. These happen usually because the person wasn’t even “there” on the road when the accident happened. They were off in mental wonderland.

Also, your power and ability to communicate becomes restricted when you aren’t in the present. Did you ever try to talk with or listen to someone who didn’t really even seem to know you were there?

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions usually only come into play when you are not “being in the present”. Hate, fear, and grief come from being in the past. You’re not really in the “past”, because that exists no longer, but you are doing a lot of mental gymnastics to keep yourself focused on past long enough to feel (and even get stuck) in these negative emotions. [Note: When one “forgives the trespasses” of others it helps the person release their negative emotion which stem from the past.]

There are negative emotions related to the future too. For instance lust, greed, envy and pride come into being when a person is not happy or satisfied with his or her present and then dwells (mentally) in a world of imagining or “wishing” different “realities”.




The Power of Communication

What is communication, if not the conveying of ideas from one being to another? The person who speaks or writes publicly (or privately as well) often makes a mistake by dwelling too much on the past or future and not noticing or being in the present enough. A speaker or writer should have empathy for their listeners or readers. Having empathy requires being in the present.

Suggestions for Speakers and Writers

  • If you’re speaking or writing from a specialty niche (not common knowledge), don’t assume your listener or reader knows what you’re talking about or understands your terms.
  • If your knowledge base is so full of specialty-information, that you can’t possibly fully explain yourself to a novice, then you can at least provide your listeners and readers with a way to get that data. Whether it be links for definitions, examples or other resources to acquire the specialty-information, it is only considerate and wise to do this.
  • If what you’re saying is etherical, try to include some examples that will help your listeners and readers see what you mean more clearly.
  • Speak or write with a purpose and stick to that purpose. Don’t go off track in all directions. Doing that will only confuse your listeners or readers.
  • Don’t start getting pompous with spouting out fact after fact that has no relevance to your listeners or readers. If there is no gain, for the listener or reader, to tell facts that are likely to be incomprehensible, unprovable and irrelevant to them, then maybe just don’t say it. Or, limit it. Or, give a reference that fully explains or proves it. [Whichever applies] There should always be an end game of benefiting (and not confusing) the listener or reader with everything you say.

As a listener or reader, you share some responsibility for the communication. What is your purpose for listening or reading if not to understand? Make attempts to understand. Pause the video to look up a word you don’t know or read a reference for further data about some specialty-information that the speaker or writer is referring to.

Suggestions for Listeners or Readers:

  • Don’t allow yourself to stay confused for very long.
  • Stop listening or reading (or skip that section) if you aren’t being helped by the data or if it has no basis in reality for you.
  • What is real for you is real for you. Reality is in the present. Yes, learn new things. But, it is not productive of anything to try to absorb all data from everywhere. Always keep in mind the usefulness of that data.
  • The past is just a bunch of realities of a bunch of different people. None of it has to be real for you unless you want it to.
  • The future is the same thing.
  • All we have, really, is right here and now. There’s no use worrying about what already happened in the past or what hasn’t happened yet, unless we want to. There should be something good to come out of everything we do.

Helping Freedom Win

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