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Reader Post | By Sungazer

Timjoebob, I was delayed in responding to your post ( because I needed to do more research first. This is my reply to your post and to all the other people who keep blaming the Nazis for the tyranny that’s happening right now:,NoMatterWhereItLeads:a/To-All-the-So-Called-Truthers-Blaming-the-Current-Tyranny-on-Nazis:5

I know we were all brainwashed with propaganda programmed into us by the people who won World War 2, but it’s not really that hard to break free of the brainwashing. All it takes is some research, critical thinking, and common sense.

Look at who the international bankers are. People like the Rothschilds. You know, the richest people in the world who have enough money to pay off almost everyone to do their bidding and pay people to murder those who can’t be paid off to do their bidding. Are the international bankers Nazis? No, they’re Zionists.

Look at who controls the governments—again, because they have enough money to pay off the government puppets to do their bidding. Are they Nazis? No, they’re Zionists.’s-power-over-Congress_-Both-parties-obey:a

Look at who controls the mainstream media puppets who lie nonstop and keep drumming it into your head to take the poison Covid vaccine. And look at who controls the movie industry that drummed the Holocaust into your head with all those fictional propaganda Holocaust movies. Are they Nazis? No, they’re Zionists.,NoMatterWhereItLeads:a/Jewish-Media-Control-USA:d

Look at who created the bioweapons called Covid vaccines. Are they Nazis? No, they’re Zionists.




Watch the documentary “HoloHoax: The Ultimate Redpill” and understand that the victors of World War 2 lied to us about everything. Were the victors the Nazis? No, they were the Zionists, and we have been under their control and their lies ever since.,NoMatterWhereItLeads:a/HoloHoax–The-Ultimate-Red-Pill–Parts-1-to-6:1

Every time you blame the tyranny that’s going on right now on the “Nazis,” you are promoting the Zionists’ myth whereby they blame the Nazis to deflect blame from themselves. The same people who destroyed Germany are destroying the world now. Those people are the international Zionists. You are deflecting blame from the Zionists by blaming the Nazis.

“But what about all those piles of dead bodies we were shown in history class when we were impressionable kids?” you might ask. As explained in “HoloHoax: The Ultimate Redpill,” there is no forensic evidence of homicidal gas chambers. The documentary gives all the evidence you need that the gas chambers are a hoax. Before the war, the Germans had an arrangement in which Jews were given safe passage to Palestine. When the international Zionists went to war with Germany, Germany did place communists, who were mostly Jews, in work camps, just like other countries did to people they considered subversives. They put them to work making supplies needed for the war. They never had a plan to systematically kill them using gas chambers. These camps had swimming pools, theaters, orchestras, kitchens, hospitals, post offices, an in-camp currency system, soccer clubs, libraries, etc. There is video evidence of all this, and Jewish survivors of the camps also confirmed it.

Near the end of the war, the Allies carpet-bombed Germany to smithereens, and that was part of the real Holocaust: a Holocaust in which many German civilians were burnt alive (other parts of the real Holocaust being the rape and slaughter of German civilians by the communist/Zionist Red Army, the bombing of Japanese cities, and Einsenhower’s death camps where he starved Germans). The Allies bombed supply lines into the camps, shipments of food for the camps, water treatment plants, and sometimes the camps themselves. So the Germans could no longer get supplies like food and medicine to the camps, and as a result many people—not just Jews but also Germans displaced by the bombings—died of typhus and starvation. Why do you think all those piles of bodies we saw in school were so emaciated? They had starved because the supply lines for food had been bombed by the Allies. If they had been killed in gas chambers as soon as they arrived at the camps, they would have been dead a long time ago and would not have been emaciated from starvation. The Allies, under the control of the international Zionists, killed those people and then blamed it on the Nazis. The Allies and the Zionist communists made up the lie of the homicidal gas chambers.

The Zionists who have been in control of the world ever since WW2 brainwashed all of us about WW2 and the National Socialists. I have taken the time to learn the truth, and I hope you will, too, starting with “Holohoax: the Ultimate Red Pill” and then other documentaries like “Hellstorm,” “Europa: The Last Battle,” and “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told.”




The video below defines “Nazi” as “a term created by Konrad Heiden, a Marxist Jew, to ridicule National Socialists in Germany. Today it is used to attack any European who does not hate his race, culture, and history, and who wishes to protect and preserve his own people and children’s future. Somebody who opposes enforced mass immigration of non-Europeans into his ancestral homeland.”’s-Germany:7

As you can see, the term “Nazi” is hate speech directed at Germans and by extension, all white Europeans, the people the Zionists hate the most and are in the process of genociding. It is anti-white hate speech by the Zionists. Please stop using their hate speech.

As for the charge that Hitler was really a Rothschild and therefore still evil—evil because he was in league with the international bankers/Zionists rather than evil because he opposed the international bankers/Zionists—I’m not going to get into it here, but there is plenty of evidence that this, too, is a lie fabricated to make people see Hitler as evil at all costs. But even if it were true that he was a Rothschild, that would not be a reason to blame everything on the Nazis but rather another reason to place blame where it is due: squarely on the Zionists.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this video. Who are you allowed to criticize? You’re allowed to criticize the Nazis all you want. But you’re not allowed to criticize the Zionists because they’re the ones who rule over you. The last people who stood up to the Zionists were the National Socialists of Germany and their allies, and the Zionists have gone overboard in their campaign of lies to vilify the National Socialists because they don’t want anyone to stand up to them ever again.,NoMatterWhereItLeads:a/Who-Controls-the-World:e


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