Helping Freedom Win: “Planet Lockdown” Gone Viral!



A new documentary film, called “Planet Lockdown“, just premiered on NewTube three days ago, and already has had over one million hits! Truly this video is a breath of fresh air to me and I’m glad to see it has gone viral! I lived these past two years, and have seen these very things happen to me, and to everyone, and this documentary helps to summarize what happened in 2020 and 2021 to all of us.

The “Planet Lockdown” Documentary is Important

The Planet Lockdown full documentary is a real news. People need to see this film. It is important to get this documentary out to church leaders, school boards, teachers, friends and all people of Earth. Even those who haven’t had the time or inclination to research the issues around the “Plandemic”, should watch this.

What a Relief!

I enjoyed watching this video, because it helps me to summarize in my own mind what has happened to all of us over these past two years.

Lest we all get so hypnotized by what the mainstream media is telling us happened, this film is a tool we can use to help us remember, with clarity, and join together with other like-minded people to bring an end to the tyranny.

Quotes & Notes From the Video

(Note: I include below some quotes and notes from the video, with navigational timestamps.)




08:15 What we do is we quarantine the sick. We’ve always done that, quarantine the sick….so the idea of quarantining the well, which is a new invention, and it has no foundation, whatsoever, either in the science or in the history of controlling epidemics.

10:14  Covid-19 is approximately equivalent in lethality to the seasonal flu.

10:36  Given this virus represents, at worst, a slightly bigger risk to the old and ill than does influenza and a less risk, a smaller risk, to almost everybody else who’s younger and fit, it was never necessary for us to have done anything …lockdowns, masks, mass testing, vaccines even.

15:30  In Jan, 2020, another thing started, was a test, a PCR test. .., “when the test is positive we have a case of Covid-19”.

15:50  So, the meaning of the word “Case” has been changed during the data collection of an epidemic. That is from an epidemiologist and everybody else, the worst thing that can happen.

16:00 Cases for us was defined as “patients”, but here the case was defined as “positivity to PCR”. So, forget about the individual, it was just a result from a technique.

16:30  They’re now calling apples oranges. And now there are many oranges, many more than there were before.




16:40  Even the WHO agrees that it’s not enough for you to test positive on a PCR test, but you need symptoms. There has never in the history of mankind, there has never been testing of healthy people.

16:55  You should not be using this test on people without symptoms.

17:00  Mass testing of people without symptoms has no underpinning science at all, and it’s just a way of frightening people. It creates an impression that something bad is happening, because there are so many cases. There are not so many cases.

17:17  We have finally built this crisis with this new definition of cases based on this PCR testing.

17:30  And this is how they started counting the cases. What they counted was the activity of testing. And, the more they tested, the more cases they found.

17:52  What we’re experiencing now is a PCR test pandemic

18:20  SARS viruses existed 20 years ago, already all over the world

18:25  We have created a situation where so many people are so fearful that reality doesn’t enter their mind anymore.

18:40 The developer of the PCR, himself, said “Do not use this test for diagnosis.

19:35 That can be thought of as a misuse of it, just to claim that it’s meaningful.




19:38  This test should be trashed immediately, worldwide, and it should be considered a criminal act for anyone to be sent to quarantine because this test was positive.

20:16  We are constantly looking at this data. It still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits.

20:40  In all the history of respiratory born viruses of any type asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks. The driver of outbreaks is always a symptomatic person.

21:06 This idea that you can be ill with no symptoms and can be a respiratory virus threat to someone else even though you have no symptoms, that’s all invented in 2020.

21:10  It is complete nonsense. It’s never been shown. It’s a claim that has been spread as a fact and this I consider criminal.

21:22 And this “asymptomatic” is a terrifying definition, because it makes you, the others, anyone that I meet as the enemy. …because you’re potentially bringing with you the SARS-VoV-2   …If asymptomatic exists than who is healthy? No one.

22:02  Anyone who appears healthy “could be a threat”. That’s what this induces. …That is not true.

22:35  Asymptomatic infection is based on a scientific paper from Germany …This Chinese woman who was the subject of that paper was not asymptomatic at all. She was sick. She had the normal flu. So, this claim …is not true.

23:14 To transmit a respiratory virus you always have symptoms. It is not possible to not have symptoms. Not just occasionally.

25:53 Each one of us would notice if there was a pandemic, because the neighbors would get ill, the people at work would get ill, in the bus you would see it…




26:30  There was a new definition (of pandemic) that had been coined by the World Health Organization in 2009. It suppressed the notion of severity.

29:54  It’s sad, because we need to be face to face and to have this discussion and to force the laboratories to provide the answer to all this.

30:00 So as time went on I found when I talked to fellow scientists …who hold chairs in immunology. They agreed with me privately, that PCR testing as it was being done was completely nonsense, and the attribution of deaths in the way we’ve done it was completely stupid, lockdown clearly was irrational and probably killing people. But the difference was they were not willing to say anything in public, because it’s been intimated that the authorities in the universities don’t want us to challenge the government narrative or that of its advisors. …We ended up with people looking the other way.

30:50  Some of them got a lot of money and some were just afraid to lose their job.

50:46  These gene-based vaccines are not proven by any of the medical organizations or agencies. They are only approved by emergency use. So, if there wasn’t an emergency they simply couldn’t be administered at all. …We don’t know very much about them, at all. … potential for long term side effects.

52:13  So, there’s very little efficacy by taking these vaccines. But then when you look at the risks, you see a lot of things we need to be concerned about.

[The next section of the video goes on to describe the many adverse reactions that are happening with the vaccines, such as autoimmune diseases, thrombosis, stroke, hypercoagulation of the blood (blood clotting), ]

1:00:40  It’s very easy to treat the ones who have the CoVid disease, but we don’t know how to treat the vaccinated.

1:17:50 To say “No” is the condition to your freedom. Today you have the choice: to stagnate and be imprisoned in the rhetoric of the government, the media, the academic world who wants you to be sick all the time, or you can run, without the mask, you can be free, and you know your body, you know you’re healthy ….and you can just go.

1:26:40  (section on children) We go to the demonstrations, because we want a better world, with more freedom, more civil rights, the liberty to decide about our own body and nobody needs to force us to wear masks or a vaccine. …we are told we have to wear the masks, because we would be super-spreaders. … Kids need this contact, like hugging and touching, it’s very natural. …[They’re being taught that masks help to keep them safe, which is not true.]




1:30:05  For me the mask is a symbol of obedience and slavery. If people just obey and don’t question it, don’t think “Does it make sense?”, don’t think how bad it is for the health.

1:31:15  The whole idea of going along to get along …people who give in today may not ever be able to raise their voices again.


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