(Reader: Rambo) The Truth about January 6th and Now


Reader Post | By Rambo

Friends, I thought it was important that we see the January 6th 5D Chess match, in all it’s absurdity, with some clarity.  This is a PERFECT example of how the White hats take what “THEY” (NWO and their puppets) do and use it against them.  Let’s start at the beginning.

This event was a False Flag Operation by the FBI and the Democrat Party, specifically run by Nancy Pelosi (IMO) seeing she is the authority over the Sergeant at Arms but she is not SOLELY the one who dictates the day to day operations of the Capitol Police.  So, until we know what she knew, when she knew it, will leave that door slightly ajar.

Next.  The “perpetrators” were paid Crisis Actors/Antifa members dressed as MAGA supporters.  The REAL MAGA supporters were NOWHERE near the Capitol Building at the time of the “insurrection”, as they were over an hour away walking distance listening to Trump’s speech.  Within minutes after Trump finished, the Capitol Police are shown on video ALLOWING these instigators through the gates and up the stairs, then the doors were opened for them to storm the inside of the Capitol.  There was NO OTHER way they could’ve gotten inside, unless those doors were unlocked and opened. Next.  That sets the stage for what we see playing out now.  Let’s look at this from the Trump/Military Intelligence Team’s perspective.  Trump has tweeted that the “MAGA SUPPORTERS” in jail have not received their due process yet, pointing the finger at the fake “Biden Administration” (only the Drones/Sheep believe that Biden is the President) as being lax in their interest at getting them lawyers and court dates.  Biden and the Democrats have NO INTEREST in doing that because due process would be initiated and the “MAGA SUPPORTERS” (Antifa paid Crisis Actors) would then start singing like canaries about their bosses who paid them and told them to instigate the insurrection.

Next.  Trump naturally could care less about these people in jail because they are framing the real supporters, but he is using the narrative for OPTICS, that he really does care because there are still Republicans/Conservatives who think that they ACTUALLY ARE MAGA SUPPORTERS!!!  Next. This was an FBI False Flag Operation to create the illusion that MAGA supporters are the insurrectionists and that WE are the “Domestic Terrorists”, the ones that the D.O.J. has already stated are the #1 priority when it comes to the terrorist problem in America today.  So they as well have no interest in seeing due process because the Optics they seek are necessary to continue and only will with them still in jail.  They have basically paid these people to revolt at the Capitol, then left them for dead there, because inside, they are silenced!!!

Lastly.  Trump doesn’t necessarily need them out, because it allows him to continue his “awakening” process of those who STILL are in the Biden/Democrat Camp.  But when it does finally get out, he’ll play dumb, like he had no idea.  Win-Win.  5D Chess at it’s finest.

And for the record.  Ashli Babbitt is alive.  She was a C.I.A. trained crisis actor and the video of the officer who “shot” her actually trained his gun 5 feet away from her, pulled the trigger, then immediately trained it back on her as she “fell and grabbed her neck” thereby opening the hidden blood pack.  It was a False Flag Op within a False Flag Op.

When you understand that “Q”/Military Intelligence are in full control, you have to think abstractly.



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