(Reader: TJSLATS) Fallen Patriot


Reader Post | By TJSLATS

Cirsten W passed away .She was a truther patriot that shared real news , including many Dinar reports. She will be missed .Here’s the info from Scott McKay Patriot StreetFighter on telegram:

My friends this is an official message. Many of you know that Cirsten W has been hospitalized in Camarillo California hospital since December 30.

I just got news tonight that she passed away today. Our intervention came a little bit too late in one sense but it might’ve been inevitable in another.

I have arranged for an attorney and another medical professional to visit her today to get eyes on here ICU to see what I was dealing with to

decide what I needed to do to get power of attorney and intervene in her case.

I cannot name either for their own protection but I can tell you this, Cirsten responded to my text at 4:38 AM. Shortly there after one of the nurses had informed Suzie Wong that Cirsten was terminal. I believe that is a lie because if she was terminal she would not have been able to text me at 4:38 AM this morning. The text was incomplete so apparently she was struggling to finish the text. 

I want you to understand something because it’s very important that you hear this. Cirsten fulfilled her contract with her time here in this realm. It is a very tragic exit but her purpose may have been to begin a new phase of this war.

That phase begins here with me today. It is likely, in my opinion, that they saw the comms of my potential intervention to save her and may have taken a parting shot to make sure that she was in no way going to get out of that hospital. No one can convince me at this point that this is not a possibility. Either way, they refused ivermectin and HCQ for treatment

The school board model and the city Council model has been very effective over the last year. New patriot Streetfighter plan is that I am going to spend my own money and raise money to get these doctors in discovery to get the names of every single person who touches the case file of one of our murdered friends and help out them to the whole fucking world.. 

For me this is a game changer, there is going to be given no quarter to anybody in the medical industry that I can drag into the open and spotlight so everybody in our neighborhood and their circle of influence knows that they are participating open murder. 

I hope that if I start mounting legal bills of my own in this war I hope that all of you who cared about Cirsten will contribute if I have to go that route because this is going to be a necessary expenditure to bring these bastards down.

Once this model is proven we will an export it all over the country and get everybody involved and put the fear into these medical professionals, whether they understand what they’re or not, that they’re going to be presented to the whole world in our own little Nuremberg trial until the time comes that they’re going to be hung in the gallows.

If it’s not done in a military tribunal then it’s going to be done in the street eventually and not to my wishes. That’s my greatest fear. But if it’s necessary, it’s going to be necessary

As I said before we cannot allow these people to use our virtues against us. Any of you in law-enforcement or federal agencies who are reading this, do understand, there is a tipping point of critical mass toward your offensive actions on the people. There will be an instigation action taken to push this in the direction where they finally decide to push back on you when you do not listen and continue to oppress them on behalf of these criminals and murderers.



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