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Submitted on December 29, 2021


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This review adds to the comments of retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor in footnote one and comments by George Friedman the founder of Stratfor and now Geopolitical Futures.

The main point is that the US has created the Ukraine crisis to drive Germany and Russia apart so Germany will depend on the oceans the US controls and has no intention on compromising on anything but wishes to obtain a delay until warmer weather for the crisis if there is one. Almost all natural resources from Russia will end up in China. Germany showed how alarmed they were when their new Chancellor and his Foreign Minister, the latter was forced to do a volte-face, made the ridiculous statement that they were committed to open up Nord Stream Two around August when it could be done tomorrow. They are not fooling anyone.

“The American strategy in the Cold War was to prevent Russia from imposing hegemony over Europe. Such a hegemony would wed Russian resources and manpower to European technology and manufacturing, creating a massive superpower that could challenge the U.S. in the Atlantic. This was a long-range threat, but long-range threats had to be dealt with early and cheaply. The Soviet threat was always there, but it was blocked at relatively low cost and was therefore politically acceptable in the West, especially when they were draped in anti-Soviet ideology and the principles of liberal democracy.” Quote from the George Friedman article.

Number one at our deep state with an extensive military background who supervises the military says that Russia can plow through the Ukraine in two days and reach the English Channel in two weeks. My estimate was three weeks. The Russian army has been completely modernized and rebuilt over 13 years from 2008. Missile development proceeded between 1991 and 2000 but built no prototypes but made giant advances between 2000 and 2008 in a massive effort with new models while we focused on the meaningless brushfire wars doing just about nothing with strategic weapons while our top intelligence and military brass to make up for their abysmal salaries earned billions of dollars on growing heroin in Afghanistan harvesting 90% of the annual world crop for twenty years and could not think about anything else. The CIA financed their external operations from the profits from this largest business in the world which is heroin not bothering with the totally corrupt Congress for more appropriations while extensively lining their own pockets with billions of dollars. This Russian effort, on the contrary, has continued to today. They are 20 years ahead of us in defensive missiles. This is discussed in more detail in the next link and within this link the Russian Red Lines link article.


Russia’s Missile Warning, US Faces Checkmate at the Ukraine | Operation Disclosure Official

Their defense budget is about 10% of their 4 trillion GDP at purchasing power parity and the estimate of their defense budget in relation to the US is that they obtain 7 times what we do in productivity. This means their expenditure is larger than ours in real terms. We estimate that their fully stated GDP is about five trillion based on purchasing power parity but is understated following the practice of Joseph Stalin.

4,096.53 billion international dollars

In 2020, GDP based on PPP for Russian Federation was 4,096.53 billion international dollars. GDP based on PPP of Russian Federation increased from 1,653.51 billion international dollars in 2001 to 4,096.53 billion international dollars in 2020 growing at an average annual rate of 5.03%. Our sources say that Russia understates their figures as Stalin and it is about a 5 trillion GDP.

Largest economies in the world by PPP GDP in 2021

The US is horrified by the size of China which is understated by China on purpose as it does not want to promote its commercial success as Japan did but get along with everyone as a trading nation. This is the reason for our mistreating China despite our alliance from 1972 until about 2014 when China approached Russia for natural resources in a big way. That China wanted to become independent from the seas controlled by the US for their natural resources was totally unacceptable as it was for Germany as the US rule of the seas held our Empire together as it had for England from 1588 when they defeated the Spanish Armada until they self-destructed in the 20th Century in World War Two ending a complete moral and financially bankrupt nation. The US dismantled their Empire in short order.

Footnote one:

Washington Prepares To Fail In Ukraine


This chapter will not end well for President Biden or Washington’s political class.

Guards patrol the border between Russia and Ukraine. (E.Kryzhanivskyi/Shutterstock)

DECEMBER 23, 2021 | 12:01 AM

It’s an indisputable fact: Washington leads the world in self-delusion.

Washington’s political class is poised to march into a hurricane of its own making in Ukraine, a perfect storm of foreign- and defense-policy blunders likely to plunge the American people into future crises and conflicts. Having refused to acknowledge Russia’s vital strategic interest in Ukraine, Washington now wants to subject Ukraine and the NATO alliance to a dangerous and unnecessary test by confronting Russian conventional military power. In turn, Washington and its allies now face a test—one that they could have avoided but are now likely to fail. First, the facts.

The Biden administration is spending $768.2 billion for national defense. Russia spends only $42.1 billion, less than the $48 billion spent by the Republic of Korea. Yet Russian ground forces are superior in capability and striking power to the U.S. Army and Marines, even if both countries’ ground forces were able to deploy to Ukraine.

Russia’s conventional-ground-force superiority stems, in part, from the strategic advantage of fighting close to Russia. Its potency is also a reflection of President Vladimir Putin’s insistence on fundamental defense reform and reorganization. The reform process involved years of struggle to expel old generals who resisted change and install new, resolute fighting forces, composed of young, single men with a profound sense of Russian patriotism and toughness. The policy has resulted in an operationally flexible grouping of smaller capability-based Russian fighting formations, designed to ruthlessly exploit the striking power of Russia’s rocket artillery, tactical ballistic missiles, and loitering munitions.

Far to the west and behind the Polish border sits an awkward collection of U.S. Army and NATO Ground Forces that, despite decades of cooperation, are still challenged to fight effectively as one force. In the last 20 years of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, most of America’s allies seldom had anything to contribute to our efforts, save a flag and inexperienced troops who were forced to operate under political restrictions. Thus, like the U.S. Army that leads them, the allied ground forces cling to the illusion that NATO can fight future conflicts on land the way Anglo-American allies did during World War II—with large, densely packed divisions, corps, and armies. These are lucrative targets for Russian strike formations.

Additionally, institutional policies to impose diversity and inclusion on the U.S. Armed Forces at the expense of demonstrated character, competence, and intelligence, demoralize our troops. As a result, the dedication, cohesion, and pride of achievement required to sustain America’s professional fighting force have been seriously damaged.

The implications are clear: A U.S.-Russian confrontation in Eastern Ukraine could easily resemble the 1940 Anglo-French experience, with the Wehrmacht provoking a serious backlash at home. Supply-chain bottlenecks, consumer-goods inflation, and soaring energy costs could all worsen if events in Ukraine spiral out of control. As more and more Americans wake up to falling standards of living, how will they react to yet another war for suspicious aims that have absolutely nothing to do with their own vital strategic interests, and make their daily lives even harder?

Reality is sitting on Ukraine’s eastern border, not in the South China Sea or in the strait of Taiwan, and there is ostensibly nothing Washington can do about it. The questions that should concern Washington’s political class are: Will NATO survive its ignominious retreat in the face of superior Russian military power? And, why is Washington conducting policy not from strength, but from weakness—a weakness thus far disguised by the outward show of military power against weak opponents without armies, air defenses, or air forces?

Nietzsche said, “War makes the victor stupid.” After 1991, America’s senior military and political leaders found many reasons to spend enormous sums on defense, but no reason to change the way U.S. forces fight, or to devise a national military strategy tied to tangible, concrete interests and the preservation of American national power.

As John Kenneth Galbraith warned, “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage. Intellectual myopia, often called stupidity, is no doubt a reason. But the privileged also feel that their privileges, however egregious they may seem to others, are a solemn, basic, God-given right.”

Washington’s corrupt and morally bankrupt leaders are walking into a minefield. If they embroil U.S. and allied forces in Ukraine, extraordinary discontent at home and abroad awaits them. However, like so many privileged classes before them, the Biden administration may prefer “complete destruction” rather than acknowledge that its most cherished beliefs are utter delusions. It’s safe to say that whatever happens in Ukraine, this chapter will not end well for President Biden or Washington’s political class.

Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.) is a senior fellow with The American Conservative, the former advisor to the Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration, a decorated combat veteran, and the author of five books.


David Lifschultz


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