NATO Preparing for War?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 3, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The extreme coronavirus mandates for Austria and Germany, and the police state tactics from the Netherlands, as reported by our European Correspondent, appear to be regimenting the NATO countries for war.

                           OUR CORRESPONDENT WRITES:


There you have it, exactly like in 1940 – 1945 : Dutch Veterans targeted, stalked, and hunted down in Amsterdam by anonymous black cladded thugs representing the authorities.


They took the two leaders of the Army Veterans. No due process, nothing. Just swiped off the streets while walking. This is a form of secret police, they have no names, nor real authority to arrest someone.

So why were two Dutch Veterans ‘taken’ today?

Somebody better notify the army.

Footage below:


Dutch prosecution / Dutch police have a strategy of ESCALATION vs Covid weary citizens from the beginning these Covid troubles started; it is remarkable because normal policing is always grounded in deescalation procedure and not in escalation. There is a clear and consistent pattern in tactics of agression and escalation and the policy behind it because of its fear inspiring consistency must be coming directly from the Dutch DOJ and the Dutch neo liberal government. Why else do Covid demonstrators get consistently brutalized as opposed to other types of demonstrations?

There is a coordinated policy and politics behind it.


The police tactics give it away as they are the same everytime. They bring in riot police (blue yellow) together with regular police (yellow) and police assistants (yellow and orange), and then police agent provocateurs completely dressed in black and blue jeans with start coming out of black vans their faces covered in order to start with a first round of attacks on the citizens so as to stir things up for a fight. That is when heavy duty riot police comes forward with dogs, sticks, and horses, while – and here it gets nasty – police vans start driving into protestors with acceleration but at low speed. That’s when the water cannon etc comes in to mob things up after everyone has been dispersed and beaten and brutalized. It’s a very effective method if what you want to achieve is control, but it better suited for a prison riots than for peaceful demonstrations.

Citizens have been beaten, kicked, trampled, bitten, and abused after which they are arrested and usually let it go after 24 hours on their own recognizance. Notably one woman was pushed in front of a police van by a provacateur that came driving into her. Clear case of an attempt at negligent homicide if you put it to the court but that will never happen as there is a continuous coverup. One man was beaten unconcious while attacked by dogs, just like today. Another one was kicked with jackboots into pulp by riot police. Then there were the people that got shot by police during yet another demonstration in Rotterdam, one of whom it still not clear if he survived the event.

Because they escalate and not deescalate, and because of the super aggressive tactics, it can be argued and surmized here that what we have is a neo liberal campaign of aggression and violence executed by a technocratic ‘progressive’ government on certain parts of the populace in a country that calls itself a democracy. It’s a fear mongering and surveillance machine ruled by the majority violently attacking and marginalizing opposition and those who have the temerity to think differently. Kind of like during the Arab spring, it is a ruling neo liberal ‘progressive’ class defending its petty societal interests.

And this in the country where Spinoza, Descartes, the Huguenots, and the Pilgrim Fathers once sought refuge.

Shame on the Netherlands!

Here below the clip which shows the key moment of the agent provocateurs attacking the Dutch Veterans who were protecting the demonstrators. This, is what always starts the fights.

David Lifschultz


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