Earth Alliance and Patriot News for January 3, 2022



Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 3, 2021

The Greatest Transition in Human History is about Helping One Another!!!! (By Jared Rand)

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for January 3th, 2022

Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Before Its News,  Romana Didulo: The Real Leader of Canada, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls.

1/3/2022 Sunday’s News: Extremely Hot News, Zorra call with Dr. Tom 1/1/2022 Queen Romana Ridulo Excerpts, Articles: Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Situation Update,

One Who Serves and Shoshanna: For the New Year,

Archangel Michael: Timelines Are Now Diverging,




And Over 60% of Unvaccinated Americans Have No Plans of Ever Getting Covid Shot, Poll Finds, Archangel Michael: Accessing the Wisdom of Your Higher Self, The Council of the Guardians of the Light: Waves of Awakening, and James Gilliland on the Vaccines

One Who Serves and Shoshanna: Q & A (Short Version Here, long version below

There is a choice of the Soul, who what to move up into higher vibrations and the ones that do not, explanation:

And it is true that their DNA is not changing and will not be able to withstand, we will say, the higher vibrational frequencies that those of you have been preparing yourself to be able to withstand here. Not only withstand, but thrive with it here. Okay? (The ones that move to 4D and 5D.)

This question is about President Trump taking and promoting Vaccines? And the EBS will come to answer those questions.

I was just wondering if it is true that President Trump actually got the booster shot for vaccines.  But we will tell you unequivocally this one (Trump) did not receive what you call the booster shot. He did not receive this. He is playing a role. Now at times that appears that that role is leading to the other side, to the dark side. And at other times he plays the role that is leading to the side of the light.

EBS: We will say the more change that you have been expecting in terms of your announcement over the airwaves, and many various ways you call it the EBS system. It is all building for this.




This question is for the QFS (Quantum Financial System) to be implemented this month, can it tell your intent?

You are speaking about is more of a higher-level technology that you will not come into initially here as the Quantum Financial System takes hold.

The consciousness of mankind. And in addition, the life quotient on the planet, you see. The higher the quotient rises, the more this new technology can take hold and be introduced into the stream of consciousness that results in a higher-level Quantum Financial System, you see. (Note: for humanitarians, I would say yes)

We have heard of the recent operation by the Light Forces where they took some of those worst of the worst of the cabal down to Antarctica and they gave them an ultimatum whether they turn to the light or they can be removed through the portal someplace else. Is there any truth in this?

We will tell you that there are indeed many operations that are, again, behind the scenes. But for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear such as yourself and those of you on these calls, yes, this is definitely happening in that area, as well as others as well. Many are being what you call ‘rounded up’ and brought to justice. Some will find justice within the criminal courts here, and others will find justice within military courts, and others will find justice when they leave this realm and find it beyond this realm, we will just say here.

It is true. And we will say that this place on Earth, this Antarctica, is so far removed from most civilizations and is so private that those Galactics who have come to negotiate with these evil ones have found that this area is completely open to negotiation, because the vibration is so high, and these evil ones will capitulate. However, there is much negotiation going on, because the evil ones wish to win! So, they will continue to negotiate. But we will tell you that the Light has won, and it will just be, we cannot say the time, but soon, that this will be over. And you will see miraculous things happening here.

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