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Reader Post | By Southern Badger

The movement of the planets is responsible for the change in frequency. Off world beings who thrive on negativity, such as the elites and hybrids, were able to flourish here in the 3rd density; this period lasted thousands of years but has come to a close as the position of the earth permits a higher frequency to exist. Just as the high density beings struggled to manifest in the 3rd density, the 3rd density beings can not function within an elevated state of consciousness.

The vaccines, and pcr test swabs, which also contains the vaccine, include nano particles that function like a bar code, similar to what is used when scanning items for purchasing. The physiology of the body is monitored. When the body’s vital signs demonstrate a state of impending death,  beings, such as the felines who can tolerate the higher frequency, operate the capture vessels, which are alerted and position themselves to be able to intercept the soul as it leaves the body. A picture of one of these vessels can be found on James Rink’s Super Solider Talk that was posted a month or so ago.

I think it was a Russian scientist who posted a video he made of a person dying that shows the soul rising up, appearing translucent; the speed of the film was greatly slowed as at normal speed it is faster than the blink of an eye. Once the soul is captured it is put in stasis to be used either in it’s entirety as a reborn citizen of the 3rd density’s new realm, or fragmented to improve clone function. All that we have been living through in recent years has been a means to an end that satisfied the group exiting and the group coming in. I found it quite perplexing that the globalist wanted to kill nearly everyone off, but when I heard they could no longer live here, I thought what if the purpose of killing people was to be able to take those who died with them.

The shows of Jason Q of One Republic Network, Dr Michael Salla, Alex Collier and James Rink  have been quite informative. These negative 3rd density beings, including the top elites have now gone to another galaxy where a world like this one has been replicated. The people of this new place will be these harvested souls. I have heard that of the 7 and something billion earth population, only 4 billion are as we are, the other 3 billion are hybrids and that they are the most susceptible to the vax components.

My feeling is that these incoming higher frequency beings will be our new overlords and do not want these hybrids here, nor do they want those who took the vax as they consider them conformist to a culture that can not coexist in the higher density. It is possible that the hybrids could also be manipulated mentally by the 3rd densities and become a source of aggravation.

This is not to say that the demeanor of these high frequency beings is one of all roses and honey. From having listened to shows and read about these beings, my initial impression equates them to the character Miranda in the movie The Devil Wears Prada; haughty, intolerant and dismissive of the remaining un-vaxed. Naughty Beaver put out a video a few weeks back entitled “what if” and there were two videos with the second being a lady’s perspective that there are Alliances, but not an “Alliance of Light”. I agree with her. It sounds like advertisement branding.

I am, like most of you, the only one un-vaxed in my family and extended family, that reside on 3 continents. I tried for years to help them recognize the sinister nature of the media, government and medical field, but to no avail. All I would get would be a side glance toward the front door as if to be expecting two men in white coats to come knocking and announce they were here to take me away to spend the rest of my days cutting out paper dolls with safety scissors. I finally gave up. (I’ve never made mention of the Alliance and consider that a bridge to far for them to grasp.)


I do not believe, at this time, that the high frequency beings have any intention to harm those of us that remain, although to say that they are not going to eat us, as the 3rd densities have been doing for thousands of years, could hardly be viewed as an achievement. I can’t help but think that their presence here will be like that of an un-invited in-law with every intention of making our home their own as I have yet to hear of when they would be leaving.

From what I understand there are 22 or so different species of whom we are made from and some of these beings will be revealing themselves in the next few years. By the time they make contact we will have been given plenty of money and toys to occupy ourselves so as to be less of a bother to them. Nostradamus referred to these high density beings as “watchers” observing us while unaware of their presence (filthy perverts!)

Back in the summer of 1977, I was dragged, practically kicking and screaming, to the cinema to see Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in the movie there was mention of “the Clone Wars.” I had not thought of this till I started learning about cloning. Apparently, the Grays, Dracos, and elities have difficulty with clone creations becoming psychotic, which then renders them useless. However, if a human soul, either fully or partially is installed, the quality is much better and longer lasting.

Were the Clone Wars, referenced in Star Wars back in 1977 an actual event or legend that Lucas was told of? How is it that all these decades later cloning would be so much a part of all of this? This only re-affirms my suspicions that he did not create these characters and story lines out of thin air.

On a side note, the descriptions of “5D” where we no longer have our bodies, don’t, eat, drink, and can walk through walls, sounds very much to me like “the afterlife.” All that is experienced by my senses in this existence is within my mind and it is a one way trip where we can not go back. I remember hearing that at 5D you can see people who have died. Hmmm

The real Trump has been gone from earth for a long time. I do not think he is dead, but rather safe with the Alliance, as he does fit the profile of having been a star seed by these high frequency beings. My own thoughts are that he left in early 2012 well out of harm from the negative densities but still able to participate by way of technology beyond our understanding.

The current tension regarding Trump, as these are clones following a script, has two distinct goals. The first was to rally the country and the world together by showing how much better life could be as well as revealing how the criminal behavior of a few could harm so many.


The second goal has required a schism between himself and the American people in order to tear down the current government structure so that policies can be set forth by people within a given locality and remain under their control, instead of being dictated to by a far off city.

Given that these beings, both the 3rd and higher densities have had thousands of years to perfect the manipulation of perception and mental alteration of humans, it’s hard to say who of the people we hear from are being managed; are spells and black magic a mind game?  I’m not sure if Q said it, but something to the effect “those who are alive are dead, and those who are dead are alive.” James Rink, in his discussion on med beds commented on one off world technology that could bring people back “such as Donald Trump or Ivanka.” The lady in the discussion did say that, although people could be brought back, but there is great difficulty regarding retaining the soul.

As for people who fake their deaths, they should remain gone. Kennedy can not come back as President if he were born in another country as he would not be eligible, and neither would John jr as you can not have a parent who is foreign born. I know first hand as I have dual citizenship and was not granted certain security clearances.

As for executions, the very worst of these 3rd densities had to leave alive, otherwise they could recycle back in to life here and the high density beings would not want that; I do agree with them on this point, if we are beings that re-incarnate, I would not want them back either.

Is Real Raw News providing “closure” for us? Presenting stories in a reporter format that the bad people are getting their well deserved punishment rather than have to explain that they have left for a created 3D world like this, to resume their reign of terror that the vax’d will populate? There is technology that can be used to accelerate age.

I was very religious, I was heart broken to realize that we are the creation of nine beings who are well above that of the high densities as this was made mention in an interview conducted by Dr. Michael Salla. Somewhat like the characters referred to as the Continuum by Q on Star Trek The NeXt Generation, the lady, Elena, said these beings have a “passion” for genetics and she spoke quite glowingly about behavior akin to Dr. Mengala with the video showing Darwin’s evolution scale as she spoke and that where we live is considered to be a “laboratory” by the rest of the universe. I do not find anything noble in what these nine beings do with their time tinkering with us or other species.

I have worked though my anger at these beings and instead do research.  I will never meet anyone who was a part of the decisions made for this transition from the old 3rd densities and therefore should not hold them blame but instead show the courtesy of being familiar with their species upon making their acquaintance.

On a final note, while I have gone through these past few years with hopes and disappointments the worst has been this Nesara fiasco. Although it is pleasant to day dream about all the wonderful thing that will be coming in the future, I find it incredibly cruel how information is provided with strong assumptions of dates only to be told things will be just a bit longer. It is odd that the more well known people who present themselves as a source for Nesara news are comfortably well off and not like most us in this current time who are as poor as church mice. I saw a tweet where the colors of the rainbow bills were the same colors of the denominations of Monopoly game money; I wonder why.


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