Exactly What Color Hat Does Donald Trump Wear?


Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 30, 2021


I’m certain that most of us on this site have always believed that Trump was a White Hat, but, perhaps it’s now time to ask the question, exactly what color hat does Donald Trump wear?

Before I offer my guess as to the answer to that question, I’d like to wish all my fellow readers on this site, a Very Safe, Healthy, and Happy New Year! The year 2021 didn’t end at all like I thought it might, but conjecture tells me there has been a lot going on behind the scene. As an example, I have read several lists, at various times throughout this year, that listed many people that as having been executed, and many that have been given life sentences. But, at this time, those of us not in the know, can only guess how accurate the information we have been given actually is, for example, I had read months ago that George W., Laura, and Jeb Bush, had all been executed, but recently we’ve been told that George W. was sentenced by a military tribunal to be executed on January the 4th, 2022.

President Trump, had repeatedly said that by the end of this year, medbeds would be out, rendering hospitals pretty much obsolete. Looking at the calendar it appears to me time is running out for that to occur. I understand that the ongoing operation is immense, and timelines of necessity, will change. However, we have been given so many time periods as to when things could happen, maybe it’s time to change the name of this blog from Operation Disclosure, to Operation Dangled Carrot. After all aren’t we given possible timelines 3 to 4 weeks out, then when that time rolls around, and nothing happens, similar events are again said to be forthcoming in the next 3 to 4 weeks and again nothing happens, and the cycle repeats. How many times have we heard that President Trump’s return would become public? Now we are looking at a date of January 6th for Trump to make his return. We seem to constantly have a carrot dangled in front of us.

Now my opinion as to the color of Trumps hat. I no longer believe he is a White Hat. I now hope he may possibly be a Gray Hat (someone who could possibly turn out to be on our side), but I fear he might be a Black Hat.

I’ve been a Trump supporter ever since he announced he was a candidate for President. I liked what he had to say even though at times I thought he could have been a little more polished in his presentation. The country needed a successful business man at the helm, and I liked his mantra, “Make America Great Again.” Trump, while winning debate after debate, was criticized for his lack of knowledge on the issues facing our country. Trump wrote a book titled, Crippled America, in which he addressed his views on many of the issues facing our country at the time. His synopsis of each of the issues satisfied me, and confirmed my intention of giving him my support. However, two things have always troubled me, number one was his wealth, knowing it is practically impossible to be a multi-billionaire without being a part of the Illuminati/Cabal/Deep State. By his own admission, he said he used to be one, meaning he had been a part of the global elite. This comment, plus the fact that he was financing his own campaign made me think he may have legitimately left the club. The second thing that always bothered me, and still does, is when he uses Masonic/Illuminati/Satanic hand signs and gestures. But I allowed myself to believe he was using the adage, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. But, I always had a what if question in the back of my mind.

We know much of the political left has been bought and paid for through all the handouts they are given, free this, free that. Now what if, what if Trump, after becoming President, effects change (which he did beyond all expectations), so much so, he had the vast majority of us with political ideology right of center, giving him our full support, and admired him for the job he was doing? At this point we would could easily find ourselves falling into lockstep with him. We would then do anything he asks or recommends we do.

Is his true color now beginning to emerge? That’s a question we each need to answer for ourselves. Personally, when he began pushing the vaccines. I could see no reason at all, for him or anyone else to push a shot, that so many true expert doctors warn, will eventually kill those that take them. And, they say that the time frame it will take for the vaccines to achieve their desired effect (world depopulation)would be relatively short. Please don’t try to defend the action of pushing the killer jab, as being a sacrifice  we must make for the greater good, when millions of people in our country, and perhaps a couple of billion people world wide could die from the killer vaccines. All the wars, and atrocities, both natural, and manmade has never killed that many people in the history of the world.

Regarding Trump pushing the vaccines allow me to provide a few Trump quotes, taken from his recent interview with Candace Owens:

* “The vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind.”
* “I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines, that are very, very good!”
* “If you take the vaccine you’re protected.”
* “I’m so proud of what we did with the vaccine…but it shouldn’t be mandated.”
* “You have to understand, I’m a big fan of the vaccine, I’m not going to give that up,   that’s a great achievement, millions and millions of lives I’ve saved!’

I don’t see the above quotes, as being the use of misinformation, or disinformation, I see them as lies meant to deceive the population into doing something that may very well lead to the untimely deaths of a huge number of people. The  only part of any of the above quotes that I find to be true is the portion of the fourth quote where Trump says, “but it shouldn’t be mandated.”
I know in the battle of truth versus evil, God wins. God is Almighty, He is the Creator of everything in existence. It blows my mind to think there are so many who would chose to follow a created being ( which is now one of Satan’s underlings) when they could follow the Almighty, Creator, God, who we know as our loving Heavenly Father.

I know there is so much happening behind the scenes. I pray it’s true that millions of our children and other shave been, and are being, rescued from the Satanic pedophile rapists, and murderers, even though we haven’t been given a clue as to their whereabouts. I pray that with the new off-world medbed technology, their emotional, and physical trauma, will be healed. I also pray that the trauma, and injuries, suffered by our brave warriors will get the same treatment.

My faith still has me knowing that the best is yet to come. Much of my research indicates that we must exercise our patience for a little while longer, but there definitely is a glimmer of light showing forth from the end of the tunnel.

Trust in God’s plan. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct thy paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6

I still trust in the plan of the White Hat Alliance, I just don’t see how someone that may very well be responsible for the deaths of so many can be the head of such an alliance.

I do know that God wins, that evil will vanquished from our planet, and again, the best is yet to come.

God Bless 


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