(Reader: timjoebob) Business as Usual…Until it’s Not


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Before the rain started yesterday the sky was a checkerboard of toxic swill thanks to the ongoing efforts of the masters of weather modification and their minions of brainwashed, indoctrinated-biological-meat-suited-demon-possessed-order-following-entities.

Yes, it’s raining chemicals. If those bastards can’t get a needle into your arm they’ll just use the air you breathe to infect you.

MSM is still infecting the airwaves with toxic swill. The organic food we attempt to get our hands on cannot even be trusted. If we grow the food ourselves, the air and water is still contaminated. You can filter water but you can’t always filter the air.

Many of your neighbors are still fast asleep and will wake up after it’s too late only to find blame in you for not warning them.

We’re all preaching to the choir until some downtrodden soul comes staggering in needing help from the onslaught.

We help who we can and let go of the rest. Everyone has chosen their path. Everyone has chosen their lane. Everyone has chosen a side.

There are only two lanes…only two paths…only two choices.


There are only two choices…only two.

There is no middle lane or pathway.

Choose light or choose darkness.

Choose freedom and liberty or choose slavery.

Choose Satanism or choose Christ consciousness.

Choose good or choose evil.

This isn’t complicated, but survival can and will be very dicey in the days to come. Even some of those who choose Christ will perish because it’s their destiny. When your number is up, your number is up. The End.


You’ve all heard the saying, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.” Well, for me, I hope for nothing and plan for the best and prepare for glitches in the program which is what makes things worse. You know. …life happens…or s#!t happens. You know the drill.

At any rate, it’s still business as usual at face value. I maintain my stance. I stand firm.

As long as MSM is still spewing crap and chemtrails are plastering the skies and poison darts are all the rage and order following thugs in costumes still act like Nazis enforcing inhumane edicts from tyrants and traitors, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are either being played like a fiddle or the good guys are not in control. Period. End of discussion.

One more time: We’re either being played or the good guys are not yet in control…but, they’re still working on it.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s still business as usual. ..until it’s obviously not. But, what is glaringly obvious is the fact that order following thugs in costumes are still alive and doing quite well in Commi-Fascist Commifornia and other dumbass Commi-Fascist states in AmeriChina.

Where’s the magical 80.1% or more support? Maybe the tooth fairy knows the elusive answer to such a question. Oh, wait. We haven’t had the beloved ‘near death experience’ yet. It’s not severe enough yet. Maybe the magical 80.1% or more will finally be reached when it’s really severe enough to cause death, in which case it might be too late for some.

Oh, well, it’s just business as usual.

How’s everyone liking Communism so far? Have you had enough yet?

Apparently not.

80.1% or more is the magical number. We’re not there…apparently.




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