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…to be able to weave a web of inconceivable evil upon a planet for hundreds of thousands of years and in the end just get a slap on the wrist and a:

“You did a bad, bad thing so now for your punishment we’re gonna send you to a distant planet in another galaxy far, far away where you’ll live out the rest of your lives in comfort. You’ll be well taken care of but you are banned forever from Earth.”

Well, there you have it. Crime and evil DO pay off. Boom! Not only do you get to live a fabulous life on Earth, your punishment for all you’ve done is you get to take a trip to another galaxy and a new planet which will be all yours to do with as you wish.

That’s justice.

Poor little Elitists. They’re sooooo mistreated.

They still win…sort of. They get to escape being tarred and feathered or their heads being stuck on spikes or being hung by their necks from lamposts lining Pennsylvania Ave. They’re not going to be punished, just banished.

Banished! Not jailed, banished.




Big deal. Don’t you see that evil always finds a way to win…even when it loses? That’s the justice system for you. This is planet Psycho. There will never be justice served on planet Psycho.

Have you ever heard of such a punishment?

I never have. It’s not punishment. It’s a deal. A deal has been made. A deal with the Devil is a deal with the Devil. It’s cut and dried. It’s a done deal so they say. …And it’s supposedly because the deep, dark black magic financial system has to be undone by the demon possessed embodiments, otherwise total chaos and collapse of the world would ensue if not done this way.

It is totally bittersweet. It’s not a win in my book. It’s a compromise. And, it hasn’t really happened yet. It’s still in the future…which doesn’t exist. Oh……what a tangled web. What a soap opera. What a game. What a nightmare. What a living hell. Here, have some more popcorn.

What a joke. Oh, yeah, and we ‘still’ have not reached the magical 80.1% or more of the population support needed to ACTUALLY have something done that’s out in the open on MSM for the whole world to see…an awakening…oh, my.

Nope. We’re not at 80.1% or more yet. Sear that number into your brain. Tattoo that number into your brain…80.1% or more has not yet been reached. Who the hell determines whether or not 80.1% or more has been reached, anyway?
Anyone? Who is it that makes that call?

107? Who? Who made the deal with the Devil? Whatever happened to, “We don’t make deals with terrorists”? …or, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”? Because it’s all theatrics. It’s all bs. And such is life. 80.1% or more is our savior.

80.1% or more…




I won’t hold my breath nor count on the still sleeping sheeple to save the day.

While the Elites pack their bags for departure to a new world, we’re still stuck in their crap.

I’m not impressed with ‘The Plan’, but it’s all we’ve got.

On ‘my’ planet, these bastards would have been nipped in the bud 400,000 years ago. But, what the hell do I know? I’m a nobody…and neither are you. We’re like extras in a movie.

But, ‘The Plan’ is all we have. That’s what we’re told. Trust ‘The Plan’. It’s a done deal.

Only time will tell the tale…a tale untold as of yet.



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