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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is not only a movie (with Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin and Eli Wallach from 1966), but we can also use it to describe the situation in our world today. It is presented to us day after day, even if most of it is still invisible to the public. But, and here I repeat myself, whoever can see sees, whoever can hear hears and whoever observes attentively should be able to connect dots and then notice that day by day there are successes. The overall picture is taking more and more shape, with only a few pieces of the puzzle still lying around the edges. Anyone who has ever done a puzzle knows that it’s getting closer and closer to the end. And it seems as if the end, i.e. the overall picture, will soon be finished.

Looking back, many things that we have experienced in the last two to three years suddenly make sense. Why certain things didn’t happen the way we all hoped they would. Because it simply wasn’t the right time and because only a handful of people know the plan, which more and more are doubting in the meantime because “nothing is happening”. I hear this often and I read it often. Can you still remember 2012? What was promised and predicted to us there everything. End of the world, pole shift, the new age, the new world, wealth for all, etc. . That all this did not occur, had reasons. Probably not enough people were ready for it, so not yet awakened. Probably the alliance was not ready because they found that there is this deep, deep swamp that they simply underestimated. We don’t know and we can only guess. Just like in 2020, there were also enough hints and signs there that everything was changing for the better, and it was postponed. We can only guess the reasons for this as well, but we will all find out soon.

Because of these postponements of events and dates I can understand doubters quite well. I was also on the verge of “throwing in the towel” many times. Those who follow my articles will remember. And it is not easy to understand and decode the communication of “Q”. I’ m also still convinced that many drops were also not meant for everyone at all, but that it is a communication with the military. So we can’t and shouldn’t relate all communications to us or to the world. I honestly don’t want to understand this communication from “Q” either. It would put me in situations that I don’t want to be in. I’ m alone enough as it is, understanding it would isolate me even more. Knowledge is power, of course, but knowledge can also make you lonely. Look around you, awakened ones! Who still talks with you, if you speak of vaccination damages, of SHAEF or of a company BRD? Or even from a revaluation of the currencies, a currency reset or from unconditional basic income, who talks then still with you?

So we look nevertheless times back with the today’s knowledge. At the latest then we notice that a lot has happened. And we notice that the swamp of the Deep State was very, very deep, and also very scattered all over the world. With strongholds that we never thought possible, with underground facilities and a network of tunnels that is unimaginable. And when it was all there, we were supposed to get our exchange dates? Seriously? How many times have I heard in the last few months and years what TIERs have all been paid out already? How many times have I heard that exchangers in higher TIER groups have seen their statements? How long have the people at the exchange centers in Reno actually been working overtime? If I had opened a pizzeria in Reno three years ago, I wouldn’t need an RV anymore. How long has Isaac actually been in Zurich? Does he work there? Does he live there? How long is his residence permit valid? Where does he sleep? In a hotel? Let’s not go there, okay? I just need to think a little and ask questions, and the House of gNN collapses. I don’t know their motivation and I don’t care what is written and said there. It has not come to pass yet, none of it! If you want to have your daily groundhog day, your daily ups and downs of euphoria and disappointment, then read on, I’m not trying to tell you what to do.

The good there is certainly already, it purges our world of the evil for years. The ugly we know only from unconfirmed sources. I mean with it the child and human trafficking, the pedophilia, the satanic, the human despising. So the ugly has been kept from us until now, and that’s a good thing. I really don’t want to be confronted with it visually, it’s really enough for me to know that something like that was possible in our world. It makes my stomach turn, it is unimaginable and unbelievable. And if it is already for me, how should it be for someone who has just awakened? That is why it is not yet published, or only in small, digestible bites. Just as incredible is the idea that we have all been living in corporate constructs instead of states. Just look around you: Employees in government agencies or in the police, in courts and ministries really do believe that they live and work for and in a state. They have all been lied to and, above all, they have all been deprived of logical thinking and questioning. They keep evil alive and do not even know it. But they all had the same chance and that is why ignorance will not protect from punishment.

After 2012 and 2020 I’ ve been fooled again very often on dates and times. Many have stiffened on certain dates or on moon cycles and finally longed for the change. That is human. Because everybody wants an improvement of his life, his circumstances, his situation. There it does not matter whether awakened or indoctrinated, everyone longs for improvements. And I even go so far as to say that everyone longs for the good. When a thief or a swindler has captured enough money, what does he do? He tries to live a normal life, right? He can’t steal from the hotel where he might be staying. He can’t steal from his new neighbors. So he integrates himself into the community where he then lives. That is the good in every human being, it then comes out. Then we can also come to the conclusion that enough money for every person in the world will firstly bring out the good and secondly end the thinking of lack.




I echo what Sierra said about dates. How many dates in December, when something great was supposed to happen, have passed without anything being visible on the outside. Now another event is being highlighted for the winter solstice. What do we all do when again nothing visible happens on the outside? Do we give up then? How long have we been hearing that the stock market is crashing? How long have we been hearing about the Three Gorges Dam? How long have we been hearing about Evergrande and Kaisa? How long have we been hearing about Trump being the 19th President of the Republic? How long have we been hearing about military governments around the world? We must finally learn that we alone face time and date. Those who help implement the plan know no time, for them only events and results matter. When point 5 is done, point 6 can be started and certainly not point 7 or point 8 will be brought forward. And no point will be forgotten. A plan is made to be strictly followed, otherwise you don’t need it, do you?

At the beginning of the year, I would never have thought that we would also have to experience 2021 completely until we change over, until we get to see and feel the change. And in the last few months, I’ve had uncomfortable situations where I’ve wondered if this really still needs to happen. But sometime in the last few weeks came the understanding that I just have to trust the plan, that I just have to stay calm. No longer pay attention to date or time, but just let the good do its thing. Everything will be cleared up little by little, step by step, the evil will be eliminated bit by bit and the ugly will also disappear forever. The evil world passes away so that the good world can come into being. For this, all the evil of the old world must be destroyed, and I mean EVERYTHING. Even supposedly good things, like schools, courts, insurance companies, hospitals, pensions, banks, the stock market, etc., will have to go. In the new communities, with all the new technologies, we won’t need that anymore. All that matters now is people, people in intact, good communities. How long will that last? It doesn’t matter, does it? We know it’s coming, that it MUST come. Isn’t that enough?

Please remain patient and calm. Try to stay out of the information chaos, especially as far as the RV is concerned. There are many people there who certainly don’t mean too well when they spread, share or even translate information. You will always notice that when it comes to restrictions or limitations in the exchange. The Alliance does not restrict us! NEVER!

Don’t get hung up on dates, let everything come to you. Be prepared, but don’t fixate on a date. Everything happens at the right time! I know it won’t get easier, but at least try, OK?

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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