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Kawump! Kick that can of crap a little bit further down the road. It’s all in good fun, however. Since this war of Armageddon is already won, so to speak, why not have a bit of fun? Let’s just make light of everything. You know, death and destruction has its good points with bad guys getting what they deserve is what people ‘in the know’ keep saying. Of course, there’s your basic standard collateral damage casualties that come with the price tag of having a war game of such magnitudes. Some say it’s not a game. I beg to differ. War is a game—a game of ‘winner takes all’. It’s a game of death and destruction sponsored by the Elites that we know and love so well.

To ‘normal people’ war is the worst nightmare. But, considering that normal is not normal anymore, what the hell, let’s just let it roll. All the stops are being pulled out and everything is fair and absolutely nothing is off the table. It’s all out open warfare now. The CDC admits the jab is causing serious heart problems but continues to push it anyway. Sheeple still line up for more poison darts. I swear, people love needles. Like junkies craving a fix, they continue to line up no matter what statistics reveal. They don’t care. The lights are on but nobody’s home.

In the trenches we’ve got your basic death and destruction served on a platter. Here you go, take another scoop of blood and guts and vomit. Isn’t it glorious. Ahhh, yes, the final war to end all wars. Where have we heard that before? But, this time is different, so they say. Really? Seriously? Really? Well, if it is indeed true, then I’m a happy camper. If it’s not true, then I’ll know what to expect…more of the same bs that’s been going on for millions of years…hence “nothing has changed since ancient times.”

It’s all good. Forgive everything. It’s all an illusion, anyway…such easy words to say and nearly impossible to embrace. When the pain of reality sets in, there’s nothing comforting coming from the peanut gallery.

The universe is a prison without walls or bars. Freedom is an illusion in this realm. True freedom lies outside of time, space, and form. True freedom is realized when we wake up from the nightmare and we wake up in Heaven. If we’re still in the universe of time, space, and form, we’re only free by the definition given herein by terminology from mans’ perspective. It’s relative to the universe, not Heaven.

True freedom exists only in Heaven.

The professional war gamers have zero interest in the truth. Their only concern is winning the war that they’re involved in at the moment…until, of course, the next one rolls around.




But, I think there’s a better way. Just say “no” to war. So simple and, yet, so impossible… impossible on planet Psycho, the very thought of world peace is only a planet Earth possibility. Planet Psycho is on its way out and a new Earth is being born. Truth will be upfront and dominant.

That’s when the professionals of war will be playing on a game board and not in real time and space and form. Even peace loving advanced civilizations are quite formidable if someone tries to attack them. They’re not warmongers, but they’re not pushovers either. They have the right to protect themselves and like any intelligent species they train for battle, not to attack peaceful beings, but to protect what is theirs from malevolent forces.

…and now for sports. …oh, wait, athletes are dying on and off the field because of the war game. Never mind.

Carry on.



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