(Reader: Doug Johnson) I Need Some Help Please


Reader Post | By Doug Johnson

To whom this may concern,

My name is Doug Johnson and since this Covid PLANDEMIC started, I have lost my family, job and my car and I need some type of help please!!!! I have tried to stand up for my God given rights and I have been penalized for trying to do so.

Back in March of 2020, we were furloughed from our jobs (because we weren’t considered Essential) and I was not able to receive any type of unemployment and I still have not received a single stimulus check.  I went three months without being able to provide for my family and I was feeling like a failure.  

Once we got back to work (June of 2020) we were forced to wear a mask at work.  From the beginning and all the way up until they Terminated me (August 24th of 2021) I fought them over the issue.  I have gone as far as to have discussions with Management and also CORPORATE of the company with this.

I have had conversations with people such as:

The Executive Vice President     The Executive General Manager     The Manager of the HR Department     The Safety and Health Coordinator and more…..

I have personally gone to the Safety and Health Coordinator and informed him about the OSHA requirement of (at the time of speaking to him) 17.5% oxygen (which I learned was increased to 19%) at all times and that we were NOT getting that by wearing a mask.  I have told them that I have early onset COPD and I am very aware of the “Americans with Disabilities Act” and the penalties for violating them.  I was asked how I know such information and I told them about when I was married to a RN (13+ years) in the PICU and NICU departments of the hospital.  I went further and explained to him about having a special needs daughter that had Caudal Regression Syndrome, Sacra Agenesis and Congenital heart defects and that I learned about the “Americans with Disabilities Act” a LONG time ago.

I also made aware to EVERYONE involved about my knowledge of Hipaa law and I once again explained to ALL of them that I was married to a RN at one time and that I had to learn about hipaa laws the hard way.  She would come home after a 12 hour shift and she will cry until she finally had an anxiety attack.  I learned that the best thing you can do for someone in that position is to sit down, shut up and listen.  That is when I learned about Doctor and Patient confidentiality and hipaa violations.  She could not discuss what was bothering her because that would have been a tier 4 violation of hipaa law.  I don’t know about the rest of you but, I didn’t have $1.5 Million dollars just sitting in the bank to be able to pay for such violations. 

In April of this year, I was asked to leave my family once again.  All because of this Covid crap and I have been trying to stand up for ALL of our rights here in Indiana.  They told me that I need to just keep quiet and go on and I refused to do that because I know the seriousness of any and all violations and the penalties for them.  Since March of 2020 until June of 2021, I have been kept from being able to go to church, out to eat or to a movie, I was not able to go to any Weddings or Funerals and I wasn’t able to see my first grandchild being born.

From June of 2020 up to August 24th of 2021, I was forced to comply with wearing a mask at work.  I have been verbally reprimanded, I have been written up and was told that if I don’t comply that I would be terminated.  I fought with them from the very start and I warned them from the beginning, I would seek legal counsel if they didn’t stop violating my rights.  Finally in August of 2021, I was brought into the office of the Executive General Managers office and he went as far as to say “I am going to count to 5 for you to get your mask on or I will fire you.”  NOW, if that would have happened 20 years ago, i would have laughed at him and started to count for him and once I got to five, I would have done one of two things – I would have either put his head through the wall or I would have grabbed him by his duck dynasty beard and pulled him through the entire plant and let everyone have a hit.  I instead, put the mask on (not over my nose) and told them that I would be getting legal counsel to deal with them and I walked out of the office.

On August 24th of this year I was told that they were TERMINATING my contract of employment with the company and they did NOT give me a reason.  That leaves me to believe that they fired me over standing up for my God given rights and my Constitutional rights.  I warned them that if they terminated me, I would not only seek council but I would also get the Military involved (because of Constitution violations.)  The very next day (August 25th) they sent 3 officers to my place of residence to serve me some papers but I have not (and will not) answer the door.  I was called by a friend of mine at work (an hour before the police showed up to my house) and said that the police have an “arrest warrant” for me.  They have shown up at my place of residence a few times now, trying to intimidate me into being quiet but I will NOT be quiet and I will NOT consent and I will not answer the door to them.

On September 6th of this year, my car was STOLEN out of our driveway here at home.  We have ‘No Trespassing’ sign/s up and that leaves me to believe that they came onto PRIVATE Property and committed Grand Theft Auto.  There were no phone calls, no emails and nothing in the postal mail telling me as to where the car was and where I could go to get my personal items out of it.  They knew where to come get the car and that means they knew the address to send me something in the mail.  I could not report the incident because I thought I had an ‘arrest warrant’ out against me.

Since this Covid PLANDEMIC, I have lost my family, job and my car!!!  I discovered that my Drivers License has expired and when I tried to renew them, I found out that they have been suspended.  I can not even go out and get a different job even if I wanted to.  I live in Indianapolis and to be able to find a job as to what I had, I have to have a vehicle and I need a VALID Driver’s License.

I have tried to seek legal help and I have gone as far as to contact:

Constitutional counsel – which nobody is willing to accept the case
I have emailed the US Dept. of Health and Human Services – the refuse to help
I have emailed the US Dept. of Justice – still no response from them
I have emailed the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana – the refuse to help
I have emailed the Indiana Attorney General (Todd Rokita) and I still have not received any response from him
I have emailed the Indiana OSHA Department – No help

I have tried in so many ways to seek help in this matter but nobody seems interested in helping me or upholding their oath of “Protecting the Constitution”.

Since June of 2020 up until the day of termination (August 24th of 2021) I have had over 400 “Americans with Disabilities Act” violations committed against me.  I have had 2 tier 4 hipaa violations committed against me and I have had MULTIPLE Constitution violations committed against me.

I have such a huge case, it is worth more than 60 MILLION alone.  The FIRST “Americans with Disabilities” violation is $75k and each additional one after is $150k each.  A tier 4 hipaa violation is $1.5 Million per offense and a judgment can be given each year.  

Then there is the fact of a CONSTITUTION violation and no matter how big or small of the offense, it is considered TREASON!!!!  So lets add up all of these violations and lets see what is owed to me from FTIC (Toyota) alone.

The first ‘Americans with Disabilities” violation: $75k
now add another 399 violations of the same at $150k each: $59,850,000
now lets add two tier 4 violations of $1.5 Million each: $3,000,000 and for the 3 totals it is: $62,925,000
now lets add on (just ONE out of MULTIPLE) Constitution violations: TREASON (which anyone that knows Constitutional law, the penalty is DEATH):

When I live in Evansville Indiana, I was a Audio/Video professional and also the manager of three locations (Evansville, Vinncennes and Owensboro, Ky.) so I am very familiar of the fact that when a company gets into financial problems, they would file chapter 13 bankruptcy (to be able to pay the fines) so that they would no lose their business.  Since there are Constitution violations against them, Chapter 13 is no longer and option, nor does filing bankruptcy stop judgements against fines and other penalties.

Toyota was not the only company that has violated my rights, the state of Indiana violated my rights and so did the government of the united States of America violated them.  First off, only the LEGISLATIVE branch of the government can make a law and we all know that a ‘mandate’ is NOT a law!!!  I could EASILY go above and beyond the fact of just holding Toyota accountable and this would be worth more than just Millions, it would be BILLIONS!!  

I would like someone to help me on this matter.  I have been stuck here in Indiana and I have a fiancé and a 5 year old son in Jacksonville Florida that I can not get to.  I was not able to go see them at Thanksgiving, I was not able to go there on her birthday and from the looks of it, I won’t be able to be with them for Christmas either and even if I could, I have nothing to be able to offer them at this time, nor do I have a house for us.  I am BEYOND trying to be civil and I am now PI$$ed!!!  Yes, I want help with these lawsuits and YES I tend to hold them responsible for the violations that they committed against me.  Whenever I was involved with a violation, I was held accountable and I had to pay the fines for such violations and I want them to be held responsible as well.  When this first started and I was seeking counsel, I was looking at two properties to be able to purchase, and I would have taken part of the money from such lawsuits to pay for them.  There is one property in Jacksonville Florida and one in Pigeon Forge Tennessee that I am looking at and I want to purchase those properties for myself and my family. I also want to start my own company and have a location in each place so I would be able to provide a place of employment where people would NEVER have to worry about being treated the way that I have these past two years.  They would be treated with respect and they would be paid a (more than) decent wage.

I need someone to help me, I am 51 years old and I have lost my home, family, job and my car and I am tired of having to start over in life.  I am a failure to my friends and family and I am having to rely on an 82 year old friend to provide for me at this moment.  It is bad enough that he is that old and still having to work a full time job, I want to repay him for helping me in my time of need.  I want to be able to give him the money to pay his house off, his car loan and whatever bills that he might have.  Could someone get me some help with this please!?  

Thank you for your time…..

Doug Johnson


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