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Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 16, 2021

Jabbed ‘Wellness subcontractor’ Lainie Chait

To my surprise I was shown an article that comes actually from mainstream titled “Byron Bay woman allegedly sacked by wellness clinic Church of Ubuntu for getting COVID jab”.

“A Byron Bay woman is taking legal action after she was allegedly sacked for getting the COVID jab.

Lainie Chait was working as a client care consultant for the Newcastle-based Church of Ubuntu (COU).

The group promotes and sells alternative health remedies including hemp products.

Ms Chait said she lost her job in October, when it became known she was vaccinated.”


This is in Australia.

This is ironic. Lainie Chait is taking Newcastle-based Church of Ubuntu (COU) to court because they sacked her for taking the jab. She misses the point that she has failed to fully grasp why she was dismissed from her position.

Right now people are forced against their will from taking the experiment if they wish to keep their job. Suing such companies is rightfully justifiable. And such cases where the defendant wins is understandable. But when we are dealing with a case such as Lainie Chait who feels she is entitled to sue a company on the basis of being vaccinated, has nothing to do with her being vaccinated at all.

The company is focusing on selling alternative products. This subcontractor Lainie Chait taking the jab, is misleading customers in that she pretends to believe in the products when she does not. Hence hypocrisy.

“”It seems extremely hypocritical and I think there are a lot of people in the wellness industry that are hypocrites,” she said.” But Lainie fails to understand she is hypocritical if she stays in a position that she no longer believes in. Her credibility is questionable then.

I am absolutely amazed and proud that a company is standing true to their values and not misleading their customers if there is a protocol and print in the contract that states that you are to work for the company based on pure integrity and in believing the products.


Here what Lainie Chait is saying is that either she lost trust in the products that the company Newcastle-based Church of Ubuntu (COU) are promoting, to which she must immediately step down so to not mislead customers purchasing the products from the company, OR affecting the credibility of the company who then can sue Lainie Chait.

“”A lot of the customers that come to them are vaccinated, so why are you still serving customers that are vaccinated and not employing people that are vaccinated?” states Laine Chait.  What she fails to grasp here is that people have found out facts and are afraid and are wanting to find alternatives to counteract any side affects or wish to improve their immune system and health in other non chemical ways. So the customer purchasing the product is not the issue whether they are vaccinated or not. The problem is with the Lainie Chait who wants to still promote and sell products that she no longer believes in.

The basis for working for the company is to believe in the products. When a employee or employer for that matter, does not believe in the products, then in this case this person who took the jab ought to be dismissed because she is not acting in the best interest of the company and customers who wish to purchase in what the company believes in. It is called integrity.

So what needs to be looked at is, is Lainie Chait and thus mainstream giving a hint to the public to scrutinise and sue companies that are not based on integrity, and using the public as commodity? Companies the promote products that they themselves to not believe in?  Or misleading the public?

We are aware that there are many companies that do not believe in what they promote, and in certain situations enforce upon the public. Does that mean customers are mislead and thus can sue?

Maybe Lainie Chait is sending a very hidden code message to the public?

In which case under the circumstances, she is helping many sue companies, employers and employees for using public as commodity for profit reasons only and not for health concerns……………..

Lainie Chait might be a blessing in disguise that has nothing to do with if she is vaccinated or not………………

Clearly what has been happening in the past two years is a deliberate attempt of “medical apartheid” to which thankfully is also crumbling as people are reuniting again.

The New Era of Aquarius’s focus is about authenticity and integrity, Love and Light. And we are in the transition period as you can clearly see by what is happening worldwide. A war against tyrants and their downfall of corruption.


Great concerns have risen and therein pertains, especially where there are unlawful, illegal,

unethical, inhumane and unprofessional practices/activities occurring.

Viewing life as an “expendable commodity”, in other words using and discarding for profit

because of self absorbed and selfish purposes, does not seem to go down to well in society

these days. The new view of life is let’s all work together for the benefit of all involved.

Maybe Lainie Chait wants the public to know about The Church of Ubuntu. Here is the link

Valuable information:

The Legal Duty Of Care is to ensure that the safety and health of a life. It is a criminal offence where one deliberately harms a life or is aware and yet still contributes to the deliberate intention to cause harm to a life.

“It is ILLEGAL and a Criminal Act for the deliberate cause to harm or jeopardize the health of a life.”

“Exploitation has reached such a profound and insane level…..”Loyalty to “mateship” is no longer justifiable when your so call “mate” seems to pull the whole system down in the whole process of greed, corruption and deception, affecting the lives of so many innocent.


“Such acts of Defendants, as described herein, and each of them, constitute unlawful business acts and practices.”

“The business practices alleged below are unlawful under Business and Professions Code § 17200, et seq.(“UCL”) by virtue of violating Business and Professions Code § 17500, et seq., which forbids untrue advertising and misleading advertising.”

““Deception” under a certain statute is defined as a: misrepresentation or omission of any material fact relating to the terms of a contract or agreement entered into….or to the existing or pre-existing condition of any of the property involved in such a contract or agreement; or the use or employment of any misrepresentation, false pretense, or false promise in order to induce, encourage, or solicit a ….consumer to enter into a contract or agreement.”

““Financial exploitation” is a criminal offence when the person knowingly and by deception or intimidation or illegally, ……….use of and the misappropriation of those assets or resources by undue influence, breach of a fiduciary relationship, fraud, deception, extortion, intimidation….and/or knowingly are engaged in financial exploitation of customers/clients

and by deception.”

“As a result of the wrongful business practices described above, Plaintiffs and members of ………., pursuant to Business and Professions Code §17203, are entitled to an order enjoining such future wrongful conduct on the part of Defendants and such other orders and judgments which may be necessary to disgorge Defendants’ illgotten gains and to restore to any person in interest any money paid for …….as a result of the wrongful conduct alleged herein…………Plaintiffs and members of ………..Class have been injured and have suffered a monetary loss as a result of Defendants’ violations of the….… Defendants’ conduct harms competition and is immoral, unethical, oppressive,

unscrupulous, or substantially injurious to consumers”…..… A fraudulent act is an act in which members of the public are likely to be deceived. The business practices alleged herein and Defendant’s false advertising made it probable that a significant portion of the general consuming public could be misled.”

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