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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

I’ve had to wait a very long time to write a post like this. As if we weren’t already waiting for enough other things, right? Well, anyway, now we know how patient waiting goes. In many areas!

When I look at the news from my sources in the last few days, when I talk to contacts or make phone calls, I’ m happy to see that the critical mass seems to have been reached in Germany as well. The small critical mass, but big enough to carry others along. How long have we all been waiting for this, right? What brings me to this joy? Well, the Monday demonstrations are back!!! I’m sure you can remember the demonstrations of the GDR population in 1989/1990 that ultimately led to the fall of the Berlin Wall (whether it was controlled, deliberately allowed, or truly the will of the people). They are back! Called “walks” and there are so many people in so many cities that it is a joy to look at pictures and small videos. Here is a list of cities (I’m sure I’ve forgotten some): Magdeburg, Nuremberg, Neubrandenburg, Erfurt, Eisenach, Torgau, Mannheim, Memmingen, Wittenberg, Koblenz. The media can’t keep up with their lies and the best thing is, the company Constellis (POLICE) with its employees is overstrained, they are too few and completely unprepared. There are reports of men who show up in civilian clothes, dressed only in a jacket with “POLICE” printed on it, on the outskirts of the demos. There are simply too few personnel to control all this. So far, after all, stupidly announced a demo, and they were able to prepare. With walks of thousands nothing must be announced.

That is exactly the point, why I have always demonstrations not advocated in recent months. They were registered!!! People, since when do I have to register a demo? Now people walk without registration, by hundreds and by thousands. Nothing with registering, so that water cannons can also be ordered quickly, SURPRISE!!!! The neighbors see it and wonder, yes maybe they wonder, why are they all running around without masks and where are the cases of infection afterwards? Not all, understand this correctly, some still believe the MSM fairy tales of right wingers, covid deniers and conspiracy theorists. Now that they recognize their neighbors, questions are finally coming up. It is still unbelievable to me, but Germans are standing up. And they are asking, they are inquiring, and the channels that have been enlightening for months are getting more and more traffic. And also the division is finished at these walks, nobody asks about the vaccination status! Unvaccinated, better healthy, walk next to vaccinated who are fed up. The whole narrative that is only on TV is crumbling. Ratings are going down. Actually, what happened around the world months ago is now happening in Germany. And the world is breathing a sigh of relief: FINALLY!!!

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If the numbers are right (what official numbers from government companies are right?), we have 20 million healthy/unvaccinated people in Germany. There should be more, just a few days ago it was reported by the medical association that about 70% fake vaccination cards are in circulation. In addition, there are about 30-40 million vaccinated people who will not take further vaccinations. So a lot of people who are awakened. Was always my talk with the silent masses. After it was decided by the new “government” to introduce a vaccination obligation for care and health personnel, the fuse is lit. To me, this shows that the alliance has everything under control, because the German healthcare system cannot afford layoffs, sick leave and other failures. The people there, awakened or not, are already maxed out. This is a ticking time bomb!!!

This is just one example that we have parallel worlds. We still have the system believers who think they will eventually get their “perfect” world back, and we have the awakened ones, in different stages, who understand that the old world will never come back. Some who project their inexplicable frustration, anger, resentment onto the wrong people and will fail with it, others who actually just need to get their impatience under control. The latter are getting stronger day by day because they realize that they are making a difference, the others are getting weaker and weaker because they realize that they are becoming a minority.




The news that Tesla is becoming an electricity provider in Germany also came at the right time. Many people, including those around me, don’t even know yet what that will mean. Every electricity customer who switches to Tesla will eventually receive an electricity distributor in his or her home from Tesla, either by offsetting it against the electricity price or by paying a separate bill. Little by little, Tesla will then massively reduce its electricity prices, thereby acquiring even more customers. Not for a long time, it will be every week, then all other providers will quickly be out of the window and there will only be Tesla. And one day, oh miracle, we will have free energy. All without cables (they will be dismantled) and many will not even notice until someone comes and dismantles the electricity meter. “That’s how you play with students!”

The next parallel worlds I mean by the title are actually the real worlds that coexist. The worlds that have defied all system by networking and helping each other, creating a world that is like a bubble. And a place of refuge. We humans are meant to live in communities after all, not everyone likes being a hermit. I enjoy talking to like-minded people every Monday, even if it’s just on Zoom. But there are so many meetups that happen live as well. Or there are business owners who refuse to enforce measures. Innkeepers who use loopholes in the system to allow people to meet. Or just private meetings organized by people for people. I learned on Monday that there are even Christmas markets being organized privately. I think that’s great and hope that something like that will be set up near me. I miss communities very much, the virtual is no substitute in the long run. If there is no division in these parallel worlds, that is to be welcomed.

On the other hand, I think we won’t need these fallbacks for much longer. The implementation of the plan is progressing more and more and the awakening of the Germans comes at the right time. It took long enough and also took many, many sledgehammers. But at some point the avalanche had to get bigger, and at some point the balloon will burst. And that’s what we’re facing soon. Whether this week, next week, before or after Christmas, or even in January, it doesn’t really matter, does it? The main thing is the bursting. When the avalanche reaches the valley, many things will have happened that we are waiting for. And then the construction begins! With all those who have persevered. And I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, all patriots worldwide at the biggest party the planet has ever seen! Live, hugs included! Preferably at a Michael Jackson concert that we can travel to with teleporters. And someday we will smile about these times! Congratulations, you’ve made it this far and you’ll make it farther!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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