Oh my God! The Commies are Coming!


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Submitted on December 11, 2021

Oh My God! The Commies are Coming!

The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel (2020)

I supported the first “The Corporation” (2003), but this one is a crock when it goes Communist!

The failures humanity has to admit to and accept are:

  • We have been lied to for Centuries
  • We don’t want to be Personally Responsible
  • We have been conditioned (brainwashed) to be this way

What have we been lied to about? (Everything)

Govern-ment = Govern-mentis (Latin) = Govern-(mind, thought, thinking, belief) = Govern-mind = Mind-control = Brainwashing


Consider there are only two forms of Government:

  1. Slave Based (British, Roman, Byzantine)
  2. Independent Based (American Republic / not a Democracy)

The people who founded the American Republic were Independent, They threw-out the British Nanny State. They did not want or need a Nanny, they did not want to be slaves to the British Monetary System (Taxation Without Representation).

The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is a Counterfeiting Operation. NO ONE should ever attempt to Balance the Books of a Counterfeiting System (Insanity). The solution for Counterfeiting is to Arrest the perpetrators, and seize all their Assets. Put the perpetrators on Trial for Crimes Against Humanity (Slavery for a start).

American Slavery was not an invention of the Republic, it was already in the South before the Declaration of Independence thanks to the British. The Romans had brought slavery to England from Rome. William Wilberforce (1759-1833) failed to abolish Slavery in England. He only succeeded to make it a crime to transport Slaves by ship.

Here is a list of labels for Slave Based Govern-mind:

  • Democracy (Mob Rule / Lawlessness / Perpetual Infighting)
  • Feudalism (Owned by wealthy land owners)
  • British Accreditation Registry (BAR / See Feudalism)
  • Fascism (This Rule is for thee, not me)
  • Corporatism (See Fascism)
  • Capitalism (See Fascism)
  • Communism (No Property Rights / In Law; you are Property, The State’s Property)
  • Socialism (See Communism)
  • Progressiveism (See Communism)
  • Green New Deal (See Communism)

The reason we have so many names for Slave Based Government is because eventually people get wise to the deception. The Purveyors of these systems need to change the names in an attempt to deceive us one more time. I call this practice Re-branding. The same old slave system with a new name.

I do not get these Concepts from a Book, or a Teacher. I get them from Observation, my Memory, and a source I have no name for (intuition? / knowing? / thinking?).


The people who established the American Republic were self reliant and independent. They were Personally Responsible. They did not want a Nanny State to care for them or tell them what to do. They did not read the Authorized King James Bible. They brought the Geneva Bible with them from Europe. 300 of their Forefathers were murdered by Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) in 3 years of her rain (Religious Persecution). After her death, King James commissioned the Catholic Light Bible we call King James Bible. Marry Tudor and King James were Catholic, loyal to the Pope (Vicar of Christ on Earth) The HEAD NANNY!

There is a name for the perpetrators of these Crimes Against Humanity. They are commonly called Satanists. Not because they attend ceremonies regularly, although some do, they only need to practice the Philosophy. No consideration for the rights or freedom of others.

Let do what thou wilt be the whole of the law.” – Aleister Crowley (Satanist)

The Founding Fathers embraced the teachings of Yahshua ben Yosef who many call Jesus. However there is no “J” letter or sound in; Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, or Latin. So how do you name a baby “Jesus”? (Lied to again!) Yahshua was a Rabbi (Teacher) who taught “The Way” or “The Tao” (Tao Te Ching). My research tells me “Tao Te Ching” (500BC) in English is “The Way of Wisdom in Action”. A Book of 81 Parables of Wisdom. Still in print today. It’s also on YouTube. His followers practiced the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – Luke 6:31

The second biggest problem in the World today is Fake News (Hearsay). Satanists are notorious lairs, they see lying as a virtue. Carl Marx the author of Communism was a Satanist. So you best assume Communism is a Lie! (You may get everything for free, but everything you have is property of the State, including your mind and body.) Live Organ Harvesting and MK-Ultra anyone?

Is there any evidence Trump and the Patriots (White Hats) are doing what we have been told?

  • GITMO Prison expansion
  • Resignations of CEOs and Politicians
  • Disappearance of Celebrities
  • Q Proofs (Present proves Q Coms.)
  • Real Raw News
  • Klaus Schwab Arrested
  • The Market Share of the Fake News is dropping like a rock

The biggest problem in the World today is the Satanist BAR Mafia:

Peace, love, and blessings,




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