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Submitted on December 10, 2021

What do I mean by BAR Mafia?

BAR = British Accreditation Registry (Not to be confused with United Kingdom)

The Crown Temple BAR is located in the City of London. City of London is a Separate City State (Corporation) from the United Kingdom. The Queen must ask permission to enter the City of London. It is one of three City States; Vatican, City of London, District of Columbia.

The BAR came into existence as a result of the Execution of King Charles 1 (Supreme Court of England) for Treason, by Oliver Cromwell and Parliament (1649). Charles 1 kept asking; “By what Authority?”, because the King was the highest Authority in England. Legally no one but God could pass judgment over the King, but Lawfully the people were superior to the King. This gets Complicated here…

  • Legal = Unnatural (Kings do not occur in nature / Unnatural)
  • Lawful = Natural (People occur naturally / Natural)

The concept of King rises from the concept of God being King, but man as King is Unnatural. To solve this problem Kings went to war. Psychopaths and Narcissists want to be top dog, people just want to be left alone.

There are two domains of Law (Natural / Lawful) and (Unnatural / Legal). Legal is also called Color of Law. Because Government is Unnatural or fraud (Govern-mind) it is Legal and inferior to Law (People). The solution the BAR came up with was to denigrate people by making them Corporations. JOHN DOE is the name of a Corporation (Legal). John Doe is the name of a man (Lawful). The BAR does not engage with people, the BAR engages with Corporations. This is why the Police want your ID. Your ID is State issued evidence of a Corporation. Police have no Authority over people, only Corporations. A Corporation is a dead entity (Corpse). A Corpse has no Rights, it’s DEAD.




A Corporation is a Fiction in Law (Unnatural), but the SCOTUS Ruled that Corporations are Legal Persons (Unnatural). The documentary “The Corporation” (2003) examines what kind of Person a Corporation is. The documentary concludes a Corporation is a Psychopathic Personality. My observation concludes Corporations also suffer from Dissociative Personality Disorder (This also occurs with Police because the travel in packs).

STATE OF ARIZONA (Unnatural) was incorporated in 1877 (Fiction on paper)
Arizona (Natural) joined the union in 1912 (You can hold a piece in your hand)

When a word like “union” is capitalized it stops being an Adjective and becomes a Noun “UNION” (Name of a fiction).

NOTE: Don’t expect Police or Attorney to know or admit to any of this. Part of their job is to maintain the illusion of EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW (Govern-mind).

To practice Law in the World you must take and pass the BAR Exam. This makes you eligible to be an Attorney (Esquire).

The root of the word Attorney is Attorn. In Law people are consider property. In ancient times your Landlord was a member of the Royal House. Your Landlord owned you as a servant / slave. Esquire and Lord are Titles of Nobility. Attorn can be interpreted to mean the BAR member is no longer the property of the US Constitution, but rather the Property of the BAR. Where does an Attorney’s loyalty lay? (First to himself, Second to the BAR, Third to the Law, and perhaps your case will receive some favor, but regardless you will pay for what ever you get.) The Legal System is a Racket (Criminal Enterprise)… The Best Liar Wins! Politics (Liars Club).

What occupations do BAR members fill?




  • Supreme Court of the United States
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Senator
  • Congressman
  • Attorney General
  • Governor
  • Judge
  • Mayor
  • City Attorney
  • Counsel Members
  • Prosecute
  • Public Defender
  • Attorney

The BAR has a monopoly of Law, Justice, and Government (Unconstitutional / Antitrust / RICO). Now who do you think is going to put that Case on trial? (No one in the occupations listed above want that Case.)

Why are Foreign Agents of a Foreign Corporation (Fascism) holding all the leadership positions in a Republic?

The World is Occupied; Attorneys who administer Government, and…
The Police are the Mercenary Army of the BAR Mafia.

Policing is Unconstitutional, because Extortion, Racketeering, and Fascism are Unconstitutional.

There is more than a little evidence showing the BAR is Satanic:

  • Black Robes = Black Magician
  • Black’s Law Dictionary = Satan’s Law Dictionary
  • Meet Joe Black is a story about Death personified
  • Grim Reaper is another name for the Death
  • Freemason are mostly government employees (I’ve listened to three testimonies of 32 Degree Masons all clamming it is Satanic.)
  • Black’s Law Dictionary is aimed at Feudalism (Slavery)

I’m never going to own or operate a Militia, but I might need to defend myself from a Tyrannical Government.

2nd Amendment Revised:
The right of the people to self-defense, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Don’t loose hope. “Hold the line.” – Q (Fraud Vitiates Everything) The BAR Mafia is Fraud.

Peace, love, blessings,






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