The Coming Collapse of our Health System


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Submitted on December 10, 2021


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Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is regarded as one of the greatest vaccination authorities in the world. He believes in vaccines but not these genetic vaccines. The collapse in the health system will probably happen as he predicts but it is not much good anyway according to Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.  I highly recommend his book in the first link.  The US medical system excels in the emergency room treating gunshot wounds as law enforcement collapses all over the US but hardly anything else.  My cousin, who was a surgeon who interned at Morrisania Hospital in the Bronx, found it an excellent training ground then for the Vietnam War and still is for the next war. Plenty of gunshot wounds as at South Chicago and most other American cities. Another cousin who covered as a medical doctor for South Chicago at the Cook County Coroner’s office said in the summer four people could be shot to death at lunch arguing about pieces of Pizza. It is like a Clint Eastwood cowboy movie.

What will also happen is the medical system will be thoroughly discredited for decades on their mishandling of the so-called coronavirus pandemic. George Bernard Shaw said why should we think doctors are any more honest than politicians.  Both want their swimming pools and Mercedes Benzs.  And the truth is they are just as bad as our lying politicians in the controlled media by international finance.

Renowned virologist warns of ‘collapse of our health system’ due to complications from COVID vaccines

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche warned of the damage being done to the immune systems of the vaccinated, and the inevitable grave consequences that would result.


Fri Dec 3, 2021 – 9:39 pm EST

(LifeSiteNews) — A renowned virologist and former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently warned against the dangers of the experimental COVID-19 gene-transfer vaccines, encouraged the un-jabbed to “stay unvaccinated,” and predicted an inevitable “collapse of our health system” due to health complications in the vaccinated.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who once worked as a senior program manager for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and has been considered one of the most talented vaccine creators in the world, issued a video “Message to Austria” on November 20 to coincide with a large rally in Vienna opposing new lockdown measures.

As a first priority, he advised the public, “Never, Ever — allow anything, or anybody, to interfere or suppress your innate immune system,” which is the first line of defense human beings have to fight off all infections. According to Vanden Bossche, the “vaccine antibodies,” which are induced by the current COVID-19 vaccines, suppress innate immunity and they “cannot substitute for it” since they quickly wane in their effectiveness and cannot prevent infection or transmission of the virus. Thus, these experimental injections, in contrast to innate immunity, “do not contribute to herd immunity,” he said.

Vaccinating children ‘an absolute no go!’

This reality is most important in the case of children whose “innate immunity can easily be suppressed by vaccinal antibodies” since their “antibodies are so young and so naïve that they can easily be outcompeted by vaccinal antibodies,” he said.

And since children are protected from many diseases by their innate immunity, including COVID-19, its suppression by these vaccines exposes them to many more dangers, and “could even lead to autoimmune diseases,” the expert warned.


Therefore, injecting children with these biological agents “is an absolute no go!” the virologist said. “We cannot vaccinate our children with these vaccines.”

Booster shots for the vaccinated ‘absolutely insane!’

Turning his attention to the adult “vaccinees,” those who have been vaccinated, the specialist in microbiology said the suppression of innate immunity has already shown itself to be a problem in this population. “They are indeed going to have a difficult time to control a number of diseases,” including COVID-19.

Yet, since their innate antibodies have previously been trained through years of adapting and maturing, he said “they are usually more resilient to the vaccinal antibodies” than those of children.

However, this resilience can be further deteriorated by additional shots, and thus Vanden Bossche warns that giving these jabbed individuals boosters “is absolutely insane! What this will do is just further increase the immune pressure of the vaccinal antibodies on their innate immunity.” Thus, booster shots are “absolute nonsense! It is dangerous and should not be done!”

To the un-jabbed: ‘For God’s sake, stay unvaccinated!’

As for the unvaccinated, the Belgian physician described why they would fare much better, first breaking them down into three categories:

1.      Those who have experienced no symptoms, who are “most likely simply protected by their innate antibodies;” 

2.     Those who have experienced mild symptoms, not having to stay in bed for any time; and

3.     Those who recovered from the disease and may have even had a severe case of it.


Due to what he called the “high infectious pressure” of the Delta variant, the respective innate immunity systems of these unvaccinated may now have to struggle a bit more, and thus the first category may experience mild symptoms, the second, moderate, and the third may have “some higher susceptibility to some other diseases. For example, influenza or the common cold.”

“But very, very importantly, all are protected,” he said. “They all are still protected against severe disease and the majority of them will be protected against very mild or moderate disease.”

This is the case, especially, the virologist said, since COVID-19 “is not a disease of healthy people. People who are in good health have a healthy innate immune system that can deal with a number of respiratory viruses without any problem. These people are not only protected against the disease, but they can even in many cases prevent infection.”

Vaccinees ‘serving as a kind of breeding ground for the virus’

Therefore, in order to maintain their healthy innate immune system as protection against COVID-19 and many other diseases,

Dr. Vanden Bossche offered the following three requirements to the unvaccinated:

1.      “For God’s sake, stay unvaccinated! They should stay unvaccinated;”

2.     “Take care of their innate immunity, meaning they should take care of their health … if you do this and you are unvaccinated, you will be spared from severe disease without any vaccine. On the contrary, the vaccine would do the opposite;” and

3.      Those with comorbidities or underlying diseases “should be careful about contacts.” 

For this third category of the more vulnerable, the physician said, “This is not to discriminate against the vaccinees, but [the un-jabbed] should especially avoid contact with vaccinees at this point in time.


“Vaccinees are now the people, and there is no doubt about this, who are really serving as a kind of breeding ground for the virus,” he said. “We need to have an extra protection for those who have underlying diseases. Do not vaccinate them, but in fact prevent them from being exposed to high infectious pressure.”

Health issues in the vaxxed ‘will inevitably lead to a collapse of our health system’

He encouraged his Austrian listeners that the only fight they have is “the fight for your health, [in] not getting vaccinated.” In accomplishing this, all of the other measures will not be sustainable.

Though he expressed great concern for “the vaccinees,” stating “we need to help them as much as we can because they will need extensive treatment in many cases,” he observed that the percentage of this group now being hospitalized “is now steadily increasing. Whereas more and more, with training of the innate immune system, with more exposure to the virus, more and more non-vaccinated people get protected.”

“This will lead inevitably — and I am not a doomsday preacher — but this will inevitably lead to a collapse of our health system. It cannot be otherwise,” he said.

‘Strength is found in serenity’

However, in closing, the virologist had a hopeful message, stating the lockdown measures “are not sustainable” and cannot last “for a long time.” He encouraged them to “stay calm,” sharing a German saying that translates, “Strength is found in serenity.”

David Lifschultz


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