Steve Beckow: Waiting for D-Day


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | by Steve Beckow

December 10, 2021

Waiting for D-Day

I worked at the Immigration and Refugee Board for eight years, from 1998-2006, deciding whether claimants fit the definition of a “Convention refugee,” as described in Canadian law.

To do the job required reading extensively in the human-rights literature, to discern what the “true” situation in a country might have been.

It never occurred to me that the US State Department, upon whom we relied heavily, might have an agenda.  If I knew then what I know now, I’m not sure how I could have done the work.

Now, in a time of bioweapons and depopulation, the whole thrust of that government agenda is plain to see. But back then “our side” (democracy), which included what I now see as the deep state, was accepted as the bulwark of freedom. We might grumble about government but we never suspected it.


“Refugee” only means that the situation has become insufferable and the person has taken to the road. There are also countless millions who live in slavery, such as women in forced marriages, child laborers, and sex-trafficked children, who can’t and don’t take to the road.

The suffering in this world, if we let any measure of it in, I think, would prove to be immense. It would stagger anyone who somehow became aware of it, I believe.

There are two refugee claims I listened to which I remember specifically. Even just listening to them proved secondarily traumatizing. One was a Rwandan man who described what the Hutus did to his village. After describing them killing his father and brother, whose details I won’t repeat, he dissociated. I didn’t stop crying in my office for maybe an hour after giving him a positive decision.

The other was a young woman who was repeatedly drugged and raped by the Chechen Mafia. They used her as a sexual plaything, something her parents could not prevent. Her testimony was heartbreaking.

Multiply that endlessly to get what it would take to expand one’s mind enough to take in the suffering of the entire world.  I don’t think any human being would be capable of doing it.

But that’s exactly what we’ll be asking of the courts and tribunals who’ll be trying the cabal members accused of everything from treason to child sacrifice. They’ll need to listen to stories of Satanism, cannnibalism, torture, every conceivable crime visited upon children who might live out their lives in cages or end up being hunted in the Black Forest.

We’re asking these folks to hear endless cases of suffering and cruelty. We’ll need to take care of them later, something we haven’t had a great track record in doing.


One of the unspoken agreements we have in our lives, individually and socially, is that we won’t discuss the extent of the suffering in our world to any great length.  If we did, we’d have to do something about it.

I don’t think there’s the political will yet to address global inequity. There will be after the Reval. Then there will be the means.

Moreover we now know that the people at the top have been milking our modest attempts at aid for decades, which has made our efforts look insignificant.

The Presidents Fund for Haiti is a glaring example. The money raised after the Haitian earthquake went right into the the pockets of Presidents Clinton and Bush, according to Matthew Ward:

“The earthquake that devastated Haiti was caused by the Illuminati’s weather control technology; after the quake, former US presidents Bush and Clinton went there to divert into their own pockets the monies donated for aid and reconstruction. As for the people of Haiti, these six years later still are living in unsanitary, substandard conditions just as before the earthquake hit, and many residences are makeshift hovels amidst the rubble of destroyed communities.” (1)

We berate the mainstream media when it doesn’t tell the truth of the political and economic situation but we don’t object when it stays away from sights we don’t want to see –  like the children who look for food on garbage heaps, the child laborers working under unsafe, exploitative conditions, or sex-trafficked children, sights that mirror back to us our own participation or complicity in global inequity.

Thank heavens for med beds so that the memories of rescued children can be erased and they can have a fresh start.

Never mind fighting for a democracy we never had. Let’s fight for the women and children who form the bulk of refugees and for those who remain enslaved in their home countries, all without a voice.


All this suffering is going on in our world as we speak. Never mind the Reval; why are we not reorganizing the world’s finances now? Why do we wait? Why are we tolerating inequality? And finally why are we waiting for our governments to do something about it? They won’t.

We need to mobilize and we are, slowly, thoughtfully. Real democracies are slow to mobilize but they are certain of the foundation and integrity of their cause.

And the fact that they’ve been slow to anger means no one has been dragged into something or mesmerized by a dictator, only to wake up later and ask themselves what have we done? Why did we do it?

No, we considered each step and we talked it out. What emerges as our action has been through the filter of our combined commentary and discernment via the Internet.

I believe that, as a result, our responses will be strong and, from the cabal’s point of view, overwhelming. We’re simply waiting for D-Day.


(1) Matthew’s Message, April 16, 2016.


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