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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Up it goes, the arc of tension. Who is high up in the eagle perspective and in the observer position, knows what I am talking about. Everything we are witnessing is coming to a head. And we can also see that there are not many pieces of the puzzle left on the edge to complete the whole picture. Let’s think together about when the top might be reached, while others wallow in their fears and think of ways to cheat the system. Don’t misunderstand, please! I am in favor of resistance forming, of people taking to the streets. But I am against anything that is done out of fear or emotion. That only leads to hasty actions that only make everyone worse. Here still applies, in the peace lies the strength and there we should rather still play a little on time.

The cabal’s system is at its end, and, I’m sure we all agree, they still want to break as much as they can. Like the child in the sandbox that prefers to break all the toys before sharing anything. The more people take to the streets, the more people publicly show their displeasure with the restrictive measures, the more other doubters take notice. And the media, MSM can no longer be called, because they are under control, will not be able to keep quiet about this for much longer either. There are too many and too large alternative media to cover this up for much longer. The influx in certain channels is still unbroken. And conversely, many channels that you could follow months ago are now slowly coming out of the closet by luring people to Facebook, or Instagram, or simply advertising vaccination. Big companies as well. It’s all intentional on the part of the alliance. Look at who these are, what companies these are, and then decide for yourself if we still need such companies and such products in the new world. A boycott of these companies is not necessary, the higher we go into the structures, the more we realize, it ends up with a few large corporations that own everything. We can boycott, of course, but we also need food and other things, right? So picking certain brands and not buying them anymore would be one measure. So don’t buy a Mercedes or BMW in the next few days (sorry, little joke!).

Back to the arc of tension, to the arcs of tension, because at the moment I see several. There we have the trial of Maxwell, suppressed by the media, but something keeps leaking out. For me under control of the alliance, little by little names come into the public. The cabal’s “counter” also seems under control to me.

Then we have EVERGRANDE, since yesterday in cosy togetherness with KAISA, and since today probably fully down. Smells suspiciously like a very black Friday. We will see, especially we will see the impact on the already broken global economy. And also, perhaps, a stock market crash that will be a wash. That’s when I saw an ad on a German stock market site, “Are your stocks prepared for 2022?” I thought to myself, “Yes, they are, because I don’t have any!” Topic taken care of, right?

Black Swan events have been announced to us and the above might already be that. But what about an alien attack, fake by Blue Beam of course? Or a fake asteroid impact? Or a fake war USA-CHINA-RUSSIA? After all, it would have to be an event that could destroy those oft-mentioned Deep State buildings (which of course are really destroyed by Rods of God) and also the Three Gorges Dam. And it would have to be something with which the Alliance could get the populations off the streets.Besides Covid and his stoked fears, the just mentioned would already be a reason to order a tightened lockdown. And besides, all the events would also be a means to officially bring the military into play as well. So we are faced with a lot of possibilities, in the end the alliance determines what will be done, as it has done in the past years.

Let’s move on to long-suffering Germany. You already know a lot about Simon Parkes, what has been done with and to the Germans. Actually, we have been unjustly laughed at over the past decades. Because even the laughing and pitying foreign countries were not aware of the extent of indoctrination here. On the outside, everyone just wondered why the Germans put up with almost everything. Well, now you see more clearly and at this point my sincere thanks to Simon.

And now we have a new “government” again. What name (very apt, by the way) did I read there? Cabinet of horror! And it’s true, it’s only surpassed by its incompetence, above all the new defense minister, nicknamed “Omi”. A chancellor, over whom the “Wirecard-Damokles-Sword” hovers and a foreign minister, which gets out in German already no error-free sentence. I simply have to applaud this show that the Alliance is presenting to the Germans, and at the same time I have to be ashamed of my compatriots who still believe this obvious show act in all seriousness. It’s enough to make you ashamed of yourself! Really! I wish two things: First, that the medbeds can really repair vaccination damage and second, that they can reverse indoctrination. I know some people in my environment, with whom I would still like to build something new in the future. And most of them can’t help it if they’ve been brainwashed. With all the fuss about supposed “sleep sheep”, this aspect is always forgotten.

An excerpt from a subscriber post by Gerhard in a German Telegram channel shows yet another possibility that applies not only to Germany, but could apply worldwide: “What if these are very old souls who have agreed to sacrifice themselves in this incarnation to show us what the dark forces have in mind for us. Seen in the cosmic context, they deserve our thanks.”

I, too, have often suspected that many incarnates are here on our planet only to be tested and vaccinated, only to have these experiences for their souls. It is like everything else we are presented with: The truth is hidden and we can only assume. However, we should always keep in mind that which does not put us in further anxiety or bring us other negative feelings. We can all use encouraging messages at the moment. And those are unfortunately rare, because even though some channels may mean well, the operators have to check before posting if a post needs to be posted.


A good example of this is the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar (IQD). Domestically, it may have been revalued, and that makes all the sense in the world. But to claim that this is also already official is dangerous and only confuses. I saw this morning on FOREX the old rate of the past weeks. So if you were already on your way to your bank, turn back. How many times do we have to fall for false forecasts and claims before we realize we are being led around by the nose? Only the alliance knows when the time for currency appreciation is, and only the alliance knows if the currency exchange should be preferred to the general public. A succession of the exchange of the “groups”, that is, the TIERS, is certainly not chronological. The Alliance does not know time as we know it. So if it was decided to support the many currency holders who are financially at the end of their tether by allowing exchanges to take place now and in banks, in fiat currencies, that is what will happen. If it doesn’t, it won’t. I sound like a record: we are all just guessing!!!

I also compare this situation to a balloon into which air is continuously blown. At some point the balloon will burst, but no one can predict when that will happen. This affects everything future, no matter which scenario I mentioned above. So my advice is again, stay calm, just observe everything, don’t get emotionally involved when you read or hear news. Focus on good and positive news and just leave aside anything that pulls you down or brings bad feelings. It is not meant for you. The balloon will pop, the tension curve will eventually peak! Play for time, no matter what situation you are in! The good has won long ago and it steps into the public when the time is ripe for it.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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