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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Wow, it’s been ten days since I published my last article. Time is running, don’t you notice that too? Before you get used to a Monday or Tuesday, it’s already Wednesday again. And a day has only, felt, a few hours. Time is running. For deadlines and delivery dates, if you still have to meet them, this is not nice, for a waiting period it is good. The faster time passes, the faster the goal arrives. And again, it is like everything else we experience: Our/my sensations are not shared by everyone. We already know this from the many events around the world. Views are not always the same because not everyone is in the same position when they look at something. I liked a statement that said there is more than one truth. You can explain this with a coin for example: When I look at the coin from the front, of course I only see the front side. What does the one who looks at the back see? And what does the one who looks at the edge of the coin see? It is and remains a coin, only the view is different. And everybody is right with his view, isn’t he?

So what good does it do me to argue with the viewer of the reverse or the edge? I cannot “convince” them, they cannot “convince” me. The three of us can only do that when we look at the coin from all angles, only then do we all know the whole coin and only then do we agree. It is the same with everything else that is happening to us. We are only able to find common ground when we consider all points of view and also allow them. To emulate someone or to follow someone, and that too blindly, is only one point of view. To push other points of view away can become fatal. My environment, friends, acquaintances, contacts, subscribers consists only of different points of view. Some have work, they have money, they have a basis with which it is possible to live well. They have, by whatever means, security.

Security in that they are financially well off. Let’s face it, if I don’t have to worry about money because it’s just there and it’s always coming, I’m in a whole different league in these times, right? For those who are financially secure even in these times, it’s also easy to give good advice. For them, it is not possible to put themselves in the shoes of the many currency holders who have no financial cushion. Who have scraped together money to invest in currencies. They may have been “running on fumes” for some time. If I have no lack, I have also no lack thinking more. This is where the tightrope act begins for the well-heeled, between having enough and wanting more.

Very often, they are the ones who tell us to get out of the lack thinking. They don’t know how hard it is to do that when you are surrounded by lack. It is almost unsolvable, requires a strong will, perseverance and above all time. And that’s in a world where everything is about money, even when it’s dying, that world. The Alliance recognized this early on, I thank the Creator for that, every day. It recognized that money is the only way to get all people out of lack thinking. Positive energy in the form of bank balances, bills and coins. And to speed it all up, we will all have more money than we will ever need. And by the way, there will be no more costs that the cabal has come up with.

I decided some time ago to remove myself from this security. I have been playing along in an inhumane system up until now just to have financial security. Whether I have a job and go along with all the rules, or whether I am unemployed and receive financial support from a company masquerading as the state, I am on their playing field. And I have to play by their rules, all the rules, I am DEPENDENT. So, a few days ago I started something, yes I also started a “fight” that I don’t know how it will end. Yes, I have made actions, that is, moves on the field. In doing so, I cannot foresee the reactions. I have put certain things into the morphogenetic field by actions. No resonance is felt yet, maybe it won’t come. But I recognize more and more that I myself influence the resonances. This is my personal tightrope act, which I mean by the heading.

On the one side are fears, lack thinking, worries, powerlessness against the “system”. On the other side are faith, trust, strength and perseverance. The knowledge about the future is still very small, but it is growing. And on the rope I walk one step after the other. Still very uncertain, because my handling of the staff for balance is not yet trained. Will I arrive at my destination or will I fail? Some tell me it’s very brave, others say I’m crazy to move out of my “comfort zone”. How safe is that anyway? Their companies, their rules of the game, no chance for me to influence this process. Do you notice anything? Again, only looking at one side at a time. I followed an intuition. Whether it came from the right side, I don’t know. It felt good, that’s all I know. At the moment I feel like a pioneer on a covered wagon, setting out from the East to the Wild West. I don’t know if and how hard the road will be, how long it will take. I could not and cannot plan, I can only initiate things and observe how they develop. I don’t want to hope. By doing so, I only trigger “If, then…” loops. By the way, that’s what everyone I know in my environment does. “If the RV comes, then…!” “If the military takes over, then…..!” “When the system in the FRG falls, then….!”


Everybody does it, just everybody! Nobody can absolve himself from this. We are all in these “if, then” loops. Did you think that we still have to wait a whole year at the beginning of 2021? What all have we had to experience, listen to, read about in these months, right? Like almost everyone, I didn’t expect to have to wait so long, to have to play these games for so long. Especially because the same good feelings, the same positive tension was already there in 2020, at certain moments. In 2021, too, there were many moments when I thought, and we thought, that the gurus had finally been proven right, that it was all about to start. Or? Despite everything, the positive tension this year had a special quality. Because the lines are coming closer and closer together. We notice this in the fact that, for example, the stock market and also certain cryptocurrencies are on the brink, the first signs of a crash were seen last weekend. Now there are increasing indications that the dinar will appreciate outside of Iraq as well. Domestically, after all, this has already happened and it makes every sense. First your own country, then the rest of the world. We know this also from MAGA. And we know it also from Germany, only mirrored. The Deep State in Germany saves first the world, the own country can be destroyed calmly.

So I am full in trust and faith that the Alliance, the Creator (Wakan Tanka) and all who are involved as companions of my incarnation, whatever I call them, will not allow me to take any harm. So I will neither freeze, nor starve, nor end up under a bridge someday. Preventing such situations I tried for a long time to influence, to accelerate an improvement. It was in vain, because it would not have been granted to me. I also believe that this realization had to come, that I could not contribute anything to it. I am in the place where the Alliance wanted me to be, writing articles and passing on knowledge, sharing experiences with people. Reaching out to most readers where others can’t. Why do all this if I can’t benefit from these tasks myself at some point? The Alliance does not create martyrs, there is no such thing in the new world.

All the decisions I have made in my life, whether I perceived them as good or bad in retrospect, have led me to where I am now. And, thank the Creator, not to the dark side. I’ve been “lucky” a few times, but I’ve also “fallen down” many times, gotten back up, knocked the dust off, and moved on. Oooh, of course I could start a fundraising appeal or have someone else start one. One euro from each subscriber in the channel or from each reader, for example, would be a great help, but asking is not my thing. Accepting a donation I could learn, I see it as energy balancing. As I said, asking is not my thing and I leave it up to the universe how help and support comes to me. Intervening, mentally or physically, doesn’t do much. It only results in an expectation that can be disappointed. Trust and faith is much more important. Everything else in the outside I must, yes we must, let bounce off us. We have to try and do that every day. Besides visualizing the new world we want to have, more “homework”. Recharge our batteries in nature, if it is possible, this also raises our vibrations. It makes the balance rod powerful and we make our way over the tightrope.

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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