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Reader Post | By CapitanMtgirl57

“My Eight Year Journey”

I have been a part of this movement since 2013. It has been very exciting and adventurous. People I spoke to either felt that something was afoot, but didn’t know what, laughed at me and sometimes mocked me, or believed me totally.

The hardest part, in the beginning, was knowing what was to come-having access to operation disclosure but being told not to release this information to the public….yet. Then in January 2017 I was told I could now inform the public of what I knew. I started a class in a friends home. The first meet-up had 2 students. The next one 5. The class grew to 17 students. Those coming began to share with their friends what was being taught. For some, it was unbelievable. They had a lot of questions. For others, it made perfect sense with what had been happening. The class lasted for a year and a half, ending shortly after the Emergency declaration of COVID in March 2020 by President Trump.

Although I love to teach, it was a very scary thing for me. I had a very low self-esteem. To think that I knew something that others didn’t, seemed impossible. But, it was true. God chose me for this purpose. I loved studying, researching and writing my lessons. I wish I could have done that full time and gotten paid for it. I had a very difficult time working alongside the lesson plans. Work, just didn’t seem important anymore now that we were in the last days. People had to know. For some reason, God had chosen me to give this information to and it was my job to pass it on. Unfortunately, I cannot do video or I would have continued the classes in that regard.

During the beginning, in 2013, I had medical issues from the past that caused me to file BR. My physical condition was not the best, a broken hip that never healed properly and still has me limping even today. But, the rest of my health is good. My mind is still alert. But I do have to fight depression, quite often. Financially, I have never recovered from my divorce. That has a lot to do with it.

Getting involved with the Q movement has given me a new purpose and helped me to bury the memories of my 30yr marriage. My own ‘restart.’  Actually, this is my second ‘restart.’ My first one occurred when I was 32yrs old. I had an experimental brain surgery that was created by Dr. George Ojemann of Harborview Hospital in Seattle, WA, specifically for people with either right or left temporal lobe seizures. Mine were left temporal lobe. The surgery was 100% successful. I was completely healed. Since I was 2 yrs old all I knew was life with seizures and heavy doses of medicine. Now, I was free. For the first time in my life, I could drive a car, hold a job, walk the neighborhood with my kids…there are so many things that people take for granted. I learned to appreciate the little things in life.

Now, here we are, 32 yrs later. I’m 64 and waiting for the GCR. The Global Currency Reset, I believe, will propel us into an entirely new dimension. It will feel much freer than before. We might not realize just how locked down and trapped we really are. The 9-5 grind absorbs our entire day, just to make ends meet. That stolen time prohibits us from using our true skills and talents, becoming the person God made us to be. Our creations and services could be used to help others get to the next level of humanity. Sometimes that can be as simple as getting a nicer home or car. Or, it can be a new level of spiritual growth, showing us more of who God really is and what our purpose was meant to be.


My hope is that the humanitarian projects that are about to occur will help the down trodden, hopeless and homeless to move up to the next level. That may be something they have never experienced before. A roof over their head and food to eat. Such a simple thing that many of us take for granted. Yet, a basic need that many don’t have. I want that to change.

My next hope is that the med-beds and all the wonderful things I’ve heard about them are real. My seizures, although healed from the surgery when I was 32, returned when I was in my late 40’s after my divorce. I am under control, but I don’t want to have to take meds anymore. And my broken hip from 2015 that still causes me to limp in 2021 needs to be fixed properly. Then my depression. That has to be the worst. It’s sneaky and can cause me to procrastinate without realizing I’m doing nothing.

I know there are many others who experience these same things and much worse. People have suffered unnecessarily from the many vaccines since the 1950’s, the metals in the air – thanks to chem trails, and the chemicals in our ‘processed foods’. Even the pesticides sprayed on our fresh produce isn’t good for us. But, that has been their plan.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘you don’t know what you have until you loose it.’ But, what if we don’t know what we’re missing because we’ve never experienced it?

I absolutely cannot wait until all of this ends. I don’t know how. I don’t know when. I only know that the end is in sight. Our White Hats are fighting the fight to free humanity. God is coming back to free mankind, once and for all, from the evil that has tried to steal the earth that God created for mankind. Revelation is becoming more prevalent to more people. For the first time in the history of mankind, the end is obvious and in sight. A new beginning will soon be here. Our job is to take care of ourselves and our friends, family members and neighbors that will let us help. Let’s make this transition into a new world together and in harmony, joy and peace.

With Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Men,

Laura Lucas



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